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Bandit chief?!?!

General discussion about Avlis

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Bandit chief?!?!

PostAuthor: Jonathon Spectre » Mon Aug 05, 2002 7:15 am

Well, tonight I finally faced the bandit chief.

Totally cleared the sewers except for his room. Figured I'd fight him for a minute, and if he was just whomping me I'd run. Monk speed saves.

So I clear out his room to him and take a shot at him. BLAMMO! Critical! Get some! I run out of the room a bit, get closer to an exit to the city in case I need help, whip out my shiny new tower shield (they teach us orcish monks to fight with a shield, you know) and throw a stunning fist at him.

I miss. I hit. He misses. I hit. He misses. I hit. And then he hits me!

Good Lord! I've not been hit that hard since... I've NEVER been hit that hard! I turn to run.

Attack of Opportunity. Dead monk. The old bandit chief is badly wounded and swaying on his feet.

I wake up in the Temple of Mikon, snarl, and jog to the market and buy a crossbow. No human is going to best me. Down the hatch, long range snipe! Wham! Pow! He's running at me! He's almost to me! Do I run, or shoot? RUN! Get some distance, enough for two shots! SHOOT! SHOOT! CRITICAL! DIE SCUM! HAHA!

Can you say, "bouncing around the room laughing"? I can. The mighty bandit chief, one step away from me, takes a crossbow bolt between the eyes and slumps to the floor, dead. Take THAT, human. My fists aren't even dirty.

Wait a minute... where's my body?

I look around. It's nowhere to be found. Oh, I get it. The bandit chief stole my stuff. It's surely in his treasure bag... oh, it's not.

So, everything on my character, including everything in my 2 pages inventory, has disappeared. Umm... what?

I ran to the bandit chief's room and checked the back where the mage and the dwarves are, thinking perhaps some enterprising young bandit dragged the body back there to loot. Nothing.

I make three complete circuits of the sewers, up and down every hallway, now mystified and beginning to get worried. No body. Nowhere.

I check to see if anyone else is online. Nope, I'm the only person on the server. Vian was online just prior to me dying, but he's lawful good, which I THINK would keep him from taking my stuff. Right Vian? >grin< And even if he had come along and decided my +1 kama and +3 heavy crossbow were worthwhile, he'd have had to kill the bandit chief, since he was still standing right where I died at.

Hmmm... perhaps, since the bandit chief killed me, there is some sort of special code that put my stuff in some merchant's inventory. This is stretching it, but I check anyway. Nada.

I am confused and mystified. I am also out all of my equipment. It wasn't exactly the greatest stuff in the history of Avlis, but I liked it. All I can say is, huh? Is this supposed to happen?


Jonathon Spectre
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PostAuthor: Vian » Tue Aug 06, 2002 2:34 pm

No I didn't touch your things :)

Although this has happened to me before.. .the bandit chief stealing my things.

Not sure what he does with them.

Silk has said he steals stuff if he kills you.

But it should be able to get it back... maybe he hides it and you have the search the area.... not sure though

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