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PostAuthor: Jeff » Mon Mar 08, 2004 1:28 am ... 2&forum=74

NWNX-Leto is a module for NWNX, allowing you to run LetoScript from NWScript. The nwnxleto-build-02 download includes the two DLLs you need, nwnx_leto.dll and LetoScript.dll. That's right, you need two DLLs for this module, and they must both be in the NWN directory.

If you don't see what this has to do with anything, consider the possibilities of being able to change any aspect of any character or any module from NWScript. You could give a character new spells or Feats based on conversation with an NPC, or any other scripted event. You could make your own House Rules for experience, like only being able to gain levels in Rogue if you spend time sneaking around picking locks and disarming traps. You could build custom servervault filters and be e-mailed when characters in your vault have suspicious stats or gear you want to know about. You could even have an entire servervault character created based on NPC conversation, to support custom races or starting packages, or to prevent client-side 2DA cheats.
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