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Player Quotes Needed

General discussion about Avlis

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: LadyAwesome » Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:32 am

Hahahaha Gold!
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Hamlet » Sun May 25, 2014 4:32 pm

What sorcery-- Whose dangly bit is this? wrote:Bymund Leaf: *nimbly dances between mighty dragon legs*
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Kanos » Tue May 27, 2014 11:17 am

[Farsical] Mitalani Nulien: [Talk] Big badaboom!
[quinoffire] Quin Fireborn: [Talk] how big? *teases*
[Farsical] Mitalani Nulien: [Talk] BOOM!
[Farsical] Mitalani Nulien: [Talk] BOOM!
[quinoffire] Quin Fireborn: [Talk] Big Bada BOOM?
[Farsical] Mitalani Nulien: [Talk] BadabadabadaBOOM!
[quinoffire] Quin Fireborn: [Talk] splat?
[Farsical] Mitalani Nulien: [Talk] Crunch splat!

[04:12] <@LostCause> such intellectual conversations
[04:12] <Ari> <3 so much fun who cares about intellectual
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Ronan » Wed May 28, 2014 4:38 am

Zachael Anchises: [Whisper] It's always useful to have children about. You never know when you'll have to placate a balor.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Zonr_0 » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:01 am

[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] When i first joined the red...
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] I was under the assumption I would change it.. mold it into something *looks at crystal*
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] .. greater than what it was..
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] *nods* I remember you talking a little about that before.
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] And.. at first I thought what I was going to do as a leader.. and.. *smiles again to him* How the order would act..
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] .. but.. it didn't go as planned
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] it was better. Each individual had something unique.. And terrifying.. and wondrous about them.
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] *nods, listening*
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] They each brought something.. that made the reds unique..
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] Courage.. strength curiosity.. compassion
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] all tinged with a bit of insanity
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] *smirks*
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] *puts hands up* little doses..
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] insanity.. is merely.. what? usually.. mistaken.. and not truly INSANITY but an illusion of madness.. only to those that haven't experienced life fully
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] This goes.. with magic as well. . I care about each and everyone of our mages.. this is my passion.
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] Whatever they strive for.. I will help them
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] Whatever you want.
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] *glances at the trees briefly*
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] .. it was when I was younger I was asked..
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] 'What if you couldn't provide them with what they want? What if it went against your morals?'
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] What did you say?
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] At the time.. I told them I would try to find something that fit both our needs and made us both happy.. but it was so egocentric of me to try and pull a .. miracle like that. There are so many things.. that it could be
[Zonr_0] Vincent Sinnock: [Talk] *nods*
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] But the answer is clear now.
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] They can feel the back of my hand. They can do that somewhere else and not ask me such crap
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] see...
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] we're individuals.. Together we stand strong.. but apart we're just as deadly.
[TheCleverOne] Latanya Perizada: [Talk] We all make a beautiful.. offkey .. Choir.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: S?retur » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:42 pm

[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] Alas, I have spent nearly all of my healing provisions as well. I recommend we return some other time unless you wish to trek to Mikona and restock before returning here.
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] Even the Hel'byssia dragons didn't kill me this fast..
[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] *nods resigined*
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Ehh. I tell yah true .. think we brung out the worst in these fellers.
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] Must be our charming personalities *shrugs*
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Seen any undeads at all?
[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] *shakes his head* Not that I saw.
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] I've tried to turn them from time to time ... no.
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Might ougthah mark this off the active crypt list.
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] We'd need a much larger group tah push through, I think. Way out numbered.
[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] Fen, I agree.
[Shard the Pious] Jal Nightfall: [Talk] *nods*
[Shard the Pious] Jal Nightfall: [Talk] thing for sure.. no undead here
[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] *nods* Not that I saw, at least.
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Yeah. It's a crypt and active.. but not with undeath.
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Mebbe deeper in .. but .. who can say?
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] Living people.... They can be censured and eradicated for the greater good. With a larger group, I vote we do so.
[Manuel the White] Jessie Morrice: [Talk] * nods to Narwe *
[avlis_Galestrider] Kohav'yoom: [Talk] I agree, Narwe.

We'll be back. >.< For Great Justice and the Greater Good!
Sweet and tart, Narwë is the proverbial Granny Smith of the role-play universe. [Anonymous]
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: SaraEF » Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:59 am

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Brayon » Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:29 pm

Someone channeled his inner Keanu Reeves. Party On Dude!

