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General discussion about Avlis

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PostAuthor: Cath » Sun Oct 19, 2003 8:33 am

This conversation is funny in itself which everybody who has tried to communicate with Vence knows... but the things he said to me...

Vence Black
Nod mudch. And doo aren'd dad baluable, eidder. *looks you over*
I mean... in de slums, de lod ob doo ((still haven't figured that one out :lol: ))

more than you can afford I assure you

Vence Black
I don'd dink doo'd be more dan a dousand gold

Vence Black
More dan I can abbord?
Ib I wanded do buy doo
Bud, 'o owns doo?

At that time I wasn't sure who I was more angry at - Vence who called me cheap and actually asked who owned me or my beloved boyfriend who stood there and said nothing...grrrrr
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PostAuthor: Arcsylver » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:23 pm

Well do to the recent events I think this one now qualifies as a now infamous quote for Avlis.

"We hereby claim this area in the name of the M'Chekan Military!"
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PostAuthor: Reinstag » Sun Oct 19, 2003 9:29 pm

In a couple of PMs:
so... how exactly did you die in Ferrell?

I didn't think any of the spawns I placed recently were that difficult... if you think there is something out of whack, let me know.

Other than the giant halfling doors, that is.. I already know about that..

Fishing accident.
Thankfully, my dad had a stroke. - Unnamed Hostess
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PostAuthor: keikobad » Sun Oct 19, 2003 10:44 pm

Arcsylver wrote:Well do to the recent events I think this one now qualifies as a now infamous quote for Avlis.

"We hereby claim this area in the name of the M'Chekan Military!"

There were way better ones:

*Roland Barre starts buffing Heldor*
Heldor: *Allows the power of Toran to enter*

Drake Devilin: I am sorry you were made a victim
Drake Devilin: Please take this a a werrguld
Vanyankaya del'Trion: [Whisper] What's a werrguld?

Gundle BoulderShoulder: Umm ow come none o me elf friends are dere?
Roland Barre : They met an untimely end as a result of their membership in the T'nanshi Army

Drake Devilin:We have taken this stregic objective
Aqua Holyana: Strategic objective. hmm
Aqua Holyana: How many elves have you killed today ?
Gundle BoulderShoulder: Good question.
Drake Devilin: mad'am, how many men have they slain of mine?
Gundle BoulderShoulder: Bah!
Drake Devilin: bah?

Drake Devilin: *looks sad and holds a hankerchief*
Aqua Holyana: You killed my family *cries*
Drake Devilin: I did no such thing
Aqua Holyana: *falls on her knees*
Drake Devilin: *goes down to her level*
Vanyankaya del'Trion: [Party] holy shit guys this is war ya know

Sereg'wethrin Amandil: [Talk] Li!! Agggggg! *gurgle*

[Name Withheld]: [Party] I'm in the Abyss but don't tell anyone, its a secret

Contest entry for the most misguidedly hopeful assessment of a miltary invasion ever:
Drake Devilin: [Party] dude, the Tannshi just allied with the Sereg
Roland Barre : [Party] that will make for a good news bulletin

Jake Bentsen: I..await instructions..from anyone
Vanyankaya del?Trion: I await beer
Vanyankaya del?Trion: from anyone
Vanyankaya del?Trion: and a footrub
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PostAuthor: maelwydd » Sun Oct 19, 2003 11:39 pm

Was doing a little portal hopping in the temple of Ptah!

Laen Toile: - Which portal shall we take next?
Yolanda Merryweather: - Shall we try the one in the bottom?
Jack Night: - Yolanda! Please!

Toilet humor but I thought it was funny.
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STEAL vs the master of the WAY!

PostAuthor: WrathOG777 » Sat Oct 25, 2003 4:43 pm

Master of the Way
Become strong, and yet become gentle.
Become wise, and yet do not rely on your own wisdom.

Yolanda Merryweather
Want to join me there?

