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PostAuthor: Furin » Wed Feb 18, 2004 6:43 am

(group of players standing around talking about something important and traumatic that just happened)

Sam Springdew
*looks around with concern*

(people notice that Sili is slowly turning around in circles, apparently RP'ing extreme grief and nervousness)

Zacharia FeatherFingers
*looks to Sili* You alright lass?

Aralee Re'Tanlin
*Takes a deep steadying breath*

Zacharia FeatherFingers
*looks concerned*

*watches* I dunno.

Aralee Re'Tanlin
I'm sure it's nerves Zach.

I'm sure she's stressed are we all.

Zacharia FeatherFingers

*watches Sili turn in circles* must be.

Sam Springdew
Ya alright? Ya not possessed are ya? *pokes Sili*

Zacharia FeatherFingers
*motions Aowyen and Sam over to Sili*

(more conversation...)

Zacharia FeatherFingers
*nods to Gorm* Nice work.

*keeps an eye on Sili*

Gorm FireHand
SOmeone give her a bloody drink.

Zacharia FeatherFingers
[Whisper] Why don't ya sit down lass.

She's sweating.

Sili Lililuen
ooc shit

maybe she went inta a mystic trance ta locate (something)?

Sam Springdew
I tried already.

Aralee Re'Tanlin
Or splash one on her.

Zacharia FeatherFingers
[Whisper] *motions over to the couch*

Sili Lililuen
[Party] lol I fell asleep

Sili Lililuen
[Party] what happend

(it comes out that Sili, wasted on beer and fatigue, passed out with head on keyboard)

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PostAuthor: FunkOdyssey » Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:01 pm

"It's that fuckin clown with bark on his face again. Scrawny little bastard. " - Vanya, on Wrath of the Hands
(the original version of that statement)

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PostAuthor: 4x4_Ender » Fri Mar 12, 2004 7:27 am

I almost pissed myself laughing throughout this whole incident. I died from some persistant traps in the Forgotten Ruins in Ferrell. Afterwards, i met up with Cor, who is able to disable, to go help me get my things back. We get all the way back to the ruins, but he isnt able to disable the traps because of the high DC. So, he goes running through them and collects my things for me. Then after all this i get a bright idea. Well, here is the dialogue, enjoy 8) :

Cor'Angelus Gengue: ah ha

Ixldor Dakamour: got it?

Cor'Angelus Gengue: hmm

Ixldor Dakamour: guess i should think twice next time before going after a chest ontop of a damn pedistle

Cor'Angelus Gengue: If only I had a set of thieves tools

Ixldor Dakamour: hmm...well do you have a elemental protection spell still?

Cor'Angelus Gengue: hmm.. I can dodge better than you.

Ixldor Dakamour: *shrugs*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: *summons panther familiar* Lets see how Aeri does first...

Ixldor Dakamour: *scratches head*
*moves back towards wall*
it shot me like 10 times

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Good job Aeri!

Aeri: *purrs in recognition*

Ixldor Dakamour: *grumbles*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: alright... I'll go.

Cor'Angelus Gengue: wish me luck

Ixldor Dakamour: take an endurance potion just in case..
ok, go for it..

Cor'Angelus Gengue: whew...

Ixldor Dakamour: *cheers* that was close...
dont bother with the ingredients...

Cor'Angelus Gengue: This is fun

Cor'Angelus Gengue:course, now that I'm up here....

Cor'Angelus Gengue: I need to know if I can take out this chest.
A damn whistler bolt?!

Ixldor Dakamour: anything worth dying over?
*laughs* figures..

Cor'Angelus Gengue: damn, you are mule

Ixldor Dakamour: heh, yeah lots ingredient on there..

Ixldor Dakamour: put that necklace on for coming down from there

Cor'Angelus Gengue: ok, I think I got everything

Ixldor Dakamour: the bags??

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Where are your ashen robes.
Oh. the bags

Ixldor Dakamour: i need those bags... there are some high powered scrolls in there

Cor'Angelus Gengue: I assumed they were ingredients.

Ixldor Dakamour: nope, heh

Ixldor Dakamour: there are only 4

Cor'Angelus Gengue: I'm borrowing your armor

Ixldor Dakamour: armor??

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Camoflage AKN armor

Ixldor Dakamour: yeah, sure

Cor'Angelus Gengue: it makes me move faster

Ixldor Dakamour: Well, i dont use it, heh
put that opal necklace on
it will help with fire

Cor'Angelus Gengue: whew...
Did I get all the important stuff?

Ixldor Dakamour: yeah.. you did

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Good, I'm headed your way, you may want to move.

