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Prestige Class / AMS unlocks

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Prestige Class / AMS unlocks

PostAuthor: tindertwiggy » Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:55 am

I have nothing on my dm to-do list next month, and would like to throw my efforts towards individual character progression rather than an overarching plot. Are you looking for a prestige class or AMS unlock and having trouble finding a master-level pc or a dm to do it? Shoot me a pm explaining the character and what you want to accomplish and I'll see what I can do. Personal events will be vignette style (read: only one or two events long).

I should also note that unlocks will follow the prerequisite rp and character build requirements (IE If your character wants to be a Fatespinner then you should be part of a mage order, marked with the trust, and somewhere along the Spell Focus/Greater Spell Focus/Epic Spell Focus: Divination feat path with plans to take all three feats.)

Conversely: Do you have a master-level (teacher ranked) character and are looking for someone to teach? Shoot me a pm and I'll see if you match a student.
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