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RPotm June 2015- Results !!

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RPotm June 2015- Results !!

PostAuthor: Plethora » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:05 am

And the Violets take it !


Vastin Dermane


Lili'ana Bel'etane

Congratz to both, and thanks to all that voted and commented!

I was able to play with Gann and Vastin recently, and remembered how awesome both of them were. Good job fellers.

So, I'd like to actually put a vote in for Sloth King's south Mikona NPC crew. They're a varied lot, from the worst kind of scum to some of the best people ever and everything in between.

Jacksen continues to be excellent, of course. Surely we expected nothing less.

Saman has grown so much recently, both in the arcane and in his conversations. It's great to interact with him and see him so involved.

Archibald's dedication to those of his chosen family is heart-warming. He doesn't let many in to know that side of him often, but when he does its greater than dancing skeletons in party hats.

There are not enough nice things in the world to say about Gann Eider. Torches and pitchforks indeed.

Vastin is, as always, an absolute delight. He's got my vote for a particular altercation and the events that followed it.

I'ma put a vote in for Isaac Dane. He's someone I'm just getting to know, and he's pulled out a few surprises this month. He's a character who takes mocking well.

I love you, Ronan "the answer is more undead" Ceril.

'E' just makes me happy to be around, her effervescent playfulness and charm makes me smile.

MJ is creeping me out, and I'm loving every minute of it

Mark Wrightson is delightfully understated, but there's a lot going on there, if you take the time.

V&V, for disagreements as to how to properly approach barbarians. (Vastin and Victor)

Taruma is an endless whirlwind of whimsy and wisdom as always.

Yanyu Choym is the best kind of Paladin. A Paladin that actually puts an emphasis the 'good' part of LG. Stern yet caring, formal yet sensitive and a real pain in the arse if you're up to no good!

Kice is a subtle and consistently deep character that I still am only just getting to know properly even after all this time. More please!

Vastin is a bundle of delicious conversations, clinical observation and cookies. What more could you ask for?

Calolad and Ceicero, two new faces, that have put with a lot of loud arguing over them, while they asked some insightful questions while being dragged around a crypt. Looking forward to seeing more of these two hopefully.

A massive thank you to everyone who's masochistically braved wild zones repeatedly this month, in order for a certain red mage to try out some things. You know who you are.

Big shout out to Verossa and Slothking for the awesome Pub Crawls! : )

Avlis's queen of mischief and clever advice; Taruma has a knack for making a lot of something out of unexpected opportunities. I'm not sure how she does it, and alas she cannot have my vote, but damn is she good.

Vesdrac emerged all in tatters with a cool, dry, wit and mysterious airs. I have *no* idea but it was fun. I hope he ventures out of his cave again.

Lilliana and Vastin are not much alike in some ways but they are both unapologetically ambitious, inspired and posses a robust sense of cunning. Engaging with either can lead to a few unexpected situations that do not fail to deliver when it comes to being impressive, thought provoking or the right amount of humour.

Ronan Ceril; so very sharp, controlled and frustratingly aloof. Yet his loyalty to and the steps he takes to protect those who matter is heart warming.

I could never write her name correctly in full but E (the cutest blue elf of Avlis) is always fun to RP with. So naive, excited and talkative wrapped in a lovely package.

Archibald Thel. So many never see the other side of Archibald. He is funny and very caring. His love for Thienna outshines EVERYTHING else.

Sister Clemence lots of fun and with a bust ready to break free at any moment.

A commendation to Saman and Isaac for being exceptionally boring gentlemen.

Taruma - Great conversations. Her peaking at my character with one eye as she meditated cracked me up.

Thienna very compassionate and fierce when needed. Her rp is stellar.

Lilliana - my favorite smart ass. She is not, however, always a smart ass. I have enjoyed chatting with her.

Everyone in the Egg hunt and the Siren's song plot rocked. Such great team work!

Lots of new characters! I have enjoyed rping with them.

Geris - Lots of depth very few ever see. I feel privileged to rp with him.

Finn - Has a huge heart and carries a huge weight on his shoulders. The best friend to have in any situation.

Fantastic rp with Archibald, Saman, and Isaac. That silly deflected knock spell had me lmao!

Its been a fantastic month for Rp!
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Re: RPotm June 2015- Results !!

PostAuthor: Baron Rosencheckl » Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:21 pm

A commendation to Saman and Isaac for being exceptionally boring gentlemen.

I resemble that remark :D
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