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RPotM May Results!

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RPotM May Results!

PostAuthor: Plethora » Tue Jun 11, 2013 11:03 pm

Another great month of RP

and here are the results!


Latanya Perizada


Arcadia Dias
Vesdrac Noss'tau

Congratz to each!


Both of my votes are not people I play with often, however this month I've had cause to hang out with them a little more, and I like what I see! Funny, serious, caring and deep. Here's to MJ and Aspen!

It's the little things that make Ronan a joy to play with.

I can't quite articulate what I would like to say about Alysia. Just I have enjoyed her company this month.

When a game-mechanics issue came up, she found an in-character solution which created RP opportunities.

Lily Greenfinger:
A hot little sorcerer full of generosity. Very welcoming.

Honestly I think these are the only two people I RP with anymore and I love them. Latanya for being a great mage, keeping up with shit, bringing drama, having mood swings, and in general acting like you'd expect a half nymph sorcerer. Vesdrac is dark, moody, full of angst and weird history and it is fun to see bits and pieces of. Honorable mention to Mirel who is just off her rocker.

Dell Mouze.. balanced and thoughtfull a true wizard!

Guuk, promissing kin..

It is the little details with Ronan which lend him a sense of presence and make him as memorable as he is frustratingly cryptic. I feel I will forever wonder just what is going on in that mind of his...

Long anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed; it is always fun testing the waters with characters you chiefly know by reputation and Vesdrac did not fail to disappointment.


I have not spent as much time in the company of Team Bard as I would like but they are an interesting bunch, looking forwards to more encounters.

Latanya is a 7 layer cake of Kick A$$! Seriously, I enjoy this character.

MJ's worg, yeah, I voted for a F*&*^ing animal companion.

Bathing with and training with the Fiore twin sisters is always a promess to great RP.

Cannot pass under silence the few but awesome moments with.. " my Precious".

Ronan continues to evolve from the mysterious teacher to a close friend. Well worth the trip off world to put his history into better perspective.

Storytime with Rose is always captivating, even if I've heard the story before. The words "Have I ever told you.." always seem to be the start of a little treat.

If I had more votes I'd go for Alysia and Anastasia. To have conversations in subtleties is something I'm not used to, and just bouncing plots and plans around is fiendishly fun with them. They'll probably end up dragging Elradra back to the Abyss, and make her enjoy the trip the whole way.

After a few weeks of being used to people simply run by my character without any effort at RP, Tybalt is a breath of fresh air. It's fun to watch him develop as a character... long may it continue!

MJ is a sonic boom, with dirt on it.

Saman is always a fun experience. Heroes and Orphans are well represented with that dra'narite.

Have got to mention Deo...wonderful if a little weird, with lightning bolts.

Special mention to all the nights watchmen.

DM Props to Sunscream. Bringing mad game, homes.

Vesdrac is entirely too tolerant! But it's cute.

Vincent is vastly amusing when drunk.

Vesdrac and Latanya have been a blast to play with this month. Thank-you.

Naia - I think I've run into this PC 4 times total, but she's great every time. She should change timezones, though.

Vincent Sinnock - Fun? Serious? Which one is it? Hmm...

Arcadia for surprising me often with the depth of her character.

Anastasia (Falcon) for being so surprisingly emotional, considering how unemotional she usually acts.

Shoutouts to Ronan Ceril for his broody-ness, Ves'drac for being closet evil (mostly), Ulu for being as ferocious as a yapping dog with adamantine teeth, Ariana and Kate for the parties, Brys for being adorable... just amazing RP this month, everyone!

Tybalt and Arcadia have made the game fun again. I'm glad that I'm able to play with them.
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Re: RPotM May Results!

PostAuthor: LadyAwesome » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:48 am

Again? I have to thank all you beautiful peeps for your comments. I just love reading what you all have to say about all the characters. I wait in anticipation from the moment rpotm is put up!!!

Im glad precious has left her mark too! Thanks

Man twice ....... I am honored truely!
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Re: RPotM May Results!

PostAuthor: Kanos » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:26 am

Wooohooo! Great Job! I had a hard time voting for may lots of fun peeps!
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Re: RPotM May Results!

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Wed Jun 12, 2013 1:04 pm

Only two votes and so many that are deserving. Congrats, to everyone. And yay for Ilka! :)
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