Events for the New Year

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Events for the New Year

Post by Ronan » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:49 am

Good evening Avlis,

Along with the new year comes with an abundance of January events to sink your teeth into. A few are highlighted below.
A strange light has appeared in the night sky, setting rumors alight...
An ongoing story starting this week by Blackravenfeather (Kelvos)

Western and Eastern Hemisphere time-friendly events by Sephira (Yeraiah)...

An odd group of Drangonari are up to something, but what?
Pub Crawl events with LadyAwesome (Qinoxitl) and Plethora (Verossa)
Weekly at this time: calendar.php?view=event&calEid=2366

Every week, bards gather to sing their tales and pass rumors around the tavern. And patrons come to hear their tales.
Weekly events by NH4 (Dru'El)
We have some player run events, as well!

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Re: Events for the New Year

Post by Sephira » Tue Jan 09, 2018 6:15 pm

A word of warning for anyone wanting to participate in the "Western Hemisphere" Jan. 20th event: I will need to meet with you IG in the days beforehand. PM me with your availability or usual playtimes or log in and play in the meantime. I will be doing a fair amount of lurking and scouting out potential participants.
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Re: Events for the New Year

Post by Plethora » Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:58 am

Mystery! Mermaids! Pirates! Adventure !.
Weekly event on everyone favorite server, Mikona !!

The Adventurers Guild, Mikona Marketplace

As always, all welcome!
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