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Player Quotes Needed

General discussion about Avlis

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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: gutemensch » Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:47 pm

Nawen Amakiir (not you but me)

Rade (Selunae)
You somehow managed to look more casual than usual.

Nawen Amakiir (not you but me)
well I was very casual a few moments ago

:anmachen: :anmachen: :anmachen:
Don't come a knocking at Drakehall that late
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Re: Player Quotes Needed

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:27 am



Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Here we are!
Tannar: whats here?
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] We have approached the boarders of T"Nanshi and are about ready to enter the cursed forest of Midnight!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] A whole lotta undead dat's what.
Tannar: oh....
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] We will face undead and all that is evil!
Slide Toefungus: [Tell] and run away. :+)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] FEAT has a strong suggestion for dealing with this terror!
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Tell] RETREAT!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Wuzzat?
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] Bash em!
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Run away!
[Sun Jan 14 21:54:28] Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Stick together! And don't go in the water!
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] that too!
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] GO FEAT!

[Sun Jan 14 21:59:11] Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] um
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 16 (16 Negative Energy)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] STop..
Slide Toefungus uses Essense of Power
Someone damages Grimly Axefingler: 12 (12 Negative Energy)
[Sun Jan 14 21:59:18] Top Down Camera Activated
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 13 (13 Negative Energy)
Someone damages Logan Krowin: 11 (11 Negative Energy)
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani shakes head*
Slide Toefungus: [Party] Which part of don't go in da water didn't ya get?
Logan Krowin uses Potion of Lesser Restoration
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani snorts*
Grimly Axefingler: [Party] i wus followin tha leader!
Logan Krowin: [Party] well found that out the hard way...stay on the path huh?
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] *Malulani laughs*
Slide Toefungus: [Party] DON'T GO IN DA WATER!
Malulani jael MacMurray: [Party] Well it's not a real FEATing until somebody dies.
Logan Krowin: [Party] eghads I hope not
[Sun Jan 14 22:02:42] Logan Krowin: [Party] Yea not to bad....*nearly died*
[Sun Jan 14 22:07:39] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:16:52] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:29:49] Logan Krowin damages Logan Krowin: 1 (1 Divine)
[Sun Jan 14 22:41:09] Vampire killed Logan Krowin

[Sun Jan 14 22:44:57] Slide Toefungus: [Party] WEll, It's an official FEAT trip now.


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