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Featured: Weekly DM Events

Post by Ronan » Sat Aug 22, 2015 10:49 pm

Did you know that in addition to various story and one-off events, our DM team runs weekly events open to all? Here's a list of the current available weekly events. Please check out the calendar link to see the times for your time zone.

Pubcrawl - (Calendar Time)
A weekly event at a different pub each week! Run by Sloth and Plethora. Be sure to check the Pub Crawl thread or calendar each week to find out where to meet.

Elysia Open DM events - (Calendar Time)
A weekly event at Elf Gate held by Nighthawk4.
The Settlement of Gaojnaarlaag - (Calendar Time)
A weekly storyline run by Sloth and Asugden, these plots are all connected around the building of a settlement in Deglos.

Performance Night in Ferrell - (Calendar Time)
A weekly performance at the Port Hole Tavern by Nighthawk4. Bring your poetry and song!
Weekly Macguffin - N/A
Once a week for the next weeks, Ronan will be posting a weekly Macguffin. Check the in-character boards through the week. What is a Macguffin?
*Times are in US zones. Please see the calendar event links to view the correct time for your area.

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