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An open question about your characters

General discussion about Avlis

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: surfer69 » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:09 am

This is a full update, as a few things have changed from when he first arrived in Mikona aged nineteen.

Angus Blacksail is in his late twenties, about 5'11", brown-eyed, and lean, with slightly wavy black hair running down and behind his ears. His features and body are symmetrical, and he is either perpetually clean-shaven (highly unlikely) or just doesn't grow facial hair. He has good, clear skin, straight teeth, a strong voice, and passable posture.

The first thing somebody would notice if Angus were in his usual shirtless state is a wide, ragged, poorly healed scar running diagonally from a couple of inches below his right nipple to just over his heart.

Below that, centered on his navel, is this:


And carved vertically into the skin over the front of his right rib cage, so the words can be read when he's lying on his back, this:


Other smaller scars include the kind you'd expect from someone at ease in a brawl. Nicks above the eye, on his cheek, and so on.

He has a host of tattoos done at different times and with varying levels of skill. They appear to all have originally been black, but some display the black portions inked over in dark purple. A few are the names of ships or women (all of the latter struck through crudely to the point of destruction), but most notable are

1) a black-sailed corsair sailing over a purple ocean covering his whole back
2) a black sun rising over a purple sea with black sun-streaks across his chest
3) the symbol of Maleki tattooed at the spot where his collarbones meet
4) a black tattoo in bold, gothic script that reads "'M'CHEK FOREVER!" on the inside of his left forearm
5) one that says "NEVER SURRENDER!" in the same spot and same style on his right forearm.

His demeanor varies from cheerful to brooding, and anyone around him will definitely see that he's quick to laugh and make jokes, but also, since returning from an absence that stretched over several years, prone to quiet stares and long, unspoken moments. He generally opts out of a shirt and travels with two bottles of alcohol tucked into the waistband of his black pants.

But whether as a result of some basic personality disorder, an affinity for banned substances, or memories - real, dimly-remembered, or made up for the sake of convenience - many have also seen how mercurial he can be, laughing with you one minute, fighting you the next.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Firestarter » Wed Apr 20, 2016 5:08 pm

surfer69 wrote:This is a full update, as a few things have changed from when he first arrived in Mikona aged nineteen.

You neglected to mention how dashing and irresistible the lad is ;)
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: PerkyElf » Wed Apr 20, 2016 6:01 pm

It’s kind of weird writing this now since Shi’s friends, companions and even enemies are pretty much all gone. There’s nobody around that would know these things anymore, so I guess it’s more like a newbie introduction and a personal roleplay aid to clear up the image of her in my head.

First, the surface bits. Shi’Erl (she rarely mentions the apostrophe-filled surname) is an elf from a well-off Nanshi family. She’s about 4’9’’ (145 cm) tall, slender. She has high, prominent cheekbones and a slightly sharp chin. Her eyes are large, almond-shaped and amber in color. She wears her hair in a short, chopped, asymmetrical bob cut. It’s naturally sand blonde but currently dyed. Her hands are carefully manicured and soft, not having seen a day of manual labor.

I’m not sure how old she is now or how to translate Avlissian dates and years. One of her strongest early memories of young adulthood are arriving to Mikona after leaving T’Nanshi for the first time and being abused by the elf-hating guards during the War. Her first introduction to mage orders she was to join was seeing the Orders fight for the Vortex of Chaos. Maybe someone can count her age from that. Typically for elves, her age shows only in the look of her eyes. And she smiles a lot less than she used to, going for yawns or snide remarks instead.

She rarely wears her mage robes. Instead she has lots (and I mean lots) of expensive dresses. Some of them are made on order by talented tailors, rest bought from expensive shops. She’s almost never seen without her fans. One is is Mikonan, one Kurathene make. She likes her drink, preferring Nanshi wines. At a dinner she seems to only pick at the food on her plate while the glasses keep getting filled.