[L1t3r] Vesdrac Noss'tau: [Talk] thats awesome
[L1t3r] Vesdrac Noss'tau: [Talk] //that should have been a tell
[Xaila] Solveig: [Talk] //hehe...
[L1t3r] Vesdrac Noss'tau: [Talk] //please excuse that >.>
[BHopper2] Jonatan Shadowbreath: [Talk] ((lol.))
Verossa : [Talk] //i was a bout to say.. wow Ves has become quite vocal in euthiasm :P
[L1t3r] Vesdrac Noss'tau: [Talk] //he enjoys his Keanu impressions
Verossa : [Talk] // *buys vesdrac a surfboard
[L1t3r] Vesdrac Noss'tau: [Talk] //*wants a phone booth*
[Athena1] Sasee Cain: [Talk] ((I cant say excellent with out thinking of that movie
Verossa : [Talk] // shh, stop being OOC and distruptive! :P x

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: TwiBel » Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:53 pm

Harmon Hull: I have a bit of humor to lighten the mood, as it were.
Silver Fox: Are you... asking permission to tell a joke.
Harmon Hull: Is that permissible, Madame Silver Fox?
Taruma: It's admirable adherance to courtesy.
Silver Fox: Oh, well, I suppose I'll allow it, this once.
Silver Fox: Joke on!
Harmon Hull: Let me make sure I have this right ...
Harmon Hull: *thinks for a moment*
Harmon Hull: A Gorethite, a Toranite, and a Valokian walk into a Tavern ...
Yanyu Choym: *glances to Rollek*
Taruma: *chuckles already*
Silver Fox: Oh, this should be good.
Harmon Hull: Oh, that's the joke.
Rollek Heloc: *clears his throat in preparation of a polite laugh*
Taruma: *laughs brightly*
Latanya Perizada: *sag*
Silver Fox: I...
Rollek Heloc: A-ha. Yes.
Yanyu Choym: *slowly shakes her head*
Silver Fox: Yes, perhaps you are right to ask permission, Harmon.

Silver Fox: My father told me a joke once.
Silver Fox: it is more of a poem, perhaps, in a Kurathene style.
Sheloom Kallerton: Is it morbid, by any chance?
Silver Fox: It made him laugh very hard, but I think it is very foolish.
Taruma: it sounds lovely, so far
Silver Fox: As with many things in the Kurathene, yes?
Silver Fox: It goes like this:
Silver Fox: There once was a young man from Tyedu,
Silver Fox: Who had an unfortunate hairdo.
Silver Fox: When he got up late,
Silver Fox: He said to his mate,
Silver Fox: Rhyme, metre and verse are arbitrary concepts to be rejected.
ni dieu, ni maître.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Isadora » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:26 pm

[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] PICKLES
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] I found these two women looking for you

[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Flow? Is that you?
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] Kngsleeeeyy
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *Tugs his coat*

[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *gasps*
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *tugs at collar*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] Apparently they are -both- carrying your child...
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] <c þþ><c þþ>ACP Bluff Check: d20: roll of 12 + 14 modifier.
Total: <cþ >26</c>

[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] <c þþ><c þþ>ACP Wisdom Check: d20: roll of 1 + 0 modifier.
Total: <c þ>1</c>
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] // lol
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Why, I... but... I've never ever seen ....
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] // roll skill bluff
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] <c þþ><c þþ>ACP Bluff Check: d20: roll of 7 + 5 modifier.
Total: <cþ >12</c>
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] *folds arms, taps foot*
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *coughs*
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] mmhmmmmmmmmmmmmm
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Right-o.
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] *z snaps*
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *taps head* Let's see... you're... Daphne?
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Rachel?
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *Tiny better-than-this sigh.*
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] ....... Shirley?
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *worried look at Flow*
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] ~I'm~ Monique and you is a dirty dog. You best be getting that cash money from the army. I ain't raising my baby on Shelter of Hope donations.
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Whisper] How could you bring them to me!!!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] Looks like you had better get promoted up from Recruit
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] ... Monique!!! Ah, the love of my life, dearest Monique!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *stage whisper* or did you tell them you were a captain?
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] How I longed to see you again!
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] Don't you be callin her the love of your life you snake! I'm Karen and you said you was sterile!
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Yes, it was .... good of you to bring her to me, RECRUIT!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *Her eyes are wide.*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] PAHAHAHAH
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *Covers mouth.*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Whisper] Sterile?

Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] ~YOU~ Need to get your money right
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Now, wait, ladies! Just one moment!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Whisper] I don't know they were so intimidating and pregnant that I had to do something!
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] Because my baby is going to be a wizard and portal rides to Visimontium ain't free
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] We really ... can't be sure of anything here, can we???
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] Oh NOW YOU AINT SURE
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] You heard that? A wizard Kingsley
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] You hear that? Now he aint sure!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] He'll have your moustache
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] I mean... certainly two women as lovely as yourselves have ... ~many~ gentlemen friends??
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] NOW, NOOOOOOWWWW Well you best GET sure, sucka
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] ARE YOU SAYIN WE HO'S?!

[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Whisper] You're NOT helping!
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] AWWWW HAIL NAW
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *steps forward ~accidentallly~ stepping on Flow's foot*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] Kingsley, assure them they aren't Hos please.
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] OOWWW

Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] My brother is in Raven, you better get right and get promoted with a quickness ya heard?
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Um.... NO! Of course not! I didn't... oh dear!
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] Nothing of the sort!!!! *waves hands*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] You're in trouble now. *Gets all paranoid at 'raven'* I can't help you.
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] He'll gut your raggedy andy lookin tail quick if you do me wrong
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] I mean - I could only mean that two women so BEAUTIFUL cannot possibly have many admirers worshipping them!
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] I'm for real. You best do that army thing right. THIS AINT ABOUT NO OTHER DUDES
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] I mean... oh drat - I mean MUST HAVE!
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] *smiles weakly*
Kingsley's Ho: [Talk] I will powder the back of my hand *wags a finger* You heard her, get your money right, sucka
O'Ma : [Talk] The ladies leave demurely
[burma-shave] Kingsley Relish III: [Talk] FLOW!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] *Wave*
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] What?!
[Shutchomowf] Flowera Jooscia: [Talk] It could have gone worse!
~:Flowera Jooscia:~
*:Selle Galleaf:*
#:Isadora Arnemeigne:#
"Kingsley's Ho: Because my baby is going to be a wizard and portal rides to Visimontium ain't free"
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: ArtOfLight » Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:17 am


That whole scene is epic!
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: nihprodne » Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:44 am


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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: SKallerton » Thu Aug 07, 2014 3:24 pm

Cadence Everhart: Hasn't one of you ever said, "I've had enough of this?"
Sheloom Kallerton: *Looks to Harmon curiously*
Harmon Hull: Is that even possible?
Harmon Hull: I think I'd collapse like an abandoned Construct.
Cadence Everhart: *opens her mouth, closes it* .. apparently not.
Sheloom Kallerton: He's joking, Cadence.
Sheloom Kallerton: *Looks relatively sure of this*
Sheloom Kallerton: *Eighty percent*
Cadence Everhart: He is? *can't tell at all*
Harmon Hull: I am known as a man with a penchant for humor.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: K'Tomma » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:07 pm

[Cameron Klym] Tor Varson: [Talk] *seemed about to say something then doe snot*
[navink] Kara Kalinor: [Talk] *looks over at Tor*
[John D. Smith] K'Tomma D'Kal: [Tell] doe snot .... eeeewwwww
[Cameron Klym] Tor Varson: [Tell] lol

Not that it is taken totally out of context or anything
(kliking; making a brute and bexoming a pupil is welcomed)
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: S?retur » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:38 pm

Tor Varson (Cameron Klym): Think Tor is going to tuen into a serial killer of happy couples
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris): lol
Tor Varson (Cameron Klym): The dreaded axe murderer of Lovers Lane/wood/ drive/point/outlook/etc
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris): Post vids on youtube. Get some director interested. Make best-selling series after Twin Peaks or whatever. ... Profit!
Tor Varson (Cameron Klym): Hmmm...could work for at least one season

Sweet and tart, Narwë is the proverbial Granny Smith of the role-play universe. [Anonymous]
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: S?retur » Sat Aug 16, 2014 6:38 pm

Moriand Dias (nihprodne) wrote:what can I say...I see crack...I do the crack
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: TwiBel » Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:01 am

Harmon Hull: I recently saw an announcement that grease pit wresling without garb was sponsored by a distillery north of M'Chek.
Kiara Ravenblade: Greese wrestling was fun
Kiara Ravenblade: I took down a half ogre
Mitalani Nulien: *wrinkles her nose*
Quin Fireborn: Bunch of perverts * mutters it aloud and blinks*

Lilliana Be'letane: Grease wrestling always struck me as some kind of unchecked male fantasy being given an air of legitimacy by so many women taking part. But that's me.