Awww you came to listen to the "wiseman"

Master of the Way
Become great, and yet become humble.
Become filled with imagination and dreams, and yet do not forget the world.
Become as a skillful warrior, and yet become peaceful.

Tiras Japheth
hey look!

Ayren Milen
Sure, why not.

Gharoonn Crushfangs
He wise?

Master of the Way
Become ancient, and yet do not lose your childhood.

Tiras Japheth
we meet again arleady!

Ayren Milen
Oh hell.

Gharoonn Crushfangs

Ha! your wrong!

Yolanda Merryweather
Hmpf. Master.

Tiras Japheth
yeah, that guy is full of it.

Purple and yellow, how ugly

Master of the Way
Joy comes through suffering.
Freedom comes through discipline.
Glory comes through humility.

Gharoonn Crushfangs
No hair. Strange hunnnan.

Master of the Way
Security comes through letting go.

I bet he wouldnt taste good

Master of the Way
Life comes through death.

Tiras Japheth
Never heard so much propaganda out of one mouth before in my life.

Master of the Way
This is the order of the Way.
The rock, the foundation, the origin of all. A state of being eternal and changeless.

Unlike that piggy

Gharoonn Crushfangs
Nnne hear sonnnething again.

Yolanda Merryweather
I think you better leave.

Master of the Way
Become as a little child, but do not become childish.

*eyes the pig carefully*

Master of the Way
Become loving, and yet become firm.
Become strong, and yet become gentle.
Become wise, and yet do not rely on your own wisdom.

Tiras Japheth
know Freedom!

Master of the Way
Become great, and yet become humble.
Become filled with imagination and dreams, and yet do not forget the world.
Become as a skillful warrior, and yet become peaceful.

Tiras Japheth
Walk your own path!

Gharoonn Crushfangs
Nnnage! Nnne hear it again.

Yolanda Merryweather
These brothers and sisters don't take kindly to that mockery.

Master of the Way
A journey is a long voyage that leads home.

Tiras Japheth
donot let this man tell you hwat is right for you!

Gharoonn Crushfangs
Hide here

*in a pompous voice* Act like a bragart!

Master of the Way
Childlike faith meets testing and fire and new experiences, that it may become childlike faith.
Profound insight, and great learning, lead to hearing the simple words, 'The Way is all', and trusting them.

Tiras Japheth
trust your own soul!

Master of the Way
The Alpha is the Omega; the First is the Last; the Beginning is the End.

Tiras Japheth
You are worth it!

Master of the Way
All good things come through the Way; all good things return through the Way.
This is the order of the Way.
Do you wish to see twistedness and depravity beyond belief?
Look within.

Tiras Japheth
This man is brain washing you!

Patience young one and you will be rewarded........ WITH NOTHING

Yolanda Merryweather

Tiras Japheth

Master of the Way
Even discipline follows the path of not-doing.
Discipline does not force a square peg into a round hole; it slides a round peg into a round hole.

Ayren Milen
I'm getting a headache.

A round hole, pegs?

Tiras Japheth
Disapline is nothing more then control he has over your actions!

What the hell is he babbling about?

Ayren Milen
*Grumbles and wanders off*

Tiras Japheth
Think for yourselves!

Yolanda Merryweather
Very well

Gharoonn Crushfangs
This 'lace strange.

Go on, leave your little hole in the dirt
Find a real home

Tiras Japheth
You are free to do what you want!

Ha, another bunch of people all talk, no doing

Master of the Way
Nobody who enjoys wine takes some grape juice, throws some yeast in, and hopes that it will be ready in ten minutes.
Instead, it is carefully prepared, and stored away to rest. Years will pass before it graces a table as fine wine.
This is how a wise man is like the master of a storehouse, producing from it treasures old and new.

Tiras Japheth
just think about that. You are somebody!
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PostAuthor: Mothandric » Sat Oct 25, 2003 7:09 pm

Here's a song to the tune of "dixie" sung by one of the bards in our PnP group at a GenCon after spotting a horde of orogs:

The monsters come and I've not forgotten
Why my legs are at the bottom

Run away!
Run away!
Run away!
Run away!

