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DM for hire, 2016 edition

General discussion about Avlis

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DM for hire, 2016 edition

PostAuthor: Jazz » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:29 am

If you have something in mind and you would like a DM (=me) to help you achieve this in a one-shot session of a few hours, you can PM me with the details.
If I like it and think it's within my abilities to run it well enough for you, I'll take it!
I do reserve the right to turn down any suggestion without naming the reason.

Also, I'm a lazy man, so please be specific about what you have in mind and what it is you expect from me. I'll fill in the details, but I can't come up with a dozen well thought out events, so you better do some of the thinking for me. :wink:

This can be for 1 PC, for a group, an order, all fine with me.
Just keep the requests reasonable, unless you are the RPer of the Century, I'm not going to run an event to give you boots of speed or let you rename Elysia to your PC's nickname. Or steal Isamu & Isadora's kid. Because there isn't one... yet.
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Re: DM for hire, 2016 edition

PostAuthor: Eef » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:18 am

Shame, Oorlysia has such a nice ring to it...
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