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An open question about your characters

General discussion about Avlis

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An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: surfer69 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:03 pm

So my PC has met a lot of new faces this month, which has been awesome. Some of them he likes, some he likes less, some he ... well, you get the picture. Thankfully, the players have all been top notch, so interacting with someone my character doesn't like is just as much fun as doing the same with someone he does.

But one thing that occurred to me is that there are some things a character would notice about another after talking to them for a couple of hours. Most of it is just plain body language or a vibe that person seems to be giving off. Bear in mind that the person might be putting on some kind of an act in a crowd or with certain other people, being intentionally deceptive, and so on, and I think that's great. For the sake of my question, it doesn't really matter.

What I'm asking for, if you're interested, is for you to list a handful of descriptive things that would be apparent to people who spent, say, two hours chatting with you somewhere or other. And by "apparent" I mean things like "shifty-eyed," "calm," "dirt-smeared," "regal in his bearing," "unkempt," "______ accent," "overmuscled," "watchful," "angry-eyed," "bemused," "still," "fidgety," etc.

Examples that come to me, and I hope these people forgive me, are "Zerub Krull: spits a lot, is taciturn." Or Oorayv'levena: "Expression remains passive, neutral." Or Tor Varson: "towers over you at his full height." Gubblebub Fizzywhiz: "Immaculately clean." Fergus Goodmane: "steady, calm, watchful." Hebrin: "very still, observant." Samwir: "Bat-shit crazy."

Those might be more helpful than things that would need to be learned through more interaction like "cunning," "spiteful," "virtuous," "relentless," "lovestruck," "Master of the Universe," "Jedi," or "PJ."

Now I know one response to this will be WYSIWYG. But I'm not sure that's true. We can emote all we want with our little pixellated friends, but body language is something you express constantly, right? And I know that I'm not willing to emote that often. The things I listed might be things a person notices between emotes, not instead of them.

Anyway, it might be fun for you, it might not interest you at all. Both are cool. It certainly won't pigeonhole you into playing a certain way - obviously a character's mood and attitude can change on the fly, but if you feel there are some things that others ought to know, feel free to write something.

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Lady_Ashling » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:13 pm

Well kept hair and clothes,usually wearing make up,easily distracted,Blonde!
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Li'll Divvil » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:24 pm

Wait, wait, Hebrin silent?!? That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. :mrgreen:
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Vicmin » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:24 pm


Built like an elf but the muscle tone and definition show that they get regular use. Above average looking, not overly handsome, quick wit and a silver tongue.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Moredo » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:26 pm

Sorry if I'm missing the mark here, surfer, with regards to what you are after.

Samwir: Fiercely loyal, good humored, xenophobic, usually holds a grudge, always ready for revenge.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: theP » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:32 pm

B.B. Faost: Usually playing absently with one or many of his Roaches that accompany him. Stands sloppy, maybe a little slouched (when he's not fighting that is). Body covered with many diverse motifs of Tattoos (see wiki page/click name on sig for more info on that). Slim built, unlike most Adomkuro. Always wearing a cloth cover as a mask. Drinks from a straw, even his booze. What's beneath the mask is his secret.
He's a perv, he's got dirty mind and a foul mouth which he runs like a motor...nonstop.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Gumby_Cat » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:57 pm

Tricks tries to come off as stupid/uneducated and lazy. If there is more than one other person around she gets quiet (mostly for OOC reasons - joint problems in my hands make my typing slow and conversations difficult to keep up with). IC'ly its safe to assume when she is quiet that she's paying close attention to the conversation and watching everyone around her like a hawk.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Grunt » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:12 pm

I like this idea.

Flenken: 90% of the time he's hyperactive, waves his arms a lot when he talks, easily excited by an idea. Runs, a lot. Talks fast. Think of a 5 year old on a sugar rush. When standing still, he'll lean on his staff a bit (he's a bit on the husky side), but still throw off a bit of barely contained energy. Sitting down, he'd fidget a lot. When scrying, or trying to open a portal, he'd settle in and be quite calm and focused. I found a video of a scientist doing a talk at TED that made me think of how Flenken would act during a lecture: he even has the voice!

Fletcher: Saunters over nonchalantly when he's in plain view, or jumps/pops into view when he's been hiding. Seems to get a kick out of reactions to the latter. Clean and neat appearance, even in his hunting gear. Oddly enough, his hair stays perfect even after a rough fight. Not bulky, but has great muscle tone, and moves gracefully. Quietly observant when not talking, speaks a bit sharply (though cordial) and usually has his arms folded when standing. Rarely seems totally relaxed, though not jumpy...just "prepared". Animated like a circus ringleader during a live auction. Grins like a schoolboy when something amuses him, or he's pulled a prank. Seems uncomfortable with compliments, and blushes easily. Doesn't shout often, and when angered/upset it's more of a quiet seething and speaking through gritted teeth. Has a quick draw on his blades and a lot of movement to his fighting style (hopping, jumping, spinning).

