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Application Response Issues

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PostAuthor: Strangg » Tue Feb 03, 2004 8:22 pm

If you have filled out an application to play on Avlis and you have not reveived a response well after the 48 hour norm please send me a PM(private message) via these boards. I will look into it and reply as soon as i can.

I am noticing that more and more ISP's are filtering out the application response e-mails. We also find that personal e-mail filters filter the e-mails as well, so please check your junk folder if you have one and are awaiting a response.

Remember this is for those who sent in an application over 48 hours ago and have not heard anything. Do not PM me asking about it if it has barely been 48 hours(or less). It might tempt me to misplace it and ask you to fill out another application and wait another 48 hours.

*edit*I stress the need for you to send me a PM and NOT an e-mail to the general avlis e-mail. If it were as simple as sending you an e-mail you would have gotten the information already. Especially since my e-mails are being filtered.

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