Quite apt I thought... :wink:

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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Sat Oct 25, 2003 7:27 pm

Perhaps the most frustrating interrogation ever for the Ravens (names of the Ravens changed to protect the guilty), from the first night the bandits graced Avlis:

Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Hey...
Raven 1: *grunts8
Tiras Japheth: you two seem...
Tiras Japheth: less then talkative
Raven 1: Important?
Raven 2: Well Bwogs... perhaps you should tell them. *muffled*
Raven 2: Haven't heard you yet.
Raven 1: No go ahead kittle
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: *grumbles* Dont call me Bwog...
Raven 2: I'll call you whatever I wish.
Arrgh Roundhouse: Bwog be name of fat big nose
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Er... This fine fella here seems to be the er, owner of these houses her or such
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: So we'd best stay out of them... *perks up*
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Hey!
: so it was yer tenants that jumped us then?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: There's bandits in yer houses there is!
: yes you gots bad tenants here
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: And you should go smoke em out you should!
Raven 2: Aye, thanks for clearing them out for me.
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: OK; WHO HAS MY STUFF?
Raven 2: If you all wish to work in this city... you'll have to hand over some tribute..
: trib--what, taxes?
Tiras Japheth: That is a great idea!
Raven 2: Thirty percent of any takes.
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: finr, kill us and rob us... great.. fine neighbors.
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Ah... and what do we get in return?
Arrgh Roundhouse: *sniffs Liartes*
: we're not working, we're out of work. we needs welfare monies, more likeit
Raven 2: You get to stay in Mikona.
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me not smell fruit.
Arrgh Roundhouse: We search for ripe fruit for pluck
Arrgh Roundhouse: That be what small man say
: aye, ye got a fruit orchard of some sort you charge us to pick in?
Raven 2: Fruit...
Tiras Japheth: well as soon as we earn something we will let you know
: cause there's nothing to eat here
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: And dont call me small either you big dumb oaf!
Arrgh Roundhouse: Small man say human have fruit to pluck
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me not understand
Arrgh Roundhouse: But me search fruit
Raven 1: I'm not suprised
Vence Black: *rubs the several long scratches through his armor*
: *shakes head* he good at knocking fruit, that he is
Vence Black: Are doo all okay?
Morris Snyder: *nods to Vence*
Raven 2: I don't care if you go pick fruit off of trees. I only care what you all make inside this city... namely from the homes here. Understood?
Vence Black: I goddannodder kid
: *grumbles* not a dratted cent we're making here
Vence Black: Doo are doo?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Hey, why should we do as you say? Or you'll slice us up or such?
Raven 2: Who is the leader of this rabble?
Vence Black: Wad id going on?
Raven 1: or such............... yes
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: Well, we're chasing bandits for tze guard here
Vence Black: Dad we are
: there was a dwarf captain, but he's gone
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: nothing more...
Vence Black: Dere was de odder one, doo
Raven 2: What is the dwarf's name?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Hmm... surely there would be some sort of compromise to be made here? What would we be getting from handing our hard earned loot to you?
: Crap was his name
Raven 2: Crap...
Raven 1: *groans*
Tiras Japheth: Yeah the leaders left we are still trying to regroup here.
Tiras Japheth: and jack
: Not a big one, just a small one
Arrgh Roundhouse: One-eye be strong!
Vence Black: Da
Raven 2: Which one is One-eye?
: but aye, hell of a strong crap
Raven 1: small Crap you say?
Vence Black: 'e is gone
: That's him!
Vence Black: Da
Raven 2: He is the leader?
: *nods*
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Off to get supplyes he is (ooc: logged off)
Tiras Japheth: I thought jack was the captin?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: With Jack that is
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me not know
Vence Black: I don'd even know wad is going on
Tiras Japheth: well one of them two
: Jack was Crap's boss, but Crap was the leader, but Jack wasn't our boss
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me be grunt of crew
Raven 2: Well which one is it?! Jack or One-eye?
Vence Black: Neider
: It's Crap I tell you
Vence Black: It wad Sdeve
Arrgh Roundhouse: *scratches head*
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me be very confused.
Raven 2: Steve? I saw him outside the gates. Where is he now?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Jack claims to be cap'n, but Crap's the one usually telling us what to do
: well we needs a new leader now for sure
Vence Black: 'e is gone doo
Arrgh Roundhouse: Where we find fruit?
Raven 2: Blast!
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: *kicks Arrgh*