She used to be a very shy person but that is decades ago. Now she goes for well-practiced etiquette and the aloof behavior of a bored noblewoman. If you spend a lot of time with her, you might notice the old nervousness is still there but managed and controlled. In a room full of people she likes to stand out but not in the center, instead hovering around the edges.

She’s a mage of decades of experience but she rarely casts any spells. A close friend or a mage with high spellcraft might notice that even though she can cast magics beyond the 9th circle, the words and gestures seem unpracticed, halting and awkward.

A lot of what goes through her head is pretty much not seen on the screen (or seen by only a very few people) but there’s a fun progression she’s been through along the years. If you imagine her mannerisms in movie terms it would be like Charlotte from Lost in Translation somehow grew up to be a weird hybrid of Kym in Rachel Getting Married and the evil assistant Emily in Devil Wears Prada. I don’t expect anyone to actually notice even half of that in game but the logic of the inner journey stuff is something that’s still very important to me personally.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:46 am

Made a small update to MJ's notes.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: GunnJ » Sat Jul 16, 2016 7:47 am

An update to Sapphire's description.

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Troth » Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:24 am

So I dropped by, saw this thread and it got me to thinking about Anders. So I decided to kill some time by describing a few thing about him. Now this does delve a little bit more into the psychology of the man than normal but since I rarely play anymore that doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother you. Also, these are things that anyone who's spent a little bit of time with him let alone or gods help you if you spent prolonged time with him should be able to pick up to some extent.

Anders is about 5'9 and his body is deterring after years of malnutrition with no muscle to speak of and if anyone has ever seen him in physical combat they are keenly aware that he is bad at it. What Anders lacks in ability to fight he makes up for in with his willingness to run away and his days of walking the passages under Avlis' surface have kept his running abilities sharp, yes, even with the robe and sandals. This can bring woe to anyone sneaking at his side for he wears a numerous amount of gaudy trinkets that haven't been cleaned or polished in ages.

Uuc who sits quite literally in Anders' other hand however is very silent. Words have truly never been known to cross his toothy grin, unless one is hearing it from Anders but this player is pretty sure that those people aren't listening to Anders. Many sane people don't and suggest that you really probably shouldn't either. Uuc does glow with a flames that constantly lick out of his eyeless sockets. That probably cancels out the fact that he's quiet though doesn't it? Anders is fidgety and that is only worsened by his need to point Uuc's gaze at whatever he needs to see, the duo have a habit of standing uncomfortably close to people. Near constant whispers can be heard coming from Anders' lips and directed at his most trusted adviser.

The duo always smell of different odors with musty caves, burning incense, and a lingering stink of chemicals pouring off of him wherever he goes being just a few. Part of those stenches being from his very large substance abuse problem which he does very little to keep secret. Behind the mask Anders voice is high pitched and scratchy almost like that of an old man and all of his words become slurred together in a mix of heavy accent and slang that he will insist is your fault for not understanding. His right hand does a good bit of waving around in aggressive hand gestures as he goes on at length whether you would like him to or not.

Anders was born sorcerer and that is what he has made his living on. He has spread himself thin attempting to focus his will into magic then later adding subjects of wizardry and this has hurt his abilities in combat but when it comes to true fair fight Anders tends to shy away with flattery or some other such tactic. Anders is not an alpha-type predator, though a predator he is. He most often will lend his support to the strong content with the status quo. Anders' one true skill that keeps him useful however is as he would say "Tha two o' us can see." Implying himself a seer. Also an amateur musician with three preferred instruments the first being his tambourine that hangs at his side. He does not actually use it for music more often employing to emphasize things he says or shouts or any time that he begins to speak in tongues. The second being a rickety looking old violin upon which he plays pieces of a more elegant nature he will often stand staring transfixed at the sky playing the notes faster and faster until failure. Last is his guitar highly polished and cared for on this Anders plays only bawdy songs that are akin to the blues.

