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PostAuthor: Gorgon » Thu Mar 10, 2016 8:54 am

All the new and returning players may have noticed the random gallery pictures in the forum sidebar now. You can upload any new (or old!) screenshots to your own gallery (or the "DM Events" and "Player Artwork" ones), and they will also show up there now and then. I think it favors new images a bit, so they get shown to everyone soon after you add them. You'll have to convert them from .tga to something it will allow, but there are lots of free programs for that (Allowed file types are .jpg, .gif and .png, and max sizes are File size: 500 KB, Image width: 1280, Image height: 1024).

Just click on one of the Gallery links, and you can browse all of the ones people have uploaded so far, or add your own album in your user control panel, under the Gallery tab (or click Your Personal Album, and it takes you there if you don't have one).

I'm sure we'd all love to see some of the screenshots you have from the old days, and anything else Avlis related you want to toss in. 8-)
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