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Do you want to help make Avlis better?

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Do you want to help make Avlis better?

PostAuthor: Gorgon » Mon Sep 25, 2017 5:08 am

I've been on a bit of a rampage lately in our Avlis IRC and Discord chat stuff (clicky the "Chat With Us Now!" thing on the sidebar), bugging people to help with everything Avlis here.

There's a big topic about how Avlis Needs You! as a news thing, but it doesn't get bumped as often as I'd like (daily! :mrgreen: )...

If you have any special skills, or maybe want to learn some, why not apply for one of the things in that topic? QA testing is a good way to get in the door, learning how we do stuff before moving on to more, and best of all, it has the easiest requirements. Do you know how to play on Avlis? How's that for a special skill requirement? :P

I'm sounding like an army recruitment poster, so come bug any of us in those chat links if you have any questions. We don't bite. :megagrin:
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