Ixldor Dakamour: i can replace all those potions and stuff

Cor'Angelus Gengue: ok, here I go....
You owe me big time.

Ixldor Dakamour: *grins* yeah.... well, now we are even for the temple of verossa..

Cor'Angelus Gengue: aye

Ixldor Dakamour: hmm... i wonder *summons fairy familiar*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: I hope you're joking....

Avaria: *disables trap* yipeeee master!!!

Cor'Angelus Gengue: somebody's gonna die now...

Avaria: *flies some circles around his head*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Will you get your crap

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Now, get your stuff.
I risk my life to get your stuff, and then you magically bring out a damn fairy?

Ixldor Dakamour: thanks Avaria *smiles at her*
umm... yeah... well i thought i left her at home...

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Aeri, eat the fairy

Ixldor Dakamour: turns out i had her in my bottle all along... urmm

*Aeri eats the fairy*

Ixldor Dakamour: hey!
that wasnt very nice....

Aeri: *looks at Cor*
*opens his mouth and drops the dead fairy*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Oh... hmm
I wasn't serious Aeri...
Sorry Ix....

Ixldor Dakamour: *picks up Avaria and purs her back into the bottle*
ill bring her to the clerics in Elysia later..

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Can I have my robe back?

Ixldor Dakamour: why didnt i think of that before?
im such an ideot sometimes.... *chuckles*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: You can say that again.
Well, why don't you walk up there and get the rest of your stuff.

Ixldor Dakamour: yeah...
thanks though cor, really

Cor'Angelus Gengue: *grumbles*

Ixldor Dakamour: i couldnt have done this without you anyway with all those damn undead

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Yes well, I enjoy dying alot...

Ixldor Dakamour: *picks up the rest of his things from his corpse*
what a mess....

Cor'Angelus Gengue: You have no sympathy from me.
I'm going home.

Ixldor Dakamour: *laughs*
aww comon... it was fun wasnt it??

Cor'Angelus Gengue: fun?

Ixldor Dakamour: yeah... guess not... heh

Cor'Angelus Gengue: *mutters something under his breath*

Cor'Angelus Gengue: Come on Aeri, back to the AKN hall.
I'll see you later Ixldor.
"Many make a trade of delusions and false miracles, deceiving the stupid multitude." -Leonardo Da Vinci
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PostAuthor: kombinat » Thu Mar 18, 2004 6:28 pm

Aryana, level 3 half-elf barbarian girl in Mikona, after four too many Deglosian Spirits...

*pulls out greataxe*
"Where's that Tollgarub guy? I can kill him!"
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PostAuthor: Snorri Elfslayer » Thu Mar 18, 2004 7:59 pm

This was from during a group of us playing with a penguin, where Yashia offers it food.

Yashia Evrion (Centaur Druid): Do you want some food little one?

Snorri Elfslayer (Dwarf Fighter): Nei thank ye' lass, I be fine.
Snorri Elfslayer
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PostAuthor: Urizen » Sun Mar 21, 2004 10:06 am

Slain by bandits in the slums, Llyshra ambles back to take the last remaining mage on barehanded only to find that the slums are overriden with scores of zombies. Horrified, she spots her corpse laying beside the street near the way to the south slums...

Llyshra: gah! dont you dare!
Zombie: *munches on corpse*

props to Dagath the undead master and Braeggie(?) Two Strikes who helped fight off those hungry zombies
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PostAuthor: Tahni » Wed Mar 31, 2004 1:39 pm

Whilst a party giving chase to one of Savernok's hands through Mikona, but kind of loosing track of the plot, the City Guard get desperate

City Guard: Will you come here you twats!

Silgo: <salutes> One twat reporting for duty

Sh'lieulias Zemanath: Ayren, he's calling for twats
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PostAuthor: BeelzeBoy » Wed Apr 07, 2004 6:32 am

Nimrod Nicodaemus: So what is Peregryne up to?

Peregryne Twostep: Making sure Elven kiddies dont see Daddy again

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PostAuthor: Nob » Sun Apr 18, 2004 7:39 am

After the the brave recipients of the Amulet of Balance discuss what to do after they're celebrated by Lord Walsington for destroying the lich known as Sorvanok.

Ayren suggests getting a drink. Damar speaks up first.

Damar Ogdem

Kaelyn MacCaddor

Damar Ogdem
*scratches his head* Do you...

Kaelyn MacCaddor
Do I what?

Damar Ogdem
Have any paladin's special?

Agatha Dane

Ayren Milen
*Cracks up*

Kaelyn MacCaddor
*blinks* why on Avlis would I drink that...*shudders*

Ayren Milen
*Bursts out laughing*

Nikki Tanner
time to booze!