Quin Fireborn: *she looks at Lily like she is the most brilliant of persons*
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: TwiBel » Sun Aug 24, 2014 3:25 pm

*gets out her pom poms for team gold*

Taruma: *nods* I like him.
Taruma: He's a singular individual.
Yanyu Choym: *chuckles a bit*
Rollek Heloc: I expect you will soon repeat those same words when another person departs.
Taruma: *smiles* I'm fond of you as well, for what it's worth, Dominator.
Taruma: Shall I assume it's mutual?
Taruma: *grins up at him*
Rollek Heloc: I could not keep you from doing so.
Taruma: *laughs*
Yanyu Choym:*a guilty chuckle, shakes her head at the answer*
Taruma: that's a well-worded answer. *smiles*
Yanyu Choym: I think it is as well, yes. Open to misinterpretation.
Taruma: I would disagree. I think the joy of it is how clear it is. *grins*
Taruma: Still, I appreciate your forebearance.
Taruma: And I am curious how far it extends.
Rollek Heloc: I am often found in the Hall of Valok.
Rollek Heloc: Perhaps...
Taruma: perhaps I would enjoy learning the boundaries of your forebearance inside a space covered by temple law?
Taruma: *smiles gently*
Rollek Heloc: It would eliminate many misunderstandings, I think.
Taruma: *laughs*
Rollek Heloc: Where could we have a more honest and discerning discussion?
ni dieu, ni maître.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: SaraEF » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:50 pm

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: TwiBel » Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:28 pm

Taruma: excellent. Lovely to meet you, incidentally. I'm Taruma. I'm a priest.
Solveig: Solveig Tcharov. Pyromancer of the White. I failed to introduce myself earlier.
Ernst Tcharov: Ernst Tcharov. Academy of Mortal Magic. A pleasure, I imagine.
Ernst Tcharov: Of which deity do you claim priesthood?
Ernst Tcharov: If I might enquire, of course.
Taruma: *grins right, puts a finger over her lips, and winks*
Taruma: oh, you're perfectly welcome to enquire, certainly
Ernst Tcharov: Ah. One of the embarrassing ones, eh?
Ernst Tcharov: Balgar, perhaps?
Solveig: Ernst...
Taruma: *looks to be making a serious effort not to laugh loudly in Lily's class*
Taruma: yes, magus, I do believe it's a pleasure to meet you.
Taruma: *to Ernst* do you have a specialty as well, magus?
Silver Fox: Scorn.
Ernst Tcharov: That is more of a hobby, albeit one for which the world is apt to provide me with numerous and frequent opportunities to indulge.
Silver Fox: You see?
Silver Fox: A Master.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: SaraEF » Thu Oct 09, 2014 8:50 pm

This is a log from an event in 2011 which came up again recently. I thought it'd been posted before, but I only posted one line, and this really should be shared/saved for posterity:

Ernst's Bad Day wrote:High Priest of Ingoren: [Talk] Ye go alone to the Depths..
High Priest of Ingoren: [Talk] The Sea Mistress will have her due...
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Her... due?
High Priest of Ingoren: [Talk] I be to old now to follow *looks to Ernst and Archi* But ye menfolk seem .. sturdy enough *laughs*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *pats Ernst on the shoulder*
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] *gives a worried glance to Thienna*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *arches a brow*
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] *shrugs a wing at Arch*


