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Fall 2003 European Avlis Meet In Munich A Success

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Fall 2003 European Avlis Meet In Munich A Success

PostAuthor: Brannor » Tue Oct 28, 2003 7:22 pm

Just got home from Frankfurt where we parted from the greeks.
I am totally exhaused and running on autopilot now.

The meet went of great and I think I can speak for all when I say it was a blast.

I would like to call out to all involved to post their experience during the time we were together.

I will do so but I am way to beat.

Just want to give a shout out to all that were there and thank all involved for the great time we had.

Like Orl said, Avlis is no longer just a online server, it has become a community like very few others.

My thanks to all
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PostAuthor: Papillon » Tue Oct 28, 2003 9:47 pm

During the relatively short time I attended the meet (Saturday evening and most of Sunday), I enjoyed it very much. It was a great experience to finally get to know some of the people I've been working and chatting with for a long time in person.

As I already said to Brannor, major props for organizing the whole thing. Same for Starslayer. You guys rock!

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PostAuthor: Spell Singer » Wed Oct 29, 2003 9:35 am

Well I had a good time anyway. It was quite an experience to meet the people you otherwise see only in game. The weather cooperated quite well on the day we went to Neuswaunstein Castle.

Frank and Alex did a very good job organising things on the Munich side and the meal at the Weisesbrauhaus lived up to its usual standard. The attempts to sway Kaelyn were amusing...come on guys: 1M gp, a magic item and the woman of his dreams does not realy make a sufficient incentive ... the gold I turned down before, the only magic item would be holy avenger Battleaxe -- somehow I don't see that materializing, and the last is IC stuff. It is a good thing that I had not read the comments about that though before... Igmar thanks for coming along with the car all of us in the van would have been far less fun!

I had a good chance to chat with various people walking up to the castle. I guess this summer I will have to look into a week in greece...though I need to find out when the climate would be cool enough not to kill me from heat exhaustion.

I assume that pictures will show up soon. And hmmm that was 3 weisebier for me on the big night out. So I was on average...

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PostAuthor: Siballe » Wed Oct 29, 2003 12:49 pm

:shock: :shock:

unbelievable, indescribable experience! I am so dead tired I can't stand for more than a few minutes! We had some very very interesting conversations, that raised more than enough questions, a steady supply of beer, large amounts of extremely tasty food, and the luck to see with our own eyes dreamy medieval castles and palaces, filled with different items of exquisite craftsmanship, a whole medieval city, a 365 day open christmas shop, and so many other things that I've lost count of.

The whole Greek team wants to offer a large:


to everyone involved in making this one of the absolutely unforgettable vacations ever, and especially to Frank and Bianca for their patience and hospitality!

I think the photos will speak by themselves, and as for the much to discuss... :wink:
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PostAuthor: Khaelindra » Wed Oct 29, 2003 2:25 pm

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PostAuthor: Mistcaller » Wed Oct 29, 2003 5:20 pm

Get this one as a starter.. More pics in the player pics site soon.

From left to right:
Bianca, Spell Singer, Starslayer_D, Demandred(behind), Siballe, Kagouro, Brannor, Papillon, Sveg, Maria

ps.Heh.. posting this pic made my post counter hit 666... coincidence? :P
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PostAuthor: kagouro2003 » Wed Oct 29, 2003 7:37 pm

Wednesday 29/10

8.00 am: Woke up. No group breakfast. Had just milk. No one to greet on way out. Missed on those Pillsbury dough with jam. No eggs or bacon. No jokes about Stavros having beer for breakfast. No hugging with Bianca while Frank wasn't looking. Hmmm this starts worse than it should.

10:00 a.m.: Had a short walk in my cement built city. A few trees, some green. No huge park. No Munich feeling whatsoever. Greeks are now regular people (hey they were regular in Germany too!). No peace or quiet as cars now make a lot of noise. Had to restart avoiding drivers, instead of them waiting for me to walk. No Alex with a huge smile all day long. No Frank to drive me around town and do all the work for me. On the good side I can communicate much easier now that people understand Greek. I am missing my friends.

11:30 a.m.: I am constantly facing work now. Hadn't talked about Avlis for way too long. Paul isn't anywhere near to start a meaningful talk about the wimpy side of good. He isn't near to talk about anything actually. Damn. I kind of miss his deep analysis of many RP occasions of his Avlis history. Especially after a couple of Weissbiers. I am thinking about his character and how much I must work with mine. What? Back to work already? I must log in at the boards...