Damar Ogdem
Oh.. *looks slightly dissapointed*
Farewell then.

Kaelyn MacCaddor
Talk to Brohter Vian he likes it.

Agatha Dane
[Whisper] He likes that drink, I've heard him ask before
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PostAuthor: Khaelindra » Sat May 08, 2004 11:45 pm

OOC discussion in a brewery far away.

Khaelindra: "Amonien is clearly an evil character"

Starslayer_D: "No she's not evil...she gets paid for it!"
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Gary Gygax wrote:
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PostAuthor: tindertwiggy » Mon May 10, 2004 2:08 am

Cath wrote:Vence Black
I mean... in de slums, de lod ob doo ((still haven't figured that one out :lol: ))

"in the slums there's lots of you."
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PostAuthor: Malathyre » Fri May 14, 2004 6:25 am

Earandel Senessa: [Talk] Is that trikk cave around here somewhere?

Earandel Senessa: [Talk] *trill

Eloryn Yeritashemar: [Talk] trick cave?

Earandel Senessa: [Talk] *ytoll

Eloryn Yeritashemar: [Talk] troll?

Earandel Senessa: [Talk] ((DAMNIT!!!)

Earandel Senessa: [Talk] *troll
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PostAuthor: Hylia » Wed May 19, 2004 7:28 pm

Hylia Manchion: I just do not trust that cow.

Cow: *moo?* *turns head, confused*

Saphron Shadows: *leans back on the fence* see it's happy
aww you don't have to be jealous.

Saphron Shadows: u're still my girl *smiles*

Hylia Manchion: Why would I be jealous of... that?!

Hylia Manchion: *stabs a finger towards the cow*

Cow: *hurt moo*
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A little event in the mines.

PostAuthor: KilrathiSly » Thu May 20, 2004 1:39 am

While exploring the mines, Finrod Meneldur suddenly turns into a wererat to the other party's dismay.

It was a great RP session, here a bit of it that I think was the funniest.

Finrod Meneldur
*eats some part of the leg*

He changed in the heat of battle.
Interesting to watch.

Finrod Meneldur
*crumch.. miam* *eyes everyone defiantly, protecting his meal*

Madon Dethrune
I don't want it

Dala Wennen
*pats the wolf on the head* He's got a taste for ya, rat.

Finrod Meneldur
*miaaaaargh* *eyes wolf*

Dala Wennen
Best t' keep movin'
Not that way!

Finrod Meneldur
*bares teeth* EEEK HEEEK
*looks around confused*

Dala Wennen
Next time 'e turns back, we got t' tie 's feet together.

Madon Dethrune
anyone have any food?

Finrod Meneldur
*tries to get some part of the other leg and quickly retreats with it*

I guess it must be hungry.

Finrod Meneldur
*miam* *marghmmm*

Dala Wennen
'course 't 's hungry. Just lucky there's some meat t' eat around here that's not us.

Madon Dethrune
Think I am going to be sick
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PostAuthor: Vanor » Thu Jun 17, 2004 5:31 pm

*bump for the new people around here. :)*
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PostAuthor: InfiniteAspirations » Thu Jun 17, 2004 11:13 pm

Found a few quotes I had from a while ago:

(This takes place outside the forest of Midnight in Elysia. The warrior maidens are discussing battle plans while my character - a wizard - is glancing over his spellbook memorizing his spells.
Alittle time beforehand, Lafreth heard of a certain 'rumor' pertaining to the maidens in town)

*ignores the rest of the combat dialogue*

Salia Kelm: they are then in position to support in any capacity in either direction.

Lafreth Theoalideth: *raises an eyebrow*

(This one was during a DM event where a fire elemental gate was opened. Then one fire elemental closed the gate but was stuck on our side. He was setting everything around him on fire. So, when someone mentioned word that there was a portal to the elemental planes to the far north, Lafreth decides not to let it put the whole T'Nanshi forest on fire.)

Lafreth Theoalideth: *points behind the elemental* Or we could....

*Lafreth slays the elemental with a finger of death*

(random people make funny comments)

*DM heals the elemental*

Fire Elemental (silk): *looks pissed off*

Lafreth Theoalideth: *frozen with shock*

Fire Elemental (silk): So, where is this portal?

Other person (forgot): This way!

*Fire Elemental follows the other person and ignites the road to mikona on the way*

Lafreth Theoalideth: *still shocked* (and is standing in that same area alone for a couple of minutes)

(A group of people meet at Zvidureth and do the normal greeting rituals. Two in this group are dwarves from the clan Bouldershoulder.)