Verossa : [Talk] *you see what appears to be a giant sea monster uncoli from the ships deck*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Gg-g-oodness.
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *g-g-gulps*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *her long snakey neck peers down at you and she hisses*
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Tell] S-s-s-swaaamp monstah!
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Vissssitorssss....
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Talk] Well, four visitors and an ice cube
Sea Mistress: [Talk] How.. deliciuosss.... *eyes linger over Archi and Ernst*
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] Good day ma'am....
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *head rotate to Thienna* A talking ssseagulll... How interesssstingssss...
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Tell] This may be the best sea monster ever
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] Yes ma'am *as if she's never heard -that- one beofre*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Misss-ttt-t-ress, we come with of-ff-erings, and a request.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Pretty Seagull... you bring me tributesss... ?
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *spins headto Vintrinia and coils back* Ahhh.. Flames... *hisses loudly*
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] *quick glance between the two*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] You have no place here.. Little Sparkssss...
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Whisper] You appear to have m-m-made an impression
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *recoils her head back, her breath dripping ice cold*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Th-th-then I will.. not st-stay long.
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] We b-b-bring tribute, yes.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *nods and looks over Archi and Ernsts again* hmmm.. magicssss.. Changing and Timessss... yesss.. I will take themssss....
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] ...
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] What do you mean by "take"?
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Magicmen.. will makesss ssstrong.. new.. youngssss.. *eyes them greedily*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Whisper] For once, he asks a pertinent question
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] AHhhhmm *steps in front of Arch* Not that sort of tribute
Sea Mistress: [Talk] hmmm.. *heads dashes close to thienna face, the monster is hidiuos, all green seawwed and icy fangs*
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] While I am honored you would consider me for such, you would not enjoy the heat that my tattoos carries
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Nooo.. what do you meansss.. No, Little Seagullssss...
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] *Holds up his arm*
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] *swallows softly, but looks back defiantly*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *hisses and sniffs at the arm*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] ahhh..
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Whisper] Let us, ahh, drop some gems?
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *sets out some gems*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *squints at Archi* Yesss.. to hot.. *reaches long nech to Ernst.. her great green tongue protruding*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *coughs* Ah... do tell us, Sea Mistress...
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *licks his face from bottom*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *considers Ernst taste*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *coughs as the face is licked*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *leans back away* ....what... er... *cringe* ... ~else~ do you value?
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *looks absolutely aghast*
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Talk] *Seems to find this highly amusing*
Verossa : [Talk] *small lines of green slime lines Ernsts face*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *puurs happily* That one.. isss tasssty...
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] I... *splutters*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *smacks her lips*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] I... don't believe you would enjoy what would follow
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Lett-t-t us c-c-consider other options, M-m-m-isstress.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *looks back to the ladies, them see the gems* Ahh.. *giant head comes down, and she bites the sand, scopping them all into her huge maw*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] ...unless the prospect of further visits by those of my colleague's ilk. *gesturing twitchily to Vintrinia*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] ...appeals greatly
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *chews and considers*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] You Black robes.. always with the demands*
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Talk] Come here often, do they?
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *keeps chewing as she talks, splinters of gems fall from her mouth*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] W-when it comes to the matter of not being devoured, I fear I must be.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *snarls* Not so often, but enough
Sea Mistress: [Talk] devoured? *laughs a snakey laugh* I will not eat you.. *laughs*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *turns even paler, somehow*


Sea Mistress: [Talk] *large head snakes up, her maw droools a little looking at Ernst*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] W-w-we have our words.
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *nods to the team*
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Talk] *Nods back*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Then speak them Little Spark.. *recils slightly from Vin*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Fire.
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] Dream.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *hisses and listens*
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Talk] Shadow!
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] Life
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] Cold.
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Ahhh... *rears her head way up to the ceiling*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *more and more of her body uncils, the creature is massive*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *starts muttering the opening lines of Greater Sanctuary*
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] *Looks up at the creature*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *the neck and body start to fill the space everywhere*
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] *watches in awe*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *wets her lips, regrets it*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *hissing fills the old tomb*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *backs riiiiiiiiiight up*
Verossa : [Talk] *the cold elementals start to ..hummm*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *then.. a slim tenticale breaks free from the great mass of monster*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *grips her staff*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *it slides forward, new born and ghastly, replusive and slimy towards Vintrina*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *grips the trust's staff*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *eyes the tentacle like a hawk. A decidedly paranoid hawk*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Are you ssssre, the Black robe.. annot stay.. even for a little whilesss... *a bit sadly*
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] ....extremely.
[GunnJ] Thienna Relimion: [Talk] *looks back at him cowering in the corner*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] ahh.. Ssssshame
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] May I ask one question out of curiosity....but what manner of being are you?
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Ssssuch.. pretty youngsss.. will could makessss... *half sleepily*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] Me..? I am.. myselfsssss..
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Talk] *shudders*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] R-right.
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Tell] Ernst is mainly popular among the horrifying sea monster demographic
[MythosLoki] Archibald Thel: [Talk] Of course
Sea Mistress: [Talk] The last of my indssss.... *sad sigh* I do not.. rememberssss.... *heavy eye lids close*
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] Thank you, Misstress, for the Trust and for the World.
[E C Sharrow Esq] Ernst Tcharov: [Tell] Tentacles. It has tentacles. I refuse to play Blackdagger: The World of Hentai.
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] *prods them to move*
Sea Mistress: [Talk] *nods briefly and curls back into whatever state of rest you found her in* Dream.. of the Seassss.....
[Solai] Vintrinia Carnen: [Talk] We shall... we shall.
[SaraEF] Lilliana Be'letane: [Tell] It doesn't refuse to play you
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Isadora » Sun Oct 19, 2014 5:12 am

