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Epic Refresh : Character rebuilds for level 40's !

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Epic Refresh : Character rebuilds for level 40's !

PostAuthor: Plethora » Sun Feb 21, 2016 12:17 am

Over the years we've received a number of requests for feat, skill point, ability point, or even class changes, and until now have only allowed changes in special cases. However, given the smaller size of the player base lately, and the fact that most characters have been at a static level 40 for a very, very long time, the team has decided to make available an "Epic Refresh" option for level 40 characters who want to pursue a new (or adjusted) direction.

Have a tired level 40 you want to breath some life into? Have a character who after reaching level 40 made in game choices that you couldn't reflect on the character sheet? Want to have the fun of climbing through epic levels again? Have a feat that you've always regretted and would love to change to something else? Well, this system is for you.

Here is how it works:

1) PC's who have reached 960,000 experience points may lose a requested amount of levels.
2) Race, gender, appearance, etc cannot be changed - the PC must be recognizable after.
3) Level 1 can be changed, on a case by case basis. We have a limit of one request per player on this per two years due to the amount of work it takes us to remake a character from scratch, so make this decision carefully.
4) PC's taken below level 20 will be given enough exp to level back up to 20.
5) Progression from level 20 to level 40 must occur naturally.
6) Available once a year per PC.
7) Gear will not be changed.

Here is how to do it:

Send an pm to the assist staff with "Epic Refresh" in the topic. The pm should give a general idea of the reasons for and goals of the change. We hope to see IC groundwork already laid for any large changes to pre-epic class. For example, if you want to change your rogue character's pre-epic assassin levels to shadowdancer levels, it is recommended you already have shadowdancer unlocked through rp with a pc shadowdancer teacher or with a dm.

If you have any questions, please pm or post in the thread. We are here to help!

Epic Refresh Form ! Please put Epic Refresh in the title of your PM and send to Assist Staff!

Character name:
Character GSID:
Character's current class(es):
Are you wishing to change choises made at level one?

Changes requested:

Reason for the change:
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Re: Epic Refresh : Something New for level 40's !

PostAuthor: Ronan » Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:28 am


If i am level 40 but want to lose 5 levels, I still have to re-level up to 40?
Yes. Following the xp removal:

Case 1:
If the PC is less than level 20, the dm will award enough xp to reach level 20 (then the PC will be in Case 2).

Case 2:
If PC is level 20 or above, no xp will be immediately awarded. The PC has to regain epic levels through normal play.

If you want to drop your pc to level 35, you fall in "Case 2."

What happens to my AMS/Crafting levels/Barbarian Rage levels/etc?
These stay the same, unless you no longer qualify for them (for example, you no longer have mage levels, so you no longer qualify for an AMS).

I am level 30, can I refresh?
Refresh is available to characters who are level 40 only.

If I completely remake my character from scratch, what stays?
Quest progress, all your gear, your name, your crafting levels, and AMS/CTS/Barbarian rage levels if they still apply.
Certain one time quest based rewards that are not items, such as hide bonuses granted from certain quests, will not persist through a full recreation. Recreate at your own risk.

Wait, it is once a year per PC or once per two years per player?
A standard refresh cannot change level 1 abilities; your character will be de-leveled in the client and given the XP to re-level. This standard method is once per PC per year, max. If you want to change your level 1 abilities, you will need to specifically request this in the PM you send us. This latter method involves the re-creation of the character from scratch, and is only available once every two years per player.

Have a question not listed here? Post it in this thread.
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