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About Prestige Classes

Forum for customization options such as player housing, server reset requests, and getting help if you're stuck.

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About Prestige Classes

PostAuthor: Ronan » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:12 am

Prestige Classes

All prestige classes are locked to players and require in-game training. The DM team may be able to assist you if you're looking for a prestige class. In general, we would prefer that you seek out alternative methods first:

1) Locate a master-level trainer PC in the PrC (has 10 levels in the PrC) and have them train your character;
2) ICly seek out one of the quest options in the world for learning a PrC.

The former is exceedingly rewarding, as it helps build alliances and will give you further options for training in the months to come.

We recognize that sometimes timezones for players may not meet up, so if you're unable to work with the PC trainers for that class, please contact the Dungeon Masters. Let us know what PrC you're looking for, some background on your character, and their IC reasons for wishing to train in the class. We would be happy to review your request and send you feedback, and when we have time, we'll try to connect you to an NPC trainer.

Please see the below notes for specific PRC policies.
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Re: About Prestige Classes

PostAuthor: Ronan » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:23 am

A note on multiple PrC request policy

PlasmaJohn wrote:Nobody is entitled to more than one PrC. Period. All requests for a 2nd PrC must be approved by the Team. There is and never was an automatic qualification for it. There are certain qualifications for us to even consider such a request and you must satisfy all of them.

Permission to take a 2nd PrC is a reward for outstanding, longterm RP. It is not a means to develop your character concept.

These decisions are made at the Team level. Do not shop around for a willing DM, we're all on the same page. Doing so is likely to go badly for you.

Alexandru Stanicu wrote:Also please note that not all combinations will be allowed.

Policy on Specific PrCs

Blackguard - On Avlis, Blackguard is the holy warrior class for followers of Maleki.

The following PrCs are not available on Avlis:
Red Dragon Disciple (RDD) - Red dragons do not exist on Avlis, so your native Avlis character will not be able to have the most important IC requirement: red dragon blood in his/her veins. Your Avlis character should in no way be able to take this PrC, not even on other worlds. Characters native to Avlis that take the RDD class will be deleveled by DMs.

Champion of Torm, Purple Dragon Knight, and Harper Scout - These are Forgotten Realms-specific classes, and the organizations do not exist on Avlis.

Psion - Not a PrC
This class is not a PrC. You don't need it to be unlocked to start leveling in it. See the wiki for more information.
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