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External AI

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External AI

PostAuthor: Lafferty » Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:03 am

Just out of cusiousity:

Would it be possible to implement a NWNX2 based AI system that stores some things in the database to assist AI through external programs that also access the db? One easy instance would be a bartender responding to certain listening patterns along with data of who said it (maybe he doesnt like to share rumors with elves) and spreading rumors or even made up rumors that he creates just for the fun of it.

I imagine it would need heavy tweaking for the AI. What i have in mind would more target to conversational things. Maybe that way certain NPC can be really chatted with in a textadventure/Eliza like way.

I think for external AI programs to affect behaviour it would be necessary to tweak existing scripts.

Another problem i see is to guarantee a certain maximum/minimum response time. Such an AI would be of no use if it responds 1 minute later to a person that allready walked away.

What are your thoughts?
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