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Even more haks

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Even more haks

PostAuthor: Jonezie » Tue Apr 26, 2005 6:32 am

As of the next reset, you'll need 2 more haks to play on the Kuras server. They can be found here, rar'ed up into one conveniant package called Dracon_temp.rar. You'll need to extract both files to your NWN/hak directory.
As the name suggests, these are a temporary solution to allow us to have dracon in Kuras. They will not be necissary after the next CoPaP-wide hak update, but until then this is what we'll be using.
The Dracon are not a playable race yet, but you'll start to see Dracon NPCs popping up all over the place. Huge thanks to Gimlor for making these for us.

NOTE: You may not be able to see the file right away. The mirror site takes a while to refresh, so if you follow the link and it's not there, try back later on.
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