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Loving all of the DM love

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Loving all of the DM love

PostAuthor: tizmo » Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:17 am

This may seem odd.. but I've been playing my char on Avlis since 2006-ish and this week was the first time that he hit the XP cap. I am excited and extremely thankful because it is due to the HUGE amount of DM love going on in Avlis!

.. so there I was walking through Ferrell and BOOM.. some strange halfling wants to drag us all into a cave to see plants that eat people.
.. so there I was walking through Ferrell and BOOM.. the port is being attacked by some minions of an evil spirit.
.. so there I was stopping in Zvidureth and BOOM.. lets go steal a boat and go to some dreadful hot dry place to complete a mission.
.. so there I was finishing some work at my shop in Zvidureth and BOOM.. some crazy gnome is sending golems to attack.
.. so there I was getting off of the lift from Le'Or and BOOM.. surrounded by Fire Giants.

There was more.. but in just that list we were thoroughly loved and continue to be.

:feuer: :jump:

Our DM's rock! Thank you!


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