Vence Black: 'e didn'd ged da chance do dell dem, I guess
Vence Black: Sorry
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: No more fruit
Tiras Japheth: Well, we will keep in touch. Help you how we can.
Arrgh Roundhouse: Beer?
Raven 1: Ok SOMEONE pick a leader
Vence Black: We were jud going do go
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: We'll get fruit later, and ale
Tiras Japheth: Me
Arrgh Roundhouse: Hurrah!
Vence Black: Da
Tiras Japheth: I will be a leader.
: Maybe YOU should pick a leader for us--that's an idea!
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: And me!
Raven 2: Alright, mage.
Tiras Japheth: what can I do for you.
Raven 2: Your name.
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me name be Arrgh!
Tiras Japheth: I am tiras, brawling mage
Arrgh Roundhouse: But me not mage
Vence Black: I'm Vence
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Okay he's the leader
Raven 1: What we'll do is called dissemination of information
Raven 2: I'll hold you accountable, Tiras. Thirty percent of anything this group makes inside the city, is to be handed over to anyone dressed as I.
: oo, where can I buy clothes like that?
Raven 2: *ignores him*
Raven 2: Understood?
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: well, if me be chopping wood and making shield, me gotta hand that over too? Yer loony
Raven 1: Quiet over there gnome
Vence Black: Dad sounds good
Tiras Japheth: And what can that same person do for us?
Arrgh Roundhouse: Buy clothes for naked mage?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Yea! We demand something in return!
Raven 2: No, not what you make...legally.
: well, now, what else would we be making *looks indignant*
Raven 2: In return, we allow you to work in Mikona...
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Allow?
Raven 2: That's right.
Raven 1: it means we'll leave you alone
Arrgh Roundhouse: *shrugs*
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: I KNEW we should have shot this town apart!
: are you saying we look, thieves?
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me want fruit.
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: well, I dunno what ye have.. so far it was all legal what we did..
Vence Black: Me doo
Tiras Japheth: You got to do something? offer some assitance, or service for a price?
Droim Pesenderash the Rhymesmith: we searched for bandits, found e, that was it.
: *sputters* we're bandit hunters!
Vence Black: Da
: Thieves, the nerve
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: *grumbles* reduced it to rubble we should! Blasted it apart!
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Ah!
Raven 2: Right. I heard your conversation in the Hang Brains, you dolts.
Arrgh Roundhouse: Lady, you pretty?
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: That's right! The captain hired us to hunt bandits he did
Raven 1: shut your hole and listen
: right you are
Vence Black: Da, she is
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me not know city way.
Arrgh Roundhouse: If me city, pretty lady bring drink, right?
Arrgh Roundhouse: *sit
Raven 2: Just tell me if you understand the rule, Tiras.
Tiras Japheth: I understand
Arrgh Roundhouse: That be how city works
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: He did offer to pay us he did, but if we're to give some of that money to you, honest money at that, we'd have to bring it up with him we would
Arrgh Roundhouse: Sit, pretty lady bring drink
Raven 2: I don't want your 'honest' money.
Tiras Japheth: we donot bring things up
: he called us thieves, that's all he wants us to be
Tiras Japheth: bringing things up only causes trouble
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Ah, well in that case
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me not thief!
: so be a thief, humor him
Vence Black: Da. 'e makes more money dad way
Arrgh Roundhouse: Me a mighty pirate!
Arrgh Roundhouse: HARR!
Tiras Japheth: We can handle our own problems.
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Well naturally we dont intend to get any dishonest money, so then we're clear!
Raven 2: At any rate, I'm pleased you understand Tiras. I'm holding you accountable for this group. You will all be watched inside the walls.
Vence Black: By doo?
Tiras Japheth: Brothers. The witnesses please.
Raven 2: Good eve.
Arrgh Roundhouse: *taps Sili on the shoulder* Lady, where drink?
Vence Black: *cracks his knuckles idly*
Raven 1: Yes
Vence Black: Da
Vence Black: Doo doo
Raven 1: I changed my mind
Morris Snyder: I figured
Berrywog Balthazar Derrinholme Vergo the Third: Urg... my sealegs havent quite adjusted to landlife yet
Tiras Japheth: This is lady in black and man in black
Raven 1: good enough
Tiras Japheth: pleasent to meet you
Tiras Japheth: So about services
Tiras Japheth: Are you by chance a reseller of goods?
Raven 2: My memory's a bit fuzzy... but were attempting to cast something at me?
Tiras Japheth: no, it was them pesky nosy folks.
Tiras Japheth: they gone now.
Raven 2: Nosy folks...
: *clears throat*
Tiras Japheth: yes, always snooping around listening.
Raven 2: I distinctly saw you waving your hands and chanting.
Tiras Japheth: thinking they can just stand there and will not be noticed.
Tiras Japheth: sure was.
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PostAuthor: Vanor » Mon Oct 27, 2003 6:56 pm