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: loki70 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:13 pm

Li'll Divvil wrote:Wait, wait, Hebrin silent?!? That is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. :mrgreen:

He's usually wise enough not to ask Hebrin his opinion.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Katroine » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:18 pm

Grace's in-game description sums up her personality pretty well so feel free to examine her in game.
She is approachable, outwardly friendly to most people, though a little standoffish at times.

If your presence would bring her no benefit, you aren't usually around her long.
"However friendly they may seem, they must be corrupt to the core, and I must never forget that."
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Etzie » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:25 pm

Etz's description sums her up, too. But I think she's changed since I first rolled her up. A lot. I certainly never imagined getting bucketloads of charisma with her.

Nowadays she's more cautious, thoughtful and weary. She'll try to talk her way out of a situation rather than stab or shoot out of it! Usually steps back and watches a situation with people she's not comfortable with, but on the reverse, likes stepping up and taking charge when there's no obvious leader.

When she's in combat, she's a bit of a showoff.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: solitude_peace2 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:26 pm

Batali... if there's a group assembled, Batali will move to the fringes and make herself idly busy with sorting the contents of her pack. She might not even be paying attention to the conversation(s) but she looks up when folks start talking about taking a trip. She's dressed in her standard traveling leathers, her equipment is dusty from a recent trip, boots are mud-stained.

If you've traveled with Batali then you've seen her in her element. She enjoys a stroll through the woods, a walk near the docks, running along the river or the trip from here to there. Head turning from one side to the other, she's taking it all in. If she's with a group, headed to a destination, danger close... she shifts into the Scout mode. She'll appear at the side of the Leader and talk quietly, then slip away up the trail or hallway. When the Group sees her waiting at a bend in the road you can be sure that something interesting is around that bend.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Hamlet » Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:58 pm

A lot about Miriel in that regard is posted on the Wiki. The first impression about her may largely differ depending on whether she is in uniform (Sentinel, Blue Order, AAAA), whether she is among acquaintances, or strangers. In either case it is her unusual physical appearance under whatever she is wearing, that catches the eye first: Silvery white complexion. Small stature balanced by near regal posture. Cold expression but more on the side of neutral than, say, arrogant. Sophisticated, graceful, exquisite; outwardly confident, down-to-business. When it's work, it's all work, when it's play, it's all play - but work comes first. May not talk first but when prompted to speak she is exhaustive on more than one level. Nine Hells, she married Hebrin!

P.S. There are sides to her that a player may notice soon enough where their character may or may not. Miriel seems to keep an open mind but is judgmental to a fault: She would never register someone as "below" or "above" her but she does "categorize" people after a fashion (i.e. what is important to them, what can be expected from them) and treats them accordingly. Her conduct is by no means chameleon-like but may change abruptly according to whom she communicates with. Some may mistake it for tactfulness while in fact it is little more than honed survival skills. Similarly, Miriel is instinctively manipulative but it runs so deep that most of the time Miriel herself does not register it. In counterbalance, she insists on honesty and clarity and has been known to go suicidally far to maintain both. Most of all she dreads losing self-control, and it shows.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Aeveras » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:01 pm

Good topic! :)

Veras' mannerisms differ by location, but there are some universal truths. He's awkward around most formal social constructs for example, including even minor things like furniture. His accent is a mess and resembles several dialects instead of just one, and most elven characters would recognize that he speaks nanshilae as if it was a second language. Though he's fairly relaxed when on home turf, he becomes more fidgety the farther he travels from T'Nanshi. Finally, I'd call his combat mannerisms a "slow burn" which starts as a mild discontent at being steeped in violence, and rises steadily towards (though rarely reaching) outright anger if no tangible goal is present.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Eklektikos » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:14 pm


Tends to (consciously or subconsciously) adopt a more looming posture when around people he doesn't know/like very well. Well-muscled and proud of it, which should come across in his body language somewhat. Takes a bit of effort with his appearance, while trying to make it seem as though he doesn't. Verbal delivery is pretty vulgar, even when he's speaking clearly and precisely rather than with a heavy Mikona slums accent (I tend to imagine this as being roughly equivalent to a gruff south London accent - go watch some british gangster flicks for details). Missing a tooth near the front of his mouth since very early in his IG existence. Expression defaults to grumpy/suspicious/contemptuous, though around friends or when in a particularly good mood he relaxes somewhat and grins/smiles frequently.


