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Blackparadox announces writing contest on Avlis Fanfic Site!

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Blackparadox announces writing contest on Avlis Fanfic Site!

PostAuthor: Orleron » Thu Jul 17, 2003 3:14 am

Some people like to write. Some don't. But what's your opinion on the matter when there's 100 bucks in it for you? Sound intriguing? Read more.....

Blackparadox Enterprises, the company that owns and runs the Avlis servers, is sponsoring a new writing contest on the Avlis Fanfic site at Basic concept is that people submit pieces to the site. Members of the site vote on it. The piece with the most votes at the end of the contest wins US$100. Not bad, eh? There's rules to it, and you can read them below if you are interested. Direct all submissions to

Contest submissions

1) Contest submissions must be unique.

2) Authors do not need to belong to the site in order to enter the contest.

3) Submissions may include any story, song lyrics, or poem belonging to the genres of fantasy/sci-fi, horror/goth, abstract/artisitc, and erotica/romance.

4) Authors have permission to write stories taking place in the World of Avlis, though they will not be regarded as canon.

5) Authors may submit works from other worlds besides Avlis, but they must include written permission from the world's creator/owner to put the story up on the fanfiction site and enter it into the contest.

6) Pre-existing characters with action or speaking parts in all submissions may be used if written permission is obtained from the character's original player and submitted with the entry.

7) Using the name of a pre-existing character in a work, without having that character perform any actions or speaking parts may be done without restriction. This is referred to as "name dropping".

8 ) There is no limit on submission length, but they must be short enough to be edited by our staff within the timeframe of the contest.

9) Submissions must be received by October 1st, 2003 at 12 am EST (5am GMT).

Contest rules and Prizes

1) Submissions will be voted on by all participating members of the Avlis Fanfiction Site. Only members of the site are allowed to cast a vote. Voting on the site will be implemented by Manuel the White.

2) Each voter may only cast one vote in the contest. They must vote for the work that they think is the best in terms of quality and content.

3) Votes may be changed as stories come in, but they must be finalized by October 10th, 2003 at 12am EST (5am GMT). No vote changes are permitted after this time.

4) Once October 10th, 2003 has passed AND there are at least 50 votes in total, a winner will be decided. The contest will proceed indefinately until both conditions are met.

5) The winner is the owner of the submission with the most votes tallied at the end of the contest.

6) The winner will receive US$100 payable over PayPal (minus PayPal fees) or payable with a directly mailed check from Blackparadox Enterprises, LLC.
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PostAuthor: Gundom » Mon Jul 28, 2003 6:45 pm

i think that the server will be good but i cant find the hack packs :cry:

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PostAuthor: Sindol » Tue Jul 29, 2003 2:10 pm

Gundom wrote:i think that the server will be good but i cant find the hack packs :cry:

Sorry it took a while, this not the normal place to place such requests. Next time you have a general question (such as this one) try posting it on the general discussion boards, players will direct you faster, because it is read more often.

You can find the Avlis haks on our webpage in the download section: <a href="">here</a>.

Good luck applying and see you on Avlis.
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- Sindol
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