Fighting fire giants. Timo: "Look at me when I'm slapping you"
Fighting most anything. Timo or Delen: "I'm going to slap the stupid out of of you."
After knocking down and killing a Vampire mage in the Forest of Midnight. Delen: "And stay down... Bitch"
Fighting anything. Timo, Delen or Kima: "Yarrr!"
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PostAuthor: Vergilius » Tue Oct 28, 2003 6:16 am

two scenes from recent play:

E'Hfemie N'Hatalie: oh, the only ones not trying to stick a spear in me are usually trying to seal my mouth shut

Emilia: oh a diamond!
Wyldrik:This one's I will take.
Eloryn : Wow.. a diamond!
Emilia: yes a diamond
Emilia: a very pretty diamond too
Eloryn: that's a find
Emilia: want to see ?
Wyldrik:Impressive that one so foul should have acquired one.
Emilia: see?
Emilia: *lifts up pretty diamond*
Eloryn: Ooh...very pretty.
Eloryn: How'd a troll end up with that?
Wyldrik: *chuckles quietly* If there were any doubts in my mind as to your genders, they would be removed at this point.

both of these gave me a good laugh, enjoy.

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PostAuthor: Actually » Wed Oct 29, 2003 6:50 am

Agatha: Yes, Timo. He was that fellow I was speaking to last night.

Gryphon: Oh right. The well dressed gentleman.

Jerry: Oh! SURE! HE'S the well dressed gentleman! Never mind old JERRY who's standing RIGHT HERE.

Gryphon: Err, sorry friend. *chuckles*

Jerry: I've got more clothes than he's got Kima-hand-shaped marks on his buttocks!

Bye Now,
Jerry Cornelius - If Gorethar had been drinking milk right then, it totally would have come out his nose.
Everything I need to know in life, I learned from being an alcoholic.

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PostAuthor: Nob » Tue Nov 04, 2003 1:52 am

Very painful end to a very strange duel...

