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Official Announcements on Two Team Promotion

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Official Announcements on Two Team Promotion

PostAuthor: choraldances » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:12 pm

First of all, this is long overdue. Vanor was promoted to Senior DM a while back. He has shown great dedication to the team through his DMing as well as building (Forest of Midnight). We are hoping that with this promotion, we'll con him into making the second half of it sooner. (Just kidding bud.) But congratulations, belated.


Nighthawk4 will be promoted to a Minor DM. He was one of the first, if not the first of Avlis Apprentice DM. We've trained him enough now, that we can unlock the leash. (Heh) Congratulations. :)
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PostAuthor: Scurvy_Platypus » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:15 pm

Heh. Looks like I get to be among the first to offer up my congratulations.

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PostAuthor: Sindol » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:17 pm


Way to go guys. :)
So much fun,
yet so little time to enjoy it.
- Sindol
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PostAuthor: Nighthawk4 » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:18 pm

WOW :shock:

*Walks around the room looking stunned*

Thanks Guys (and Vicky) for the Vote of Confidence - I will not let you all down :wink:

Also, Congratulations to Vanor - well deserved.
Life is never as bad as you think it is, although that doesn't help at the time.

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PostAuthor: GreyLynx » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:36 pm

Congratulations to you both.

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PostAuthor: Aloro » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:45 pm

Congratulations, and well-deserved, to you both! :)

- Aloro
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote:The meaning of earthly existence lies, not as we have grown used to thinking, in prosperity, but in the development of the soul.
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PostAuthor: engelhar » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:47 pm

Congrats to you both.

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PostAuthor: Lycanthropy » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:53 pm

Hearty congratulations to both! Very well done.

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PostAuthor: Vergilius » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:55 pm


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PostAuthor: Belasco_old » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:59 pm

Well done to you both !

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PostAuthor: Croton » Sat Feb 14, 2004 8:11 pm

Congrats to the both of you.

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PostAuthor: _Wake_ » Sat Feb 14, 2004 8:15 pm

Congrats to you both again :)
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PostAuthor: Daerthe » Sat Feb 14, 2004 8:39 pm

Great news! Congratulations to both of you. :D

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PostAuthor: Vichan Lyonsen » Sat Feb 14, 2004 8:47 pm

Congrats to you both...NH4 - you could easily have been a minor DM from the get go based on what I've seen and read....again both of you great work......
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Vichan Lyonsen
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PostAuthor: HarveyH » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:01 pm

Jeuj :)
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PostAuthor: kombinat » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:05 pm

Congratulations! :)
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PostAuthor: Alexandru Stanicu » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:25 pm

I ain't as good as I once was, But I'm as good once as I ever was...

:devil: 4evar!
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Alexandru Stanicu
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Legacy DM
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PostAuthor: Malathyre » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:35 pm

That's fantastic news! Congrats to you both! I have had the distinct pleasure of interacting with both of you, and I have enjoyed my interactions immensely. See you both in game!! :D
"The stars predict tomorrow you'll wake up, do a bunch of stuff, and then go back to sleep!"--Your Horoscope for Today, Weird Al Yankovic
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PostAuthor: Mistcaller » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:36 pm

Well-deserved! Congrats!
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PostAuthor: Gorgon » Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:55 pm

Congrats to both of you.

So Vanor is the evil mind behind the FoM? Figures. It is one of the annoying places I have to actually stalk what I'm hunting and time it right, or else bring the whole place down on me. Good job on it.
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CCC - Special Projects Manager
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PostAuthor: Wyrmwing » Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:31 pm


Congratulations to both of you! :)
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PostAuthor: DAnjal Veskandar Rai » Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:08 pm

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PostAuthor: Xeo » Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:36 pm


What am i doing on the boards again? *Double click NWN icon on desktop*
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PostAuthor: Comick » Sat Feb 14, 2004 11:59 pm

Congrats to both of you ! :D
Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow, who knows ?

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PostAuthor: FunkOdyssey » Sun Feb 15, 2004 12:44 am

Congratulations :D
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