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Know any IG Dungeons? We need your help! (Wiki it!)

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Know any IG Dungeons? We need your help! (Wiki it!)

PostAuthor: Jazz » Mon Mar 14, 2016 2:58 pm

On our Wiki is a list of (well known) dungeons, sorted by server. It was almost empty. So, I filled in a lot of the list and added some dungeons, but the list is not nearly complete and it also might need some fine-tuning regarding levels.

You can find the list here:

So, here's my request to you:
- fill in the blanks
- fine-tune (levels)
- remove possible double dungeons

Contribute! :D
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Re: Know any IG Dungeons? We need your help! (Wiki it!)

PostAuthor: DarknessFallsLight » Mon Mar 14, 2016 9:20 pm

Anything is a dungeon if you are evil enough...
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Re: Know any IG Dungeons? We need your help! (Wiki it!)

PostAuthor: Gorgon » Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:37 am

Deglos got some updating of places I know, though don't ask me about level ranges or how many transitions, since the caravans make those relative. I could probably do it as a with and without caravan thing. I'll have to double check for quests when I start doing regular event trips next month (hopefully as a much softer Smeec... Deglos will get its revenge :twisted: ).

I also added the original guidelines from the Definitive List of Dungeons, slightly tweaked for the wiki version. If you want to edit them a bit Jazz, its your baby now. :wink:

*edits* By the way, does anyone know what "Beaum" is in "Beaum ciob Nanshi Urbaz"? I spent a while going through all my notes and the languages (Dwergen and even others), but couldn't find it. Some guesses from IRC were further, more, higher or even outside, since "ciob" is above. If you know, feel free to PM me, rather than clutter this up.
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