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{{HH}} - Shaelth Finale, Sat. 28th April 6pm EST, 10pm GMT.

General discussion about Avlis

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{{HH}} - Shaelth Finale, Sat. 28th April 6pm EST, 10pm GMT.

PostAuthor: Micah » Wed Apr 25, 2012 12:10 am


If you have been involved in the prep for the finale you are welcome to come. If you wonder whether or not this has been the case, PM me. If you can make it, or think you can/might, PM me as well. I want to get a preliminary headcount.


((depending on mitigating factors, such as who can come and how many, etc... I may push back the date and time. So RSVP early yea or nay so I can figure it out!))
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