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Spirit Gods of Tyedu

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Spirit Gods of Tyedu

PostAuthor: Ronan » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:01 am

Tyuedian Spirit Gods

From :
"According to legend, long long ago, when the gods were newly made and there were no people on Avlis to speak of, a war broke out. A great creature of infinite evil was in conflict with nine warrior gods, and the whole planet shook as they battled overhead. Day after day they would ascend to the sky to engage in deadly combat, and night after night blood would rain down onto the ground as the gods retreated to heal their wounds. Though no mortal creatures suffered from this incessant skirmishing, there were many spirits who roamed the land back then, and they were paying a heavy price. Large numbers of them were consumed in the fray and wiped out forever.

It is told that one of the warrior gods involved in the fighting was a man of balance and equity who participated just as viciously against the Great Evil, as the other gods for such was its power. On one particular night, the god descended on the spirits living in the northland. He had come to regenerate his wounds incurred from the day's battles, and he brought with him many attendants, his own creations. These attendants were beautiful beings that called themselves "Mikonators". Always standing over seven feet tall, their powerfully muscled frames supported large feathery gray wings that protruded from their backs. Both the male and female varieties of Mikonator were equally elegant and regal. The Mikonators lived only to serve this god, and he had created many of them for that task.

On this night, when the god descended with his troop, he sent some of his Mikonators out among the spirits in the area to protect them. He knew that landing in this area would almost assuredly bring annihilation to the spirits the next day, for he would almost certainly be attacked right there on that spot by the Great Evil. Thus charged with the task of defending the spirits, the Mikonators held their position in the morning when the god rose to do battle... but he never came back for them.

Many of the pairs were annihilated the next day, but some survived. Obeying their master, the Mikonators that remained never left their spirit companions, and slowly over time they became very close to each other. Many of them created offspring through their unions. These offspring were enchantingly beautiful and possessed great power, though they were not technically divine as a full god would be. Over the ages, these offspring wandered the northern land that was their home, never desiring to stray far from their parents. In time, most of the original spirits perished in one way or another through various mishaps and conflicts, such as the Great War which came long after. But gradually, the ever expanding human population of Avlis reached that area from the land that is now called The Kurathene Empire and they made it their home.

These humans encountered the offspring of the Mikonators and the spirits, and they were awed by them. Many of these offspring are still worshiped as gods by the humans to this day. The other gods of the world are largely forgotten there, for they never took interest in that land. Thus, the people of Tyedu give them nothing in return. By the same token, the spirits adopted the humans, and over another long period they too interbred with the inhabitants, producing the Sprit-kin of today."

If your character is from Tyedu, you may worship a Tyedu spirit-god. There are thousands of these gods, and you may create one and submit it to the team for lore approval. Submitted and approved Spirit Gods can give blessings to their followers, although they will never have a major center of worship, influence, or temples outside of Tyedu. We ask that you keep within the flavor of Tyedu and the spirit gods in your entry; you may see more information on the spirit gods and some examples here.

The process to submit one for entry into the server is as such:

1) PM the Dungeon Masters with your concept. Ensure that the concept is fleshed out, including expected behaviour of followers of the spirit god, alignment, and so on.

2) The lore team will review your entry for submission, and may make edits as appropriate or request additional information.

3) If the spirit god is approved, it will enter approved lore, and a cleric, druid, or ranger may convert to the spirit god and retain power as though the character were worshipping an Avlissian deity. To do so, the player should get in contact with the DMs to be converted.

Note that followers of a spirit god will never have the holy symbol, robes, etc. of the cleric class, as the spirit god's influence is too minor to offer such benefits. Also note that after a spirit god becomes approved, the DMs rather than the creator will be the decision makers on additional lore, consequences of moral breaking, and so on for said spirit god.

If you're interested, PM the Assist Staff with the following:

Spirit God name:

Worshippers' Alignment:
Area of Control:
Clerical Domains:

Information about the spirit god and the morals of the clan that worships him or her:
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