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AHhhhhhhhh Help

General discussion about Avlis

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AHhhhhhhhh Help

PostAuthor: Firestorm » Sun Aug 04, 2002 5:18 am

Ok not to sound to newbish but could someone tell me the best way to level at lvl 1 iI am trying to start a paladin but i keep getting ganked to no avail

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Who says orcs aren't friendly?

PostAuthor: Jonathon Spectre » Sun Aug 04, 2002 5:35 pm

Well, the best way to level at level 1 is to do lowbie quests.

There is an apprentice alchemist in the market who will give you a quest to hunt fire beetles. This quest gives a bit of XP and a potion worth a decent amount of gold and can be done as much as you like.

There's another lowbie quest to help out the Church of Valok, which is probably not something a teat-sucking paladin is going to want to do. >laugh<

There are 3 Dagath priests in the temple district. You can find them roughly in the SE quadrant standing by 3 wells. The girl is the Order of Life, the guy is the Order of Rebirth, and the orc is the Order of Death. Talking to the girl will get you a quest to give fish to the filthy commoners and beggars. The guy will tell you to bring dead bodies back to him for resurrection. The troll will tell you to MAKE dead bodies.

Being that you want to be a paladin, I'd suggest going with the "give fish to filthy humans" quest. After you have this quest, go buy a fish from one of the vendors in the market, then hit the slums. Talk to every commoner and beggar you see along the way, you will be able to give them a fish and it will net you 20 XP per and also give your alignment a boost towards good.

The "bring back dead bodies" quest may give better XP, but bodies are heavy and the idea of lugging around a bunch is disgusting so I never did it.

As Tri'as would say, DO NOT EXPLOIT THE FOOD QUEST. Give 1 fish to every individual you meet, no more. Work your way to the slums handing out fish like some sort of Mikonian Jesus. When you get there you will find some friendly gang members, some unfriendly gang members, some commoners and beggars, and most hateful of all, some wererats. Beware these rats, you can't really hurt them at low level (they have DR 10/+1) unless you can do massive damage or you have a +1 or better weapon.

Wander these slums fighting what you can beat and handing out fish. Pretty soon you'll hit level 3, at which time you can equip a +1 weapon and then you basically own the slums. Soon afterwards it's probably time to descend into the sewers and see what you can see...

One word of advice: Don't be afraid to run. Death in Avlis *SUCKS*, it's far far better to run than to die. Be aware that if you zone with a creature in hot pursuit, it's quite possible the creature will zone with you and continue its assault on the other side. When you run it's best to run towards "civilized" areas with lots of guards.

Unless, of course, you're running from a guard... but I'd know nothing about that...


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