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New Stuff !!

PostAuthor: Plethora » Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:23 am

For players that are returning, new, or current! Here's a sample of some of the content changes in the past years!


-Wondering where the Ice Caves went? Check the Hills of Tumult!
-While in the Hills of Tumult, try heading east to find a new cave with some inhabitants that are both a benefit and a problem.
-The Mikona alleyways hide a deadly secret that might toy with you.


-The song of the siren calls to any who will hear off the coast of Westshore.
-Something suspicious is going on about the Southwest part of M'chek not far from Equaloria. There are tales of undead that emerge from the caves to attack caravans.


-Drotid's slaving operations in T'Nanshi have been shut down. Freedom!
-Hel'Byssia's gates are now open to all. Bring your best, because the peninsula will show you its worst.
-The Sereg'Wrethrin caves look a bit different nowadays.

Le'Or T'Nanshi

-Summerleaf Farms is looking for help.
-The abandoned platforms near Silverfall have more to them than explorers first realized.
-Up a lift west of Zvidureth, the avariel have established the city of Nor'seere.

A list of dungeons and other places to adventure is available here.


-Substances can be found that will help barbarians channel their rage in new and deadly ways.
-NPCs may end up dropping or leaving behind junk and remains that can be recycled in major cities. Some crafted items can be recycled as well if needed.
-Special vendors of tokens in major cities are looking for various goods and are willing to offer valuable items in return.
-Meat and other edible components left by creatures can be put to use as rations when properly prepared.

A full list of Avlis systems can be found here.
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