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November RPoM

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November RPoM

PostAuthor: Alexandru Stanicu » Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:39 am

The RPoM and the Runner Up win:

1st Prize: 500 experience points per character level
2nd Prize: 250 experience points per character level

Now on to the part you have been waiting for:

November Winner: Vroshgrak Treesitter

November Runner Up: Kondah

Congrats to both of you.

-Alexandru Stanicu
Avlis Team, Senior DM

total votes: 60
differance between Winner and Runner up: 4%
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Alexandru Stanicu
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Legacy DM
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PostAuthor: _Wake_ » Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:45 am

Congrats !
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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:47 am

Boojah! Finally! He wins!

Props to the crazy stalker kobold too.
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Titanium Dragon
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PostAuthor: Vroshgrak » Wed Dec 03, 2003 4:52 am

Thanks for everyone thats dealt with Vrosh's rants and raves. (In game and out.) Hes fun to play, and apparently fun to play with. See you in game pretty soon.

Vroshgrak (maybe more time for alts now!) Treesitter

aka Alex
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PostAuthor: Cymbolism » Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:08 am

well done!
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PostAuthor: GreyLynx » Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:30 am

Congrats Vrosh!

and Kondah, hope to meet you IC!

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PostAuthor: Malathyre » Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:40 am

Hey congrats to both of you!! And yes, tree dragons DO have to say please when they ask rinkydink little elven druids to do things for them. :)

Haven't had the pleasure yet, Kondah, but looking forward to it.
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PostAuthor: Vergilius » Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:45 am

Vrosh, chat with you a lot out of game, guess I'm not in the forest much to meet you. Congratulations, maybe I'll have to get out of the cities more and bump into you some

Kondah---you stole our hearts, what can we say but Well done!
Last edited by Vergilius on Wed Dec 03, 2003 6:10 am, edited 1 time in total.

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PostAuthor: tindertwiggy » Wed Dec 03, 2003 6:02 am

it was an alex-alex conspiracy I say!
Happiness is baked with one part bat guano, one part sulfur.

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Legacy DM
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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Wed Dec 03, 2003 6:57 am

He's on to us! Quickly!

*three people wearing helmets jump Twigs and cart him off to their secret lair in Oregon*
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Titanium Dragon
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PostAuthor: White-Raven » Wed Dec 03, 2003 7:29 am

Congrats Vrosh, and also Kondah.


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PostAuthor: keikobad » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:06 am

Congrats, you two!
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PostAuthor: Heronimous Fox » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:39 am

Congrats Vrosh and KOBOLDS
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Heronimous Fox
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PostAuthor: Reinstag » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:40 am

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PostAuthor: myzmar » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:45 am

Congrats Kondah! Well deserved.

Vrosh, hope to meet you IC soon!

Apprentice Scholar
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PostAuthor: Merago Jert » Wed Dec 03, 2003 8:46 am

Congratulations Shrumper!!!!

Congratulations Nighthawk!!!!
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Merago Jert
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PostAuthor: Jordicus » Wed Dec 03, 2003 12:23 pm

congratulations to both of you..!!

very well deserved. :wink:
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PostAuthor: Underhill » Wed Dec 03, 2003 12:42 pm

Way to go Vrosh!

Never met Kondah, but congrats anyhow, and get down to Mikona some time.

Is this the first time we've had two winners from the relative North?
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PostAuthor: Nighthawk4 » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:18 pm

Thanks to all who voted for Kondah - she thanks you from the bottom of her heartses :wink:
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Eldest DM
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PostAuthor: Mistcaller » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:30 pm

Congratulations to both of you!
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PostAuthor: diddeecoy » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:31 pm

if I thought you were going to 'find more time for alts' I'd wouldnt have ticked the box...damn! :D
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PostAuthor: Tharliss » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:39 pm

Congrats you two!!!

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PostAuthor: Dirk Cutlass » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:43 pm

Bah! Neither of them deserve it - they're both useless...... uh? Oh sorry, I was practising my "Scrooge" lines for Christmas ;)

Well done you two !
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Dirk Cutlass
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PostAuthor: eggyt » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:54 pm

Glad to see Kondah up there, I've had a great time roleplaying with that character the last few weeks.

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PostAuthor: sixthear » Wed Dec 03, 2003 5:15 pm

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