Without a doubt Anders is arguably one of the worst specimens of man to ever walk the world but he would argue otherwise or ignore you like a child. Uuc would agree with any condemning Anders' antics but the one of the pair with the tongue would not see fit to inform anyone of that information.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: SkeletonParade » Wed Aug 10, 2016 5:42 pm

Made a small update to Ursula's description.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Sathsarrion » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:45 am


Even among other kobolds, Sarith is small and unimposing, and his demeanor is generally one of cheerful curiosity, preferring to listen rather than speak. Typically, he seems to be keenly alert but it is often difficult to tell exactly what he is paying attention to, perhaps as though he sees or hears something that others do not. Even in combat, he often fights with an odd kind of detachment as if the enemy isn't the most interesting thing in the room. Ordinarily, Sarith is completely unarmed. On the rare occasions he can be seen handling weapons, he does so with obvious distaste.

In recent times, he has taken to wearing incongruously formal clothing, usually with a symbol of Vorin visible somewhere, though his behavior gives little sign that he places any great significance on either the clothing or the symbols. For those that might recognize such things, he does bear what appears to be clan markings, but not of any clan known in the lands he travels.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: gutemensch » Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:10 pm

WTF I've never posted on this


Basically your runt of the Spiritland elves to possible to short to be an elf and two tall be anything else; with a comment for any and all occasions. Thin, nimble, and very much a waif that built for the dance; looks like a strong breeze could knock her down. Now forest infused infused and sunkissed instead of the slightly pissed off goth paleness at the sun. Gone are all but one of Dre'Ana tattoos; the remaining one is on her right wrist. She keeps claiming she get others but never finds the time. If anyone thinks she see others its possible fairy designs she drawn in ink on herself. She speaks in a high pitch tone that fires out words faster than her mind can think them and typically says bombastic stuff trying to make others laugh and enjoy the moment. Pretty much is always smiling and on the verge of giggles herself. She generally smells of lovely flowers, mellow smoke and rich cherries.

Regardless of which revealing outfit she has on there typically an antique Dru'El amulet hanging from neck on a long patina necklace. Unless she on stage then there the most lovely of all necklaces draped around her neck as she sings or dances.

Now with something else but were not addressing that here. :glaskugel:
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Frannie Mouze » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:48 pm

Frannie is about 5’8” tall, with waist length strawberry blonde hair, dark chocolate brown eyes, and a peaches and cream complexion. Though tall and slender, she has pin-up girl curves. She is ALWAYS impeccably dressed and never seems to wear an outfit twice. Most often, she wears her hair down, but in combat, she’ll braid it and cover it with a scarf in an attempt to keep it clean. She gets regular manicures, and tends to coordinate her outfits with her nails. Others have described her as breath taking and stunning, but she only flaunts her looks when absolutely necessary. She doesn’t wear heavy fragrances, but the scent of her strawberry shampoo and vanilla linger around her.

She has a vivacious personality and gets along with most people. She’s not afraid to ask for what she wants, and generally, she’s quite persuasive. She suffers, just a smidge, from youngest child syndrome, and her siblings may tell you that she’s a spoiled brat. Her voice is dulcet, mellifluous, and soothing, however, if you cross her, she might holler at you (some might describe her yelling as something similar a harpy cry).

She’s the cook of her family, and freshly baked goods fill her ever-present picnic basket (along with delicious drinks to accompany them).
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Auriane » Mon Dec 19, 2016 5:14 am

Glora has long platinum blond hair. Usually braided and wrapped in a hood.
She likes to wear different clothing but has difficulty finding what she likes.
Truly dedicated to Dru'El and learns much from Tulip on dedication.

Often seen crafting and many complain that she doesn't come and visit enough.
Glora feels like she is finding her way and is grateful to the wonderful people she has met.
She smiles thinking of Kos and Fellock. Her sisters Scarlet, Nawen and Frannie, teach her new tricks or share companionship that she finds delightful.