Well dressed and groomed, though not foppish. Wiry and toned in build, rather than bulky and muscular, with a slightly more weatherbeten complexion than might be normal for an Avariel. Manner is fairly laid-back and calm, even when events prompt exclamations such as "Hells!" from him. Speaks in slow, measured tones (I tend to imagine him as having a sort of sub-Clint Eastwood drawl), fairly eloquently but without great animation. Accent is... very non-specific and hard to place, containing occasional hints at pronlonged exposure to a variety of influences over the years. Attitude tends to be one of wry, perhaps somewhat cautious (but not nervous), friendliness toward both strangers and those he knows. Tends to position himself in the background of events much of the time, while appearing not inattentive to what's going on around him.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: maxinion » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:25 pm

Great topic, yes indeed. I'll split my response for Vin into two categories... normal form, and her 'other' form.

In her normal body, Vin's voice is gravelly, twisted, and broken, and her movement recalls that of an old woman. She seems to be able to control her voice and body to an extent when she wills it-- for instance, when casting-- but does not do so most of the time, for whatever reason. As her face is never shown, and her voice makes it difficult to convey emotion, she may come across as cold or inhuman. Because walking, talking, and general social interaction literally causes her pain, she keeps these to a minimum, and may seem overly quiet to those that interact with her. Those that know her well may come to understand that she despises this body that she is trapped in, and this affects her outward attitude when in this form.

In her 'other' form, Vin is usually cheerful and pleasant. She seems to take pleasure from the discomfort of those around her, but is otherwise very much like the woman she was before her 'accident'-- polite and always with a smile, though perhaps a bit stand-offish towards non-mages she does not know well. It would be clear, in time, that she views this state as completely natural to her, and a more real body than anything else.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Sharrow » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:35 pm

Ernst is quite slim, but physically soft and not particularly fit. He clearly takes some pains with his appearance, with his hair and muttonchop whiskers groomed in a fashion reminiscent of a Victorian-era gentleman-about-town. His clothes well cared for, tailored and determinedly tasteful, the overall impression being one of refined prissiness, while his bearing is rather stiff and upright. The same applies to his mode of speech, which varies between rather archaic and stilted and public-schoolboyish animation, though in neither mode does he resort to foul language unless under exceptional stress. He is also quite, quite nerdy in a stereotypical 19th century gentleman-of-science sort of way.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: TupaiaWarick » Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:41 pm

Tup is tall, slender, and neat in appearance. She is painfully shy and only those that know her know that she does talk more than a sentence at a time. She has gotten better with the shyness, but in a large group, she'll stay at the edges and only chime in when she has to. For the most part she speaks softly, often wears a hood for FOIG reasons, however when something is important to her, she takes it head on and is an effective organizer.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Lady Talia » Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:15 pm

Foremost, Sher'cha is a performer who is interested in putting those around her at ease. To that effect; the general populace sees a easy-going fey prone to un-harmful mischief and gentle teasing. Her demeanor is pleasant and encouraging and she often will try to pull others into joyful company. Behind closed doors with close friends, it's a FOIG. ~.^ The image below is part of her description in the maiden forum, and shows her body language well I believe. She's often glancing over in welcome...and the avatar I am currently using is the head tilt she can do when curious/trying to draw someone out.

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Lycanthropy » Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:18 pm

I like this, very interesting.

Silver Fox is about six feet tall, but the way she stands and moves gives the impression of someone taller. She certainly never slouches. She's in excellent physical condition. Most of the time, she appears very calm and collected, tranquil even, although anyone who knows her knows how short her fuse is. Among friends, she is relaxed and friendly, smiling, joking and laughing. Even among enemies, she is more likely to meet them with a sardonic grin than outright hostility. She rarely fidgets, although she has a few tics of annoyance - flexing her left hand, for instance. If you're speaking to her, she makes and keeps eye contact. She has striking blue eyes, and as such does a good line in thousand-yard death-stares.

She dresses expensively and tastefully, and obviously spends time on her appearance. She bathes regularly and sometimes wears expensive perfume. Even when in full armour, the plates are polished and well-kept, ornate in their design. This is usually accompanied with a beautiful black and violet cloak marked with abyssal runes.

Her voice is quiet and pleasant, with a very thick Tyeduan accent, although anyone familiar with the places might notice a few elements of high-society Kurasian and rough Mikonan creeping in.