From the trade fair

Narwë: [Talk] There is a skunk at the Keepers...
Garthond Foehammer: [Talk] Dat's her, aye.
Circe Phillippidis: [Talk] This is wise?
Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Is there? * the very symbol of inoocence *
Garthond Foehammer: [Talk] Howzit a problem?
Garthond Foehammer: [Talk] She ind Oi have fartin' contests sometimes.
Circe Phillippidis: [Talk] If it gets startled it might spray which is surely less than ideal.
Moriand Dias: [Talk] I took care of that
Jessie Morrice: [Talk] Hells.. have yee ever .. won?
Garthond Foehammer: [Talk] Oi did, aye.....She couldn't fart ter da tune ov Greensleeves.
Moriand Dias: [Talk] *nods* I've seen him do it
Moriand Dias: [Talk] vibrato and everything
Narwë: [Talk] Impressive. And slightly disturbing.
Jessie Morrice: [Talk] * raises a finger to speak .. fails to produce a response *
Wylliam Fell: [Talk] Are you talking art?
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: Manuel the White » Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:26 am

Oh yeah.. That had me in stitches.. And there was quite a bit more.
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: S?retur » Thu Oct 23, 2014 5:51 pm

Cracking conversations at the Fair. Here's the lines just before the skunk bit:
Garthond Foehammer (galen_macbyrne) Heya poochie.
Circe Phillippidis (xiaou) Thats a lot of wolf
Moriand Dias (nihprodne) * Moriand Dias motions to Tiu.*
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) This waht keeps yah warm at night, Mor?
Garthond Foehammer (galen_macbyrne) Now, Oi ain't a stump, peein' on me.
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) * smirks to Garthond *
Moriand Dias (nihprodne) *looks at tiu...then at Morrice* usually yes...*matter of fact*
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) Mmmhmm.
Good .. cuddler?
Circe Phillippidis (xiaou) *chuckles* I think it's more like a thick blanket
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) Are yah the big spoon er the little spoon?
Moriand Dias (nihprodne) *looks at tiu*
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris) And strange and wild thought sprang to life and fluttered around in his head, where they had ample space... *muses*
Tiu *looks back*
Garthond Foehammer (galen_macbyrne) *snickers*
Flowera Jooscia (Shutchomowf) little spoon
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) * covers his mouth - chuckling softly *
Flowera Jooscia (Shutchomowf) Moriand is definitely the little spoon.
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris) ((*cue DJ Günther*))


Then Wyll join us.
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris) Well, Wyll. As we have a decent complement of Dagath's faithful here, Circe of Life can handle the wedding, Jessie of Death can deal with the burials, and I of Rebirth can turn you back into dust if you try to rise again...
Wylliam Fell (LeTigre23) I'll surely come, donate, and support your artists.
Jessie Morrice (Manuel the White) * look to Narwe * Mmmm.
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris) *warm smile*
Wylliam Fell (LeTigre23) You really think tis thing out, don't you?
Moriand Dias (nihprodne) they are professionals
Narwë (AmicusHumaniGeneris) I don't need to. Routine, really. *light shrug*
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: S?retur » Wed Oct 29, 2014 1:12 am

Discussing matter most grave :fouet:
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] They look gravely upon such things here
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] Dead serious mmm?
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] *snorts*
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] Bone dry in interpretation.
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] *rolls his eyes*
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] They're very stiff about it yes
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] *smirks faintly*
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] Not very humerous, you say
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] *humerus
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] Not at all, dead-faced all of them
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] Nah mate, they ain't got a funny bone in all their bodies.
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] A crying shame. Mournful, even
[AmicusHumaniGeneris] Narwë: [Talk] They really would have benefited from rattling their tailbones now and then
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] *looks between the two of them and grins*
[Dirigible] Gann Eider: [Talk] S'alright they can shake their bones when they play with their die.
[Nebriandur] Jacksen Aiken: [Talk] ...alright, i think I'm closing the lid on this. Stay amongst the gravedust much longer an i may begin coffin.
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