One of her dearest friends is Tor. A big man, yet as wise as he is strong.

Crafting is her passion and if not gathering she is learning a new skill.
She loves to sing and attends performance event every Wednesday for a chance to play and perform.
Ace crafting on Thursday, she finds Mirk hard to understand, yet guides every one in the right direction.

She admires Thaylis Beine. He looks out for everyone and his council is good to hear.
Thorfinn she is not sure of. He can be serious and pious one minute and then the next drinking like the local drunk. She is not sure what to think of him. Yet she values his guidance.
Argle, is most wise often sharing important information.
Although, Zerub has wonderful items for sale, being long in his company is sometimes repulsive.

She finds Aneirin Menelaos makes her heart beat faster. Being in his company is exhilarating.

Davilia Chert, most amazing teacher and confident. Truly makes being in the Wilderness like home.
Her newest apprentice, Gavin, is most eager to learn and is an incredible gatherer. She holds him in high esteem.
Mr. Crabapple is fun to have around. She remembers when he was learning his shadow dancing.
She worries for Rade and hopes she has beaten her addictions.
"Aye!" she muses to herself. "This be home."
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Aneirin » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:10 pm

*and yet another bard posts*

Aneirin Menelaos

Aneirin stands about five foot ten with a slender build and long black hair with a trimmed beard and mustache. Striking hazel eyes peer out from under a broad brimmed hat with a red leather hatband. The red leather coat he wears has the sheen of silk and is unmarked by its apparent age and around his neck is easily seen a holy symbol of Vorin.

At his waist is his Grandfathers Sword "Harmony" and over his shoulder the greatsword "Spirit of the Pheonix". Though accomplished in many instruments he prefers his old guitar which he will have with him at all times.

Aneirin is lighthearted in spirit with a dry wit, and somewhat sentimental. While he has built something of a reputation as a performer, he does not fancy himself a great songwriter and would be the first to admit that he has great trouble with writing, especially on demand, so he very rarely takes commissions.

Aneirin would explain that any reputation as a performer was purest luck, he did not perform in Kuras at all, except for perhaps the occasional busquing outside the family library and its only since his arrival in the south that he has taken it up.

While performing has become his surprise talent, His first love is knowledge, especially that which is stored in books. At home in Kuras he ran his family's small library until the terrible accident that caused its loss, he now operates a similar Reading Room in Elysia so he is always on the lookout for new tomes to add to its collection.

Curious by nature and not the least bit introverted he will happily insinuate himself into a conversation if the topic sounds interesting and it will bring him knowledge he didn't have before.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Little Wolf » Mon Dec 19, 2016 9:41 pm

Tikno “Kiki” Ruv

Kiki stands around 5’6”. She is toned, shapely. She usually seems at ease with her surroundings. Her skin is browned by the sun, no matter the season. She has wavy brown hair down to her waist. It is usually worn loose with small braids, entwined throughout with charms and metallic strings. She keeps it from her face with brightly colored silk scarves. Her eyes appear to be almost amethyst in hue, especially when the sun shines on her face.

She wears bright colors with soft and flowing fabrics, ornate brocades and rich velvets, with many pouches and belt straps, all intricately jeweled and patterned. She usually wears silvery and golden jewels, charms, chains, bracelets, rings, and amulets. Despite all the patterns and jewels, she never appears gaudy or outlandish. Bohemian chic is more the look.

She has bright silvery tattoos, some with words in Romini as well as rune marks and symbols. Vai’datha is written in flowing script on the underside of her left wrist.

