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House Interiors / Custom Loot Tables

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House Interiors / Custom Loot Tables

PostAuthor: Mabus » Sat May 12, 2007 9:02 pm

How does Avlis handle the many house interiors in the game? I'm building a city and am trying to address this. I want people to be able to enter a house (thieves able to break in to houses, etc.) and I'm trying to minimize the amount of house interior areas I have to create, as it's a huge city. But it should be the same house every time they enter a specifc door. And I want the containers inside to only reset their loot every so often.

Which leads me in to another question, and that is how you handle chests and containers and their loot. I've read to have custom loot table you need to make a dummy chest somewhere in the zone with the items in it which'll be used for the loot, and the chests draw upon that "master chest" for it's loot?

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