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Avlis opens its 4th server! Le'Or T'Nanshi

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Avlis opens its 4th server! Le'Or T'Nanshi

PostAuthor: Orleron » Wed Mar 05, 2003 5:56 pm

We are very happy to announce that the World of Avlis has expanded to a 4th server. Le'Or T'Nanshi is the capitol city of the elven nation of similar name, T'Nanshi. The name of this city in the trees literally means "The Light of The Elves" in Avlissian elvish. Meant to be a haven for elvenkind everywhere, this city will have a lot to offer in the future throughout its development. Right now it should be considered a beta, however. There are currently no quests running on the server, however the Market is fully functioning and its first tavern will go in soon. As with our other servers, it will develop over a long period of time, slowly having quests added in and areas tacked on. Our Mikona server still ranks first in age and development with Wilderness not far behind. Elysia server is still fairly new also, but it is finally beginning to mature. We hope that Le'Or T'Nanshi will follow much the same track in development over the next few months.

To play this server, you will need to download the "jess_treecity" hakpak. Many thanks to GeekGirlJess, the author of the hakpak, and all those who helped her make it happen. The hakpak can be found at Neverwinter Vault, or downloaded from downloads/hak. Enjoy!

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