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Listen Patterns

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Listen Patterns

PostAuthor: Lafferty » Tue May 27, 2003 7:27 am

Is it possible to set up listen patterns for a NPC and you parse the text directed to him like: "<Name of NPC>: Hello" or "<Name of NPC>: Give me your money or you will die".

I started thinking about it but i doubt i can throw together a decent parser for this in nwscript. (I'd LOVE to have a Z-Machine within nwn.) That way we could actually speak to (important) npcs in a limited manner and even store things in the database from such conversations:

"<Name of NPC>: Hello, my name is <Name of PC>"

a few days later

NPC: "Hello, <Name of PC stored in the db>, how are you?"

you could save all stuff in the db like reputation of PC towards a group of people...

NPC: "Hey, <Name of PC stored in the db>! Get out of our city! we dont like you here"

...or even roll up if the NPC even remembers you...

"I know your face! What was your name again?"

that gives me another idea: What about discount from persistant merchants when you make transactions there often or "special offers" for regular customers/patrons
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