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Avlis is acquiring new hardware!

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Avlis is acquiring new hardware!

PostAuthor: Orleron » Wed Oct 09, 2002 2:59 pm

One of the ideas that the players have put forth on several occasions is to get some higher powered server hardware.

By request, the avlis team has started taking donations for this. If you look on the main page of blackdagger at, you will see two new links.

The first link is called "Details". It gives you a description of a server that we are going to buy. It's basically a dual processor monster that should be able to run a minimum of 3 servers, which will set us up very well for a long time. This step should definitely reduce the lag, since some of it seems to be due to cpu cycles.

If you like that server, let us know. If you have any suggestions, post them here.

If you feel like helping out, you will see a pay pal link below the "Details". If you *feel like it*, you may donate money towards the purchase of the machine. We are trying to raise $500, and we have $100 contributed so far, without counting $100 from me and at least $100 from Silk. Yes, we are dropping lots of our own money into this.

This is entirely your choice, remember. You don't have to donate at all. If you just want to be a nice quiet player who doesn't donate a dime, that's perfectly ok. There is also no upper limit on the donations either.

So check out the details and the paypal link. We appreciate anything you decide to give....

Ask and you shall receive!
"Truth has no form."
--Idries Shah

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