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How to Get Help

PostAuthor: Ronan » Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:10 am

Heya Avlis, we have a Discord room set up in order to provide you and your friends help when you need it from staff members.

Who to ask for Help

Assist Staff: We're on hand to get you your housing keys, help if you're stuck, if the server needs resetting, or help you our with approved remort and refresh questions. We also run the book publishing program on Avlis, and can do parties (or weddings!) for your characters. To find an assist staff member, look for the folks with the green title. Ronan is the Head of Staff for this area, and can also help you out.

Event DMs: If you have lore questions or want to ask when someone's running their next segment of a plot, look for the folks with the orange title. Pleth is the Head DM of this area, and can also help you out.
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