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Inspirations and Credits for my events

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Inspirations and Credits for my events

PostAuthor: Zonr_0 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:12 am

Sometimes I hear, watch, or play something that inspires an event or plot in my DMing. Sometimes it's just a mood or a feeling, but sometimes I like to try out a narrative style, a theme, or perhaps a quote that jumps out at me from something.

As I believe that I should give credit where credit is due, and because I figure it may be interesting for other people, this thread details some of that inspiration. I will only post things here after a plot has run its course, even if it isn't spoilery at all.

For the singer event, a lot of inspiration came from JRPG soundtracks. It wasn't anything inherent about them being JRPGs or the plots of the games the songs came from, or anything like that, they were just powerful songs with a strong vocal (but not necessarily lyrical) component. So don't worry if you're not a fan of J-Pop or dn't want to hear super bombastic final boss pieces, there are none of those here (in this installment anyway).

The song that inspired the genesis of the plot: Poem of Everyone's Soul, Reincarnation version This is a recomposed version of a song from the Persona series. The haunting and beautiful but sad soprano line with the piano underneath are what inspired the plot, and it is the sort of sound I mentally 'hear' for Liue'Sher.

For the Red Song, I envisioned the beginning of it to be something like The song of Nephilim from Xenosaga. Eery, unesettling and distinctive, but not in your face evil. For the more upbeat part, I envisioned something like Zarathustra from the same game. Although obviously this one isn't as good of a fit because of it's more instrumental nature.

The fight with the red spirits was directly inspired by One who bares fangs at god from Xenogears. The ethereal intangible quality of the instrumentation is what really inspired the location for the final encounter, with the synth voices really inspiring the battle with the spirits.

The final areas were further inspired with the track in xenosaga 3 that deliberately references the previous track. Abel's Ark Continues that theme of mystery, spirituality, and hushed reverence. This time though, the spirits aren't so much as wailing or crying out, they're chanting and observing.

Further inspiration came from my own general musical background as a baritione/tenor vocalist myself.
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