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Sarm's Unofficial Treecity Override Hak

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Sarm's Unofficial Treecity Override Hak

PostAuthor: Sarmanos » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:56 pm

So years and years ago I got tired of how ugly the tree city tileset used on Le'Or looked. Long story short I went and replaced all the textures. Some I made myself by overlaying different textures like the wood floor with greenery and the tree bark cliffs with the fade to black. Others I just pulled from the standard forest tileset or some variation of it. Since the new vault is around now, I have a place to upload it so here it is.

Before the link though, some notes.

First, this hak is not official or endorsed at this time. It doesn't run afoul of any rules I am aware of though since people have used visual overrides for years with no problem, so it should be fine. Second, this is only a texture replacement. It does not fix or change any geometry or any possible tileset bugs that already exist. Finally, it does substantially change the look of the tileset visually. It has never come up in the game for me, but it is something you'll need to remember if it does. For most people, it will still look like the standard tileset in all its brown blurry glory.

How to install:

First back up your avlis_tilet1_v1.hak file to a separate location. Once this is done simply extract the new hak into your NWN hak folder and replace the old file, log into Avlis, and play.

The file: Unofficial Avlis Custom Treecity Override

Larger versions of the screenshots on the file page

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Re: Sarm's Unofficial Treecity Override Hak

PostAuthor: Commander Morgan » Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:50 am

Well, I'm a fan! Thanks for this - it gives a much nicer feel to the treetops now. Very impressed with the colours too, really helps out my old eyes. That and Gorgon's red-topped loot bags really makes spotting all the drops so much easier.

And Leor looks wooden again now... not all one colour brown. :)

I couldn't find the "like" button for your post, but thanks again!

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