Her accent is notably Romini, though she speaks common with ease to anyone outside her clan.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Fellock Dust Talon » Mon Dec 19, 2016 10:14 pm

Fellock is a Kenku, a short, crow-like avian humanoid. He stands at 4.3 feet tall, is exceptionally lean, and weighs approximately eighty pounds. He is covered in long, silken black feathers that shimmer when hit by the light, although the feathers are notably absent along his wrists and lower legs, where instead his dark grey scales can be seen. He has beady, black, and highly reflective eyes, and his long, broad beak, which bears many nicks and scratches, is of a slightly brighter hue than his feathers. His four fingered hands and feet end in sharp talons.

His clothing usually consists of a modest, loose short sleeved black cloth tunic with dark red trim, with a matching kilt that extends just below his knees. His tunic has many pockets and hidden compartments which are always jingling with his latest findings. He wears a large black hood over his head, no matter the circumstances, and if anything knocks his hood free, he’ll frantically pull it back up and act embarrassed. A great many pouches hang from a red-leather belt, carrying a variety of tools and trinkets. A pair of jeweled scimitars are strapped across the back of his belt.

Fellock is almost always nervous and frightened, and his movements reflect that. His head constantly jolts around, snapping from one location to another at the slightest noise or disturbance, and he never stops fidgeting, moving his arms about and shifting from foot to foot. His posture is tense, always prepared to run at a moment’s notice, and even when he sits, he positions himself so he can easily spring back to his feet. He is equally curious as he is nervous, and his beady eyes often go wide examining every new thing he sees.

His voice is high pitched, crow-like, and uneasy. He constantly stutters, pauses, second-guesses his own words, and drops sentences altogether. Even when he’s cheerful and in a good mood, there’s always a hint of fear in the back of his throat, as though he doesn’t quite believe his own surroundings. His voice-set is actually exactly how I imagine his voice, so if you’d heard his voice IG, you know what he sounds like.

Fellock’s fighting style is exceptionally bizarre. One minute he’ll be running around like a headless chicken and the next he’ll swing his scimitars with a practiced grace and discipline that could only come from years of dedicated training. There is no joy or malice in his fighting, his only objective being to survive and end the battle as quickly as possible. Whether a fight is difficult or easy, he’s always exhausted and relieved afterward.

Worthy of special mention is how Fellock eats; namely, that he eats every meal as though he’d been starving for the past month, stuffing the food in his beak as fast as he can while experiencing some kind of euphoria. Strangely, no matter how much he eats (which is often an impossibly large amount), he never gains any weight.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Katroine » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:28 pm

New players/new characters!
This is a great spot for you to describe your characters.

(totally a bump)
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Eal » Tue Apr 04, 2017 6:59 pm

Jack "Blackstrap" Carter Jr.

Jack is a remarkably average looking fellow. A fraction of an inch under six feet in height, he is lean, some would call it wiry, yet he is very quick on his feet and agile. He has a fairly unremarkable look about him, brown eyes peer out from under his dark black hair which is usually rather haphazardly arranged about his usually unshaven face. The only prominent feature about him is his crooked nose which must have been broken two or three times.

Jack wears a bridge coat of dull black with a deep red lining. This long jacket has two patch pockets on the side as well many smaller pockets on the inside of the coat, an oversized convertible collar and brass fouled anchor buttons on a double-breast. Typically the Bridge Coat would have epaulets on the shoulders to mark rank, but Jacks are conspicuously missing. The coat sheds water effortlessly and while not having any real gloss to it manages to remain clean regardless of what lands on it. Both hands sport fingerless black gloves which he never removes in public.

Atop the unruly hair he sports black hat with an unremarkable seagull feather tucked into the silver headband, about his waist hung from a broad leather belt are several belt pouches and a pair of attractive cutlasses.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Elradra » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:06 am

Elradra updated again now that she's in the very very visible levels of palemastery.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Mthorn » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:56 am

Elradera wrote:Elradra updated again now that she's in the very very visible capsiplex results levels of palemastery.

