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Attention! New tlk file required to play Avlis: 4_9b

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Attention! New tlk file required to play Avlis: 4_9b

PostAuthor: avliswebadmin » Mon Nov 05, 2018 1:11 am


Once more, there is a newer version of the tlk (copaptlk_4_9b.tlk) file used to play on the Avlis servers, due to development changes and some syncing with other CoPaP worlds.

To update, simply follow one of the download links below, unzip the copaptlk_4_9b.tlk file and place a copy into your NWN directory inside the tlk folder.

This new file can be found directly here for download:


A link can also be found on the Wiki under Avlis Needed files page here:
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