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Alignment Respawn.

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Alignment Respawn.

PostAuthor: Drakkyn » Tue Aug 27, 2002 8:00 am we go short and simple...I hope.

Lawful Evil Cleric SHOULD NOT RESPAWN in MIKONA temple.

I have been caught in a death loop for going on 3 hours now because I respawn in the Abyss and respawn in Mikona..then I die..respawn in Abyss, respawn in Mikona and die.

Sometimes I make it outside the temple of Mikona only to be laid to waste by the 80 guards and priests there.

I realize that I picked and developed a lawful evil character, but my IC actions should not make everything unplayable.

to fix:

After Abyss, respawn in Dagath temple or other non neutral temple.
Give evil characters a running start to outrun guards.
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PostAuthor: tindertwiggy » Tue Aug 27, 2002 8:39 am

I have had a char stuck in this loop before and can also say it is very frustrating.

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PostAuthor: Silk » Tue Aug 27, 2002 3:02 pm

damn, that's the first time i've heard about this.

This is something we definately need to address.

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PostAuthor: Orleron » Tue Aug 27, 2002 3:13 pm

I'll make the first attempt at it today.

I think we need to go into the include file that holds the variables for the standard factions and add our own. Then we should be able to use the SetStandardFactionReputation function to tweak the home made ones. I'm not certain if this will work, but I'll try it. The only problem I forsee is the function itself not accepting any additional variables. But that can probably be changed too.
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PostAuthor: Silk » Tue Aug 27, 2002 3:24 pm

import my changes to the avlis_include first... it's in my directory.

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