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Player Event Ideas

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Player Event Ideas

PostAuthor: Isadora » Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:20 pm

I'm bouncing around some ideas in my head for events players can create for other players to do without, or with very minimal assistance from DMs. DMs can come bug us if they like since they know where we'll all be 8-)

Ideally I want events that don't require any one player or character to run or initiate. Anyone can start them or pick up the trend as they choose. A regular schedule on the calendar is always nice, but so are impromptu events.

So far:
Weekly Pit Fight- Either one pit one server, or rotating through the servers. Both mage dueling and sparring. Or mage on sparr. Or dueling Summons and Familiars. No prizes, just prestige, and learning how to fight other players. I don't want to create effort or responsibility on anyone except one rule: Show up. Easy, straight forward. Come, line up, fight. Each week could be a theme: Fighting Familiars, or Fighting Without Magic, or Fighting with Baubles Only.

Scavenger Hunt- Make a list, or a riddle of a list of items that can be found on a single server. Form teams and disperse. Give them 1 or 2 hours. Come back and return. Of course it would help to have a few 'guard' PCs stationed at local shops to prevent people from going and buying unique flowers. But I would try to make a really strange/difficult list.

Man Hunt- Sort of like hide and go seek, except someone is given 1 hour to hide somewhere in a server. A large group disperses. Whoever finds him first wins the man hunt- again, up to players if they want to donate a prize. Could just make a public posting saying "George Pudding won the Elysia manhunt"

Obviously these are all "winning" events that pit players against something... Prizes could help but only if they're player created. I'm thinking special wands or swords from crafters. "Winner gets 5 wands from the mage George Watermelon"

I'd like to hear more if anyone has any!
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