14:00 p.m.: No pc at work today. The hard drive is FUBAR. No boards until I go home. I really miss Ingmar. We didn't share much but I got the impression he is a guy that knows precisely what he is talking about. And to think he doesn't have an actual character. Now I have a second reason to like him too. Two second reasons actually, serving coffee and sweets in Fussen. I desperately need a picture of those two (please God of Avlis hear my prayer...)

18:00 p.m.: Evil mastermind of Avlis is too far away to threaten me. Alex had a way of making you walk for hours watching sights of wonder only to remember lately your feet have the same rights as the rest of your body. No Frank or Alex to take care of the place to eat my dinner (what??? Lentils? Not a single wurst? Where is the deer? Where is my quarter goose? My fondue? Where is my chocolate snowball? My strudel? My pankakes? Am I on a forced diet??) No one to talk today about Avlis. Paul was nice all the time, considering he was consorting with so many evil characters. He also accepted with pride the general discomfort of the people around him with the Order of Gorethar's dark past. He could take pounding well and with decency. Must have developed patience with all this Avlis policing. Bianca is probably sleeping somewhere, exhausted. Frank will probably be thankful he didn't have to babysit 6 greeks for a change. That is 6 big hungry demanding people from a foreign culture that allows people to be loud all day long. I am sure the waitress at the Weissebrauhaus will remember us for a while...

21:00 p.m.: I have returned from the dentist. I must definitely get in touch with Ingmar's miracle. It's been too long. Alex has probably made a new character by now... Oh. I must check the boards too. Frank said something about a dwarven group. I am looking forward to my next char...

To all the people I shared my last five days I feel I should say this: You have turned a normal tourist's excursion into a dreamy experience, worthy of lifelong remembrance. I am jealous of myself right now. I will be looking for you at the game...

One final thank you to the team that created Avlis. When we were all seated for dinner in Munich and Ingmar - Papillon walked at our table he only asked a single thing: Avlis? It was enough for us to share food, drink and opinion with someone we wouldn't have had the chance to speak to otherwise. Congratulations. There is no measure for what you succeeded with this game-fantasy recreation-world, no price for the warm feelings I get when I remember my trip to Germany.

For everything else, there is a Mastercard.
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PostAuthor: Demandred » Thu Oct 30, 2003 6:56 am

I am standing in front of my monitor, trying to find something to write about all I have seen and experienced over the last days... I cannot express it in a way better than Kagouro did, because that is exactly the way me and the rest of us feel for this...

It is really an unbelievable experience to meet someone for the first time in your life, from a totaly different place and culture, and feel like you know him for years...

Indeed Frank, it was one of the hardest goodbyes...

Thank you all...


I would like to personaly thank the German Nation, for their contribution to the world culture (I mean the beer!!!)... Do not jump on me, I know all about beer history but right now the Germans have proved their name!

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PostAuthor: Papillon » Thu Oct 30, 2003 7:57 am

Two second reasons actually, serving coffee and sweets in Fussen. I desperately need a picture of those two (please God of Avlis hear my prayer...)

I think I'll need some more of that delicious cake from F?ssen. Oh wait... can you have two cakes ? Will the other cake decompose in the meantime ? Can you have two cakes at once ? Questions over questions...

Damn, why aren't girls like beer. Beer never minds if you have a second one :twisted:.

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PostAuthor: Brannor » Thu Oct 30, 2003 9:51 pm

Video worked just fine.
Put the entire thing to video and also put a small portion in a sepperate video.

See the feared DM Sveg in action:
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PostAuthor: Actually » Thu Oct 30, 2003 9:56 pm

Well, it's official.

Siballe is super hot. :shock:

Bye Now,
Jerry Cornelius - Hottie expert.
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PostAuthor: The Sveg » Mon Nov 10, 2003 8:40 pm

OK, some pictures uploaded on the special pictures site.

Waiting for them to be ok'd.

Whoever ok's them, please make up a special category for them.

"When is this project to start?

I, uh, accidentally did not see that it had not started yet, so tonight i killed all the elysian merchants on the list, and most of the wilderness ones."

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