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Nov Dec 2013 Financials and Info!

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Nov Dec 2013 Financials and Info!

PostAuthor: krackq » Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:12 am

Time to gather 'round for a new installment of Avlis financials! For those that are new to Avlis, welcome! As part of FOIG, Inc's mission to keep Avlis alive and running, we publish all of our financial information for the community to see. These give everyone a chance to see where our donations/subscriptions stand against our monthly bills to keep the lights on and the world running. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

This posting has some important and new information, moreso than usual, so have a quick read!

Firstly, there was a minor discrepancy with paypal and the software that I post the reports from where two donations did not show up in a previous months report that were actually there. For anyone that compares the overall balances from month to month you'll see that we actually ended up with ~$20 (18.62 after paypal takes its fees) more than was reported.. always good for us heh.

Secondly... our World Leader, TA made his state of avlis posting recently. One of the big announcements was new server hosting. Yes, we are finally relocating the servers to some dedicated hosting and letting PJ have his garage space back. By relocating, I mean, rebuilding the environment from the ground up with new servers. We were fortunate to find a dedicated provider that was running a fantastic December special on some extra dedicated hardware they had. What this means is that we will no longer have a fluctuating month to month cost for the servers. Currently, our costs rise and fall with the weather due to electricity usage with heat and ac, etc. For 2013, we paid an average of $152 or so per month for the servers. With the new hosting, we have two servers with a bit more resources than our current Beast and Vault/db server that PJ awesomely put together. The monthly cost is $153.90 for this. It is just slightly more than what we paid on average every month last year. The upsides to this are that we will have servers now in a dedicated data center. So.. guaranteed redundancy for electricity, 24x7 hardware monitoring, and all that typically comes with a data center. "But the cost is slightly higher!" you might protest. True! However, with the extra resources that come with the new servers, our end goal will be to also consolidate our web hosting to the servers. That should allow us to save most of the $59/month that we spend for our current web hosting.

There is a loose plan in place but the goal is to be transitioned by March to the new hosting. Unfortuantely this means that we will have a couple of months of overlapping costs while the environment is built. We should be ok though for this though. We also had a donation in December that covered the dedicated server cost. For continuing good news, we are currently still in the black. Subscription donations rock and we can't thank everyone enough that donates to keep this place running. Thank you again to everyone that donated these months!!

Remember, if you love the epic awesome that is Avlis and want to keep the place around as long as possible so that you can stay up all hours of the night for epic rp and cyberz adventuring, then please consider a donation!!!

Click here for a one time donation via Paypal
Click here to automatically send us $10/month via PayPal
Click here to automatically send us $20/month via PayPal

Ok, on to the details!



Thanks to everyone who contributed!!

Donations are listed differently from Subscription payments in the Income section. Subscriptions are monthly recurring and donations are usually one-time shots from the Community.

[*]The "Paypal Fees" listed is Paypal's processing fee for taking donations and subscriptions.
[*]The "Server Hosting" cost for December is slightly lower than the $153'ish. We added a couple of ip's and things needed for the servers and the provider graciously didn't charge us in December the extra $14.

Game on!
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