Vichan Marndry: you're right at the level of my dick dwarf... perhaps you'd like to wrap your lips around it!
Vichan Marndry: *wiggles his member at him
Fignar Fellhammer: *cuts it off*
Vichan Marndry: my manhood!
Crunk Steelcaster: now that was just foul
Xaros Alkimin: Are all followers of Maleki this dimwitted?
Daravian Nilya: my goodness... he removed his manhood!
Vichan Marndry: *grabs his crotch in pain
Sarrena Sunflower: thats jsut nasty
Vichan Marndry: you pieace of shit
Fignar Fellhammer: Dinnae let him near me, I'll do murder, I swear it... *grinds offending memeber into paste with heel of boot*
Sarrena Sunflower: both of you enough
Daravian Nilya: *throws up at sight of the removed member
Timo Karr: *cringes in sympathy*
Vichan Marndry: God no
Fignar Fellhammer: Now git.
Ayren Milen: *Takes a step back and crings*
Sarrena Sunflower: ..eeewww....
Vichan Marndry: *passed out in pain
Ayren Milen: Can a cleric please help him?
Fignar Fellhammer: If here's still here when I come back, I'll no be responsible.
Vichan Marndry: *convulses uncontrollably
Fignar Fellhammer: *muttering darkly in dwarven*
Crunk Steelcaster: um any clerics?
Sarrena Sunflower: thats nasty.....
Sarrena Sunflower: jsut... ewww....
Vichan Marndry: my penis where is it
Isis Shadowbear: You think you can find a cleric that wants to put that back on?
Agatha Dane: He looks to be in shock
Daravian Nilya: Are...are you alright?
Vichan Marndry: he stole my steel
Vichan Marndry: that dwarf took my shield!
Daravian Nilya: and your manhood
Timo Karr: I'de worry about my crushed dick...
Ayren Milen: *Nods slowly*
Hylia Manchion: *mutters something*
Vichan Marndry: *picks up his mangled penis
Vichan Marndry: to my temple
Daravian Nilya: oh my.... *throws up again*
Crunk Steelcaster: i'd swear i was watchin a bunch of orcs
Tahni Soulsinger: *grins*
Ayren Milen: *Shudders*
Daravian Nilya: That was horrible... just horrible!!!
Sarrena Sunflower: well... my appitite is gone for a few weeks....
Ayren Milen: Strictly salads for me for a bit.
Tahni Soulsinger: no one for a sausage then?
Timo Karr: I hear the Noble Flair is having a special on sausages..
Daravian Nilya: OH no... oh no.... *dry heaves*
Sarrena Sunflower: Salad sounds pretty good... maybe an apple....
Daravian Nilya: please... please.. no sausage jokes
Sarrena Sunflower: no meat for a bit

And Later...
Sarrena Sunflower: wierd day...
Ayren Milen: Very disturbing day.
Sarrena Sunflower: yeah.... its bed time for me...
Ayren Milen: But then again...a very typical day in Mikona.
Sarrena Sunflower: no more wierdness...
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PostAuthor: Demandred » Mon Nov 10, 2003 5:32 pm

Halvar Yanocen :I'm a priest of Forian, the lord of mental health. I assure you I'm quite sane

Jade :Forian would not know Mental health if it hit him on the head..
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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Sun Nov 16, 2003 3:12 am

Two from tonight:

(on the path to Mikona)

Vence Black: *froths*
Tiras Japheth: hehe
Vence Black: *froth falls on ground*
Aaron Bardy: I think this man needs a doctor
Roger: Im a doctor
Roger: wahts wrong
Tiras Japheth: looks fine to me
Aaron Bardy: he's frothin and fallin on the ground and speaking unintelligibly
Vence Black: *takes more drugs*
Sidthet Faelotus: thats just him
Vence Black: Wod?
Vence Black: Doo don'd like de way I dalk?
Vence Black: Ib dad id?
Sidthet Faelotus: Nobody can understand Vence

(in the T'Nanshi wilderness, right before we mugged someone)

Sidthet Faelotus

Vence Black (invisible)
Ib dad de signal?