When she gets angry, however, she gets angry. In battle, she fights with reckless abandon, swinging her massive sword here and there, snarling curses and warcries and prayers constantly. Her battlecries have been known to stop enemies dead in their tracks, as the mystical fires of the flamedancer snake along her blade, lashing out at those it cuts. When the battle's over, the calm descends again as swiftly as it lifted.

Altogether, she's polite, attractive, graceful and friendly. But there's no joy in those smiles of hers.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Alisse » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:08 pm

Alisse is a half-nymph (human/nymph variety). She is exquisitely beautiful, tall, slender but curvaceous. She has very pale skin, almost translucent, long black hair and bright emerald green eyes. She is very confident and oozes sensuality. She is always well groomed and dresses fashionably, revealing though not trashy. She has the appearance of someone who does not like to do a lot of work and has never had to do so.

She is a bard, schooled extensively in many forms of artistic expression including music, writing, sculpting, acting, painting, dancing and singing. Her voice is strong and feminine with just a hint of an accent of one who has spent a great deal of time in the Seven Cities.

If she likes you, you will find her to be charming and persuasive. She is rarely flighty or giggly. She rarely speaks of her past in any detail, even to those closest to her. She is drawn to power in all forms.

In combat situations, she prefers to play encouraging songs on her lute. She always wears a symbol of the Harpinger around her neck.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Zerub » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:13 pm

"Zerub Krull: spits a lot, is taciturn."

*starts to grumble at being the first name on the list* ;)

You hit him on the head. He probably talks more to people that he should with the way his personality is, but I learned a long time ago that if I played him how is personality truly is, he would never get into a conversation or meet anyone on Avlis. :?

So...with that in mind...........

Zerub is not a real happy person. Usually in battle he will act before he thinks. He does not get sarcasm at all and usually most jokes pass right over him because he takes things literally. He is usually not the cleanest person in the world since bathing is way down on his list (would be hard to tell because of the way the game engine makes the armor look) and I would guess that he probably has a bit of body odor most of the time.

You will never see him without a scowl or frown on his face (in 5 years of playing him, he has never emoted yet of smiling or laughing...very hard to do since I am basically a happy person most of the time). Most of the time he will probably have blood and/or dirt/mud stains on him and probably a good chance of tobacco juice both on his lip corners and spots on his armor from spitting. He is probably one of the most fowl mouthed people that you will ever meet. though you will only hear me emote cursing or spouting profanities and not the real words since I don't care for that in RL and I won't be slinging them on people IG. ;)

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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: strickp » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:24 pm

(Much of Raney's physical description is already in place and as Katroine said, feel free to examine her for that information.)
As for the rest....

Raney's basic vibe: Interested in people, talkative, outgoing, present in the moment. She's inquisitive and a natural flirt who smiles a lot and genuinely enjoys engaging with others of all sorts.

Her gaze is direct and forthright and her manner is also such, but she can -- and does -- border on the bossy.

As a matter of course she is an easy, effortless conversationalist and doesn't pause to contemplate her words too often. When she does it's usually because she fears she might cause conflict or insult, or that it is not in her best interests to cause such. She also tends to fall silent in conversation when she is unfamiliar with the content of the conversation or uneducated in its nuances.

She has more than a slight Ferrellian accent (perhaps not as thick as one might expect though) and uses words of Ferrellian origin in conversation. Talking with her for long periods, one can see there is a lot going on behind her eyes.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: Tarken » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:36 pm

Thaylis is of average height, just under 6 feet tall, with a build of that shows both agility and strength. His “looks” are considered average, is well groomed and dirt-free, and is usually seen within the boarders of M’Chek wearing a clean Blackhawk leather uniform. Outside of M’Chek, or while out of uniform, his taste in clothing is modest. He is meticulous with his weapons, ensuring they are always in good working order and ready to be used against the Drotid or any other threat at hand.

Thaylis is generally soft spoken and smiles freely, seldom looses his temper, is level headed, and keeps most of his feelings to himself. He has a professional demeanor about him when dealing with the Blackhawks, and often listens to other Blackhawk personnel opinions and suggestions before making a critical decision. Once that decision is made, he acts upon it with confidence. In battle, he can be seen weilding either a 2 bladed sword or longbow with deadly efficiency.

He is passionate with his hatred toward the Drotid.
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Re: An open question about your characters

PostAuthor: sinn » Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:46 pm

Lady_Ashling wrote:THE OTHER Ash,
Well kept hair and clothes,usually wearing make up SPLINT ,easily distracted, BY Blonde!S

had to do it
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