Ballisa Bouldershoulder: Brother, do not be so rude. Please introduce yourself.

(after 5 RL minutes of awkward silence)

Fifur Bouldershoulder: me fifur
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PostAuthor: Brian Deville » Fri Jun 18, 2004 4:34 pm

Well this is actually a quote involving reversed metagaming but made me laugh a lot:

"One should not live a life of illusion." as said by Lady Eldraea, cleric of O'ma.

I wonder what we all do in front of our pcs... *grin*
Brian de Ville, Paladin

Brian Deville
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PostAuthor: Vroshgrak » Fri Jun 18, 2004 5:31 pm

Vroshgrak Treesitter: Theys no hurt you Laf, but yous no very goods hurt them either!

Lafreth Theoalideth: I was contemplating taking out the sword

Vroshgrak Treesitter: [Party] Did you hear that guys *The Sword*

Sammuel Valorian: The sword?

Last night in the Orc Caves, Lafreth began to think he was a Toranite :D
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PostAuthor: WrathOG777 » Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:17 pm

Tiras Japheth
We only did the right thing.


[Shout] The world quivers for a moment. You get the sinking feeling that something very bad just happened...

That is my opinion, not nessasarily anyone else's opinon, might just be, but that would be a coincodence, and damnit, sometimes the crap I write is not even my opinion either.
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PostAuthor: Lagnar Rolki » Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:38 pm

went something like this:

Lagnar Rolki: *Spits at rude dark elf*

Some dark elf pc: Ill show you! (She breathes dragonari fire on me but my copper helm is on and im a massive cons dwarf, im uninjured)

Lagnar Rolki: *Taps foot and folds arms* Want to go again? What ya waitin' for? GO ON HIT ME!

Some dark elf pc: Your not worth it I have far too much to worry about than to deal with you. (she runs off)

Lagnar Rolki
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PostAuthor: Olaf » Fri Jul 02, 2004 11:10 am

When I was just starting out (newbie).. I met this guy who would always pretend.. that he would have a cat.. anyways.. one day I ran in to him:

Vedette: Hey blah blah!
blah blah: Hey Vedette!
Vedette: How's it going?
blah blah: It's going alright.. You know Bane? (cat)
Vedette: your cat Bane? yeah... what about her?
blah blah: She had kittens!
Vedette: *smiles* Oh she did? Where is she?
blah blah: She's right here.. see? *points to cat at feet nursing kittens*
Vedette: Oh! Your Kittens are so cute blah blah!
blah blah: My kittens!? I didn't fu#k her..
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I Thought I'd Pitch In Something...

PostAuthor: Rykoffe » Fri Jul 09, 2004 3:34 am

??????????I already checked with the speaker, and he seemed fine with it (of course, I hope at least SOMEONE thinks this is funny). I was talking about what a person can do with fire beetles, in this conversation:

My in-game text box wrote:??????????Rykoffe Neirgral: Durlag, there is a small boy in that city of Mikona, named Jerto.
??????????Durlag: Erm in not interested in small boys


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PostAuthor: Glantry » Sat Jul 10, 2004 2:07 pm

Ok, I thought this was quite amusing... Had to post a small bit of a conversation I had down in the Mikona mines.

-Hadass Gauss-
well, er, lend us your sword then...Sword *chuckles*

-Vastan Thenald-

-Black Sword-

-Hadass Gauss-
never mind...
lets see what awaits us around the corner
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PostAuthor: nonscience » Sat Jul 10, 2004 3:31 pm

My little halfling pest Chsiiri trying to figure out a recipe from a friendly Elvithrar

Elvithrar - "So, now, can you guess what is needed to brew Barkskin potions?"

Chsiiri Ren - "Hmmmm, guess some bark...and some skin?"
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PostAuthor: Grunt » Sat Jul 10, 2004 5:17 pm

Vinchance: Beavers!
Vinchance: Everyone like beavers.
Arc Kressen: That's quite the mental picture...
Arc Kressen: "Death by Beaver"
Grunt N'anderthal: "he died with a beaver on his face..."

Arc Kressen (Drunk and passed out): *commences snoring*
Grunt N'anderthal: With his luck a loud dwarven parade will pass by any minute
Perum: *giggles*
Grunt N'anderthal: *watches Jax run by*
Perum: Does one count as a parade?
Grunt N'anderthal: eh...close enough

*Stepping out of a portal*
Nawen Amakiir: there he is.. *smirks* someone had to make an entrance
Fletcher Millstone: MILLSTONE! *arms held high*
Lilliana Be'letane: You're the worst, Fletcher.
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