Craps Blackbeard
s'pose so
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PostAuthor: Sarmanos » Sun Nov 16, 2003 4:55 am

Janus: what the hell ya doin?
Janus: ya followin me
Xaros Alkimin: How can I follow you if you are standing in one place?
Janus: er... dammit, don't use fancy math ta ah.. dammit, what was I sayin?
Janus: crap.
Janus: well, nver mind.
Xaros Alkimin: *Shrugs*
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PostAuthor: Vicky » Sun Nov 16, 2003 6:55 am

Anspach: I dont think that you get it... take a hike
Slade Sanneset: Hmmm? I dont see what it got to do with you guy
Slade Sanneset: Unless you can spare a few coins...
Anspach: *sighs and rolls eyes* she is my friend
Tehenen: *shakes head* If I believed you really needed help I would offer it willingly, but ale... *puts hand lightly on Slades arm*
Anspach: why don't you piss off
Slade Sanneset: Nah .. youre just trying to get inside her pants eh?
Anspach: you are about to make me mad
Tehenen: *looks completely shocked* I am a girl you idiot!
Slade Sanneset:I know *grin* Im sure the other guy knows too
Slade Sanneset: making you mad a bad thing?
Tehenen: Anspach, let's leave. Now.
Anspach: only if you like breathing.
Thank goodness Vicky finally gave up that powergamer character, Tehenen. If I saw her one more time at the Ice Caves, I was gonna throw up! Jesus. To go from level 1 to 5 in 8 months is just ridiculous. I bet she has like 4200 gold too. Unbelievable how fast she was gaining levels and wealth. ;)
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PostAuthor: Flakey » Sun Nov 16, 2003 5:55 pm

Tehenen *licks the end of her men thoughtfully*

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PostAuthor: Cougar » Tue Nov 18, 2003 3:13 pm

Takes place just outside of the Mikona Gates:

Timo Karr: Some tomes mention the Sereg as far back as recorded time.
Ayren Milen: Hmm...
Ayren Milen: But the Sereg are named after Dragonari elven...
Timo Karr: Others claim that the ones we see today are merely using the name.
Agatha Dane: You know they are made, kinda like a magic sword....
Ayren Milen: And Angadar wasn't exactly one of the Great Nine Creators...
Kathea Nyht: My ... did I miss another party Timo?
Timo Karr: *to Agatha* Only the Nwalmaer are.
Agatha Dane: I was told they all are
Timo Karr: *grins to Kath* We both did from what I hear.
Ayren Milen: I looked up Dragonari Elven...
Ayren Milen: *Tosses Timo a small notebook*
Kathea Nyht: *smirks* Yes I hear I missed at least three recently
Timo Karr: *catches it and opens it up, reading it*
Agatha Dane: Except the real lowly ones, those the magic doesn't take too, They are rejects...
Ayren Milen: It's a list of phrases and words from a land called Faerun.
Ayren Milen: Or something like that.
Ayren Milen: I don't know the exact name...
Agatha Dane: That was quick!
Timo Karr: *nods* Faerun was connected to Mythos in some way.
Kathea Nyht: *nods to Llyshra*
Llyshra: i cant get far
Ayren Milen: Took a bit of digging...the language they use is the rough root of Dragonari Elven..
Ayren Milen: Angadar was apparently from that plane.
Timo Karr: I had read something like that somewhere.
Timo Karr: Not the exact name though
Kathea Nyht: *pretends she has a clue as to what the hell the men are talking about*
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PostAuthor: 4x4_Ender » Fri Nov 21, 2003 5:23 am

Here is a funny one that happened after my alt char Kitiara (a very evil character) and Jorio had a little disagreement after a sereg encounter in Mikona where he killed my summon. This quote is from after that conflict when I poke a little fun at Jorio. 8)

Roland Barre: Loerel'thyn, would you accompany us to a safer location?

Sereg'wethrin Nwalmaer: I don't understand it

Sereg'wethrin Nwalmaer: yes

Xaros Alkimin: Well nothing is perfect

Jorio Alerian: I shall take his rear

Roland Barre: *nods*

Kitiara Maelstrom: *laughs as jorio* I bet you will...

Dred-Nar Deepdelve: Bah, let the elf be. Hasn't he suffered enough?