I like how much thought you peeps put into your characters.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: LittleWolf » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:43 pm


Tikno “Kiki” Ruv

Kiki stands around 5’6”. She is toned, shapely. She usually seems at ease with her surroundings. Her skin is browned by the sun, no matter the season. She has wavy brown hair down to her waist. It is usually worn loose with small braids, entwined throughout with charms and metallic strings. She keeps it from her face with brightly colored silk scarves. Her eyes appear to be almost amethyst in hue, especially when the sun shines on her face.

She wears bright colors with soft and flowing fabrics, ornate brocades and rich velvets, with many pouches and belt straps, all intricately jeweled and patterned. She usually wears silvery and golden jewels, charms, chains, bracelets, rings, and amulets. Despite all the patterns and jewels, she never appears gaudy or outlandish. Bohemian chic is more the look.

She has bright silvery tattoos, some with words in Romini as well as rune marks and symbols. Vai’datha is written in flowing script on the underside of her left wrist.

Her accent is notably Romini, though she speaks common with ease to anyone outside her clan.

(sorry had to re-add this, don't have access to the old account and wanted an editable version)
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Vudish » Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:02 am

Rani Carrina

Rani stands just an inch or two taller than five feet, somewhat homely she clearly isn't concerned with outward appearances. Bright green eyes peer out from under unkempt red hair. Most striking though are her facial tattoos.

Ritual tattooing was not at all uncommon for members of her tribe in Northern Jechran. Her tribe worshipped Yeraiah though Rani was never much of a follower. From her youth she was always interested in the forest and she would run off to play in the Forest. Her tribe was destroyed in one of the many raids that went on between competing groups. She and some others, mostly children, fled north into Tyedu where they were taken in by one of the many clans in that inhospitable place.

In the forest she met Ivy, who set her on her path to following Verossa, and he who gave her the tattoos that are so prominent.

Rani, is mostly tightlipped more likely to greet with a nod and a grunt than any sort of long winded greeting. She can be foul mouthed, blunt, occasionally coarse. She has a few people she considers friends....though its unclear if its even occurred to her if they consider her the same.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Dirigible » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:39 pm

New, improved and better than ever before. Gann, and others.
Now updated to include all those damn interesting alts I keep making.
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Characters:Gann Eider, Skrike Lastbreath & Rakuug Yug'loz
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Ghostie » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:16 pm

I suppose I should write something up for this one I play sometimes...

Wax is a sturdily built woman of average height, with the wiry figure one gains from swinging heavy objects. Quick to laugh but just as quick to show her fiery temper when things aren't going her way, unpredictable might be a good way to describe this woman.

One of the first things you may notice about her is the vivid red, gravity-defying hairdo styled in a shape resembling a flame. Whilst it's almost always perfectly presented - unless she's just taken off her helmet - she often reaches up to check that it is to her specifications, usually only moving one or two strands each time, twisting them between deft fingers.

Below her fabulous hair, she has clear round eyes that often twinkle mischievously, a button nose, and blood red, smiling lips. If she's without sleeves, well defined biceps are circled with tattoos of dancing flame.

At her waist, no matter her outfit, one thing seems to remain constant - a masterfully crafted belt fashioned from dragonhide. This belt, and a flaming, disease-riddled whip coiled loosely at her side, both appeared shortly after the Ferrell Trade fair of 2257.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: ArgentDuergar » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:10 pm

I'm not sure if this is overtly evident or not, but Gorstag mostly speaks in a calm British monotone. I roleplay this by almost never ending sentences with punctuation other than full stops and being sure I never miss one. Exclamation marks are reserved for very surprising occasions and shouts (which are quite exceptionally rare), and I almost never use ellipses unless interrupted or the like.
I guess I could emote it more openly, but it's a bit hard to come up with nice, different ways (in English) to describe it on the fly other than overusing the word monotone so I prefer people to get their own ideas based on his abuse of full stops. :mrgreen:

Everything else is viewable in his examine description.
Gorstag Tessele, Transmuter, Conjurer and apprentice Diviner of Vorin.
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