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RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

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RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Plethora » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:28 am

:wahreliebe: Results are in! :wahreliebe:

And it just goes to show that everyone loves a bad guy with evil taking first place with not one, but two sterling RPers this month.

:feuer: First Place :feuer:

Ernst Tcharov
Redaptexus "Red" Childcooer

And not far behind them, also two places for second!

:jump: Second Place :jump:

Kassandra Foundling

Thanks to all who voted and congratulations to all four winners this month!


Reds gotta be the most annoying goblin i've ever seen, but one of my favourite PCs to play with.

Aspen- Manages an evil style of RP which can still be hilarious.

Nyla is too cute! It is just as simple as that. She pulls on your heartstrings without even trying.

Telenial is all sorts of grey. No black and white with this character. She has a depth of which I have just scratched the surface.

Kassandra-Not Just another paladin.

Ari started as one of those random encounters, nothing particularly special at first, but none the less someone to hang around with and to get to know a bit better, as time has gone on though, she's come to have alot more depth and subtlety than I think most people give her credit for. A solidly played character who's fun to be around and always into some sort of mischief, good clean family fun :D

Ernst is a wonderful addition to the Ebony, classy through the most epic of failures and the most triumphant successes. A great character all around!

Silver is a "treat" every time my character meets up with her. Kudos to the player for keeping such marvelous character going.

Aspen because he's consistantly Aspen and fun to play with or against.

Red is a loathsome, foul, evil little pun slinging twerp who is pretty much a filthy horrible Malekite degenerate. When ever he is around children I have to count them just to make sure he hasn't stolen one. He's like that creepy little dog that you just want to punt ... and I love him. Every time I see him do something I just crack up.

I also want to laud Brant who has dragged me into some interesting role playing situations, plus he's a sneaky little bugger.

Bella, that snerky little Verossian snoot, blends a generally annoyed attitude, indifference, and a backwoods drawl into one convincing Druid package.

Red is mean, ugly, cruel, sinister, scary, boastful, violent .. and hellafun to be around. A first-class Malechite from days of yore.

Kassha and Ulu! Mikona and complex characters FTW!

Vrishnak for several very entertaining occasions where he "explained" his views.

Tel for some animal companion training situationes.

Lexy, has once again proven why he is one of the Best RPers in CoPaP. I wish we had a dozen more like him. Wolfie as Vicmin really has impress me as a diplomatic Firebender. ;-) Keep it up you two.

Ernst, because his consistent quality continues to inspire better quality RP in me.

Cer'lyn Gorgorath aka Wraith - He's alive, and he's everywhere. Makes the experience fun to everybody and never drops out of character.

Ony - So many faces... I sometimes think she's a changeling. Xeo makes my head spin.

Telenial has surprised me lately. I found out what a truly deep and involved character she is. Lots of fun to be around, a source of knowledge of the world and areas, and a great teacher!

Eleanor has been there for me right from the beginning.... With every mistake, and every new idea, supporting, sometimes scolding :), but always a great player and a great PC... I love her "rough around the edges" play, but she has a soft side too *whispers* just don't tell her I said so!

Red, because he manages to simultaneously disgust and delight me with his antics whenever I run into him.

Hamlet is my spelling hunter and I her spelling error maker, but her character is always spot on and always a fun challenge to get to break "Form".

Zven because he is the only reason I am interested in any mage orders.

(Lexi) Just sat back and actually watched this character go on and on, was very fun to just watch it go. Very creative and can tell alot is put into this character.

The charismatic Silver Fox. There can be only one….

Ekkles needs a win on one of his characters gorramnit! A pox one everyone who doesn't pick Ernie~

Red: Best Goblin or Best Goblin?

Janur for sticking uncompromisingly to his librarian character concept, and being a good storyteller, who can't answer a question straight, without getting constantly sidetracked into a string of old Avlis events or characters.

Vicmin for being generally helpful, and for the constructive personal initiative I've seen him bring to events.

Fletcher Millstone is a true Avlis hero.

Any who disparage the unflappable, indefatigable Magus Ernst Tcharov had better put on their Fighting Trousers.

Nat is such a fun PC to RP with, you can actually feel her excitement when she learns something new.

And Ony, geez only Ony can be in a dress and still be piratey. Good on ya Ony!

"Victor" is a character whom I used to find really annoying, i'm not really sure why any more, as over the past couple of months i've found his RP to be entertaining, often amusing and even something that i've gone out of my way to find, with my various hundreds of alts. All in all a happy change of heart!

Red is a vile little creature. He makes me giggle.

Cassandra Aske: How can you not vote for her, neighbor?

Rayne ~ one of the newest Maidens; full of fire & ideas!

Honorable mentions to: Diabolina, Pantera and Ony (if you haven’t visited Ony’s shop, make sure she’s there before you stop in – and take some rum with you).

An MIA call for the following players (if you know where they are, tell them to come back – they are missed): Koryanna, Gurky, Glenda
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Brayon » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:32 am

Congrats everyone!

Pleth is the Best!
AJ is Arcadia's Brother

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So smile.
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Lycanthropy » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:39 am

My, what excellent choices. Congratulations!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Urizen » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:41 am

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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Tel » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:26 am

Congrats to Ernst, Red & Kassandra!

I think it's only fair that i cover any counseling fee's for whomever voted for me though. seriously can we get a doctor in here? these people need their heads examined.
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Manuel the White » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:35 am

Congratulations..! Love the comments.. All so true.. ]8)
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Xaila » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:46 am

What delightful results! Congrats to all.

Solveig better get some hawt wands from that XP!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Darkfire » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:50 am

Go Ernst and Red!
CoEMF :devil: :feuer:
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: VETT SCALES L7 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:04 am

I think the only things I can say are: Wow and congratulations to the other winners!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: asugden » Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:29 am

One thing to say.. i voted for two of the winners! Congrats!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: nihprodne » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:26 am

very cool, all totally deserving!!!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Tarken » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:28 am

Congrats. Well deserved.
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: AandA » Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:24 pm

Gotta say, spot on. Well deserved congrats!
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Obscure » Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:59 pm

Anonymous wrote:
Eleanor has been there for me right from the beginning.... With every mistake, and every new idea, supporting, sometimes scolding :), but always a great player and a great PC... I love her "rough around the edges" play, but she has a soft side too *whispers* just don't tell her I said so!

I guess somebody has to clean up a certain room now...
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: krackq » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:02 pm

[Celedor Dedwend: [Talk] *turns around and shakes ass before giving it a sharp slap*
Celedor Dedwend: [Party] ((this is my finest RP beyond a shadow of a doubt.. my zenith if you will))
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: bastisc » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:35 pm

Congrats to all of you! :D

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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 7:35 pm

Congrats. :prost:
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Flyinhigh » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:23 pm

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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Xeo » Wed Mar 09, 2011 9:59 pm

Congrats to everyone! :mrgreen:
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Katroine » Thu Mar 10, 2011 12:13 am

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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Retsof » Fri Mar 11, 2011 10:04 am

Thanks everyone and Gratz to the other winners!
Kasandra Foundling
Sinjin Slezzo
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Re: RPotM February 2011 ~ RESULTS

PostAuthor: Sharrow » Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:20 am

VETT SCALES L7 wrote:I think the only things I can say are: Wow and congratulations to the other winners!

A sizeable +1 to that!
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