Jorio Alerian: lets get serious

Xaros Alkimin: I suppose if you create enough Nwalmaer one is bound to eventually resist in some form. Law of averages

Terho Bootneck: mind yer tongue lass
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PostAuthor: Emprod » Fri Nov 21, 2003 6:16 am

The long awaited answer to our prayers :

Jorio Alerian: Did you discover any weaknesses the Sereg had?
Sereg'wethrin Nwalmaer: Chocolate bon bons

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PostAuthor: Garand » Fri Nov 21, 2003 10:06 am

Here's a couple I'm rather proud of ...

Upon Portalling in from a long trek across the Wilderness:

Gorm Firehand: Ahh ... Elysia ... th'beautiful faery city o'angst.

And another conversation a little later ...

Gorm: Ye ever sat in on one o'them Order o'Dre'ana meetings?
Tuon: No, you?
Gorm: Aye, wanted t'chew me foot off like a trapped fox.
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Who is on First? Avlis Style.

PostAuthor: Nob » Wed Nov 26, 2003 3:41 am

Hizz Nezz: whatsss with the Crowd
Sarrena Sunflower: hiya Dragon guy
Hizz Nezz: *looks around for a dragon guy*
Sarrena Sunflower: I mean you silly
Hizz Nezz: oh me..well i guess it's a first for everything
Melissa Sunkin: *nods*
Hizz Nezz: i am Hizz
Sarrena Sunflower: I'm Sarrena
Ayren Milen: Whose?
Ayren Milen: *Points to the black clad commoner" His?
Ayren Milen: *Points to the beggar* Or maybe his?
Sarrena Sunflower: I think the Dragon man means his NAME is Hizz
Ayren Milen: Of course his name is his, Sarrena. Who else could his name belong to?
Sarrena Sunflower: cause he didn't point at anyone when he said it
Hizz Nezz: hm..indeed
Llyshra: *blank look*
Sarrena Sunflower: *grins* males are the most natural of smart-asses aren't they
Melissa Sunkin: just this one
Ayren Milen: So what's his name?
Sarrena Sunflower: His
Ayren Milen: No, I'm not asking his name...I'm asking his name.
Sarrena Sunflower: Who's?
Ayren Milen: His. *Points to Hizz*
Sarrena Sunflower: thats his
Llyshra: His who?
Ayren Milen: That's who's name?
Sarrena Sunflower: he's his
Hizz Nezz: yesss me
Ayren Milen: Of course he's his! He's not a slave is he?
Sarrena Sunflower: no! he's Hizz
Llyshra: slaves?
Ayren Milen: Right of course he's his...but what's his name?
Agatha Dane: *looks around completely confised*
Llyshra: whos got slaves?
Sarrena Sunflower: Hizz damnit *grins*
Melissa Sunkin: I'm going to dispel your brain in a minute
Sarrena Sunflower: call him greeny
Ayren Milen: So his name is Hizz?
Sarrena Sunflower: yes
Sarrena Sunflower: his name is Hizz
Ayren Milen: Right, but is that really his name?
Ayren Milen: Is Hizz name really his?
Sarrena Sunflower: lets not ask his last name.. it's likely who
Ayren Milen: Who's name?
Sarrena Sunflower: Hizz
Melissa Sunkin: oh for Mikons' sake
Ayren Milen: His name is who?
Sarrena Sunflower: Who's name is Who?
Llyshra: I just wanna know one thing?
Sarrena Sunflower: What?
Hizz Nezz: ill leave to meke thinsss eassy for your puny human Brain...Bye
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PostAuthor: KinX » Wed Nov 26, 2003 4:14 pm

Kharak: Tell me why ye've chosen t' follow th' Battle Lord.

Lelik (a halfling): when i was small i dreamt of Gorethar and chose to follow his teachings

Kharak: yer still small.
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PostAuthor: Heronimous Fox » Wed Nov 26, 2003 4:50 pm

*Names omitted for legal reasons*

human cleric "eat me"
orc *licks tusks* ......sound of chopping noises
human cleric "why did you kill me"
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PostAuthor: Xeo » Wed Nov 26, 2003 5:05 pm


a toad

that ws a ACE film quote...............
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