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Holy Warriors??

General discussion about Avlis

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Holy Warriors??

PostAuthor: Vian » Fri Jul 19, 2002 9:13 pm

I haven't payed much attention to the religion system in the game so far, simply because I had set my beliefs towards Tyr originally... thus I didn't have a temple or anything like that...

However, now that I read there are going to be holy warriors.... well then it makes more sense to be part of the belief system setup in Avlis..

However, according to the description, there isn't much requirement for a paladin to become a holy warrior... (it isn't really a "prestige class"...) Which I find to be a little bit unfair....

However, are there any special privledges given to characters who are "holy warriors" or is it just a title?

I already am setting my agenda as the purification of the city. I constantly purge the slums and the sewers for this purpose. Helping all those innocent and meek folk along the way... also protecting the commoners from murders as best I can.

Since Tyr is non-existant in Mikona... I will probably change my belief to the Lawful Good God. The Dwarven god... Groethar

Regardless I will be a holy warrior, but would like to know if there is any special abilities etc, involved with getting that status???

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PostAuthor: Orleron » Fri Jul 19, 2002 10:49 pm

Paladin's are a normal part of the core 3rd edition D&D rules, so they are already balanced in with everything. They can start out as a paladin immediately and take whatever skills, feats, and items they want.

The other 8 alignments will also have equivalents of the Paladin, however they will be prestige classes. Why? Because it's easier to do it that way in the scope of the 3rd Edition rules. Making a new prestige class is much easier than making a new class.

The drawback to being one of the other 8 holy warrior classes is that you basically have to tailor your character right from the beginning. You need to take all the proper feats and skills that are required of that class pretty much from the beginning, if you want to pick up the prestige class any time before 10th level. The advantage to making this sacrifice is that you get a lot more spell power than a Paladin.

I posted what the holy warrior classes are, but I didn' t post what the benefits will be. Aside from getting paladin-like abilities appropriate to your alignment, you also get to keep advancing in your cleric spell casting class, and you also get the fighter's attack bonus increase.

How will we script/implement all this? I don't know yet. I'm gonna give it a little bit of time to let Bioware put out an expansion and then see. But in the meantime I will be putting out the notes so people can roleplay it. You will likely meet NPC's of these classes at any time, even now.
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