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Pirate Ferrell Fair

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Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: g1asgow » Sat Oct 05, 2013 4:53 pm

Well I like it...

...and that's where the rum comes in!

Sharing box is a nice idea as well. Share nice :) pirate people.
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Katroine » Sat Oct 05, 2013 5:12 pm

I love it!
All of it!

I took two cookies. ~Lulu the brownie
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Gorgon » Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:33 am

Boats and green stuff in the auction hall! Neat!!!

Image Image

And I'll have bubbles in my dreams for weeks after this. oo8)

Don't mind the footless, floating half-ogre. I blame the bubbles.

*Edit to fix Dropbox public folder link changes (using the Avlis Gallery now for images)*
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: LadyAwesome » Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:16 pm

Mj reading 50 shades of grey during auctiond

Thanks you to everyone ever for putting this together and being there
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: silverfields2 » Sun Oct 06, 2013 4:37 pm

LadyAwesome wrote:Mj reading 50 shades of grey during auctiond

Thanks you to everyone ever for putting this together and being there


It was a scary story!

Someone told me I was delusional. I nearly fell off my unicorn.
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Hamlet » Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:00 pm

Yarrrrrrr! :sauf:

Ashen Order fan service!

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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Katroine » Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:46 pm

Huge rave to the players who joined in this weekend (do it more, too!) and the team who added the flair, brought some fun NPC action and dropped cookie bombs all over the place! The Princess, the brownie friend, Jali, old man merchant, the artist, Julia/Amy/Ayren combo, so much fun.

And a big woo hoo for a small(ish) list of people!

Smeec, you da man. The fair went so smoothly! Still wish you won the crown, I liked King Smeec.

Isadora, the pirate hater. I was laughing so hard. Also Vilne and Etz! Saved me!

Vesdrac, you old softie. You made me laugh a lot and I am probably killing your rep by saying that. And watching Lat flop on you, bored, waiting for you to get done talking, slayed me.

Esmond, the charmer (and his twin of course). So fun to watch!

Elorwyn, so awesome to watch you deal with customers in your stall! Friendly trader award goes to...

Finn, thanks for the in-game hangover from all the rum.

Robert, for being Robert.

Paddy for of course being Paddy! I walked by a few times hearing about your Pecker.

All the goblins, because I am obsessed with goblins. Except Filch, he made my brownie cry. Colon is hilarious!

Alinee, because she is awesome and will lay on harm for someone. :)

Ernst, for being a great Ebony and talking to my baby Ebony even though she is socially awkward.

Kice! I got to finally talk to Kice at length. One day, I am going under that hood.

Gonet! I love seeing my Gold buddies especially the chilly ones.

Ulu, we finally got to conspire a little. More coming, I hope!

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. I love some Sammy.

Zerub! I almost forgot you, you spitter.

Dillon! Only a minute to chat but I always like seeing you.

And last but not least, Kaz for making Gracie cry and run away.

I got to meet a lot of people from other realms and even from Avlis that I never get to hang out with and it was good. Listening in to conversations on the floor was great. Hearing Arch’s story, Thienna explaining her memory to Clickie, Ronan and his posse of ladies chatting, all good stuff. Hearing more about Arkaz and the planes, even stuff from Avlis that I am usually not privy to, so interesting. (Not seeing Terra was great, too, hah.) It was cool to see the dynamics of how other characters interact with each other, very informative!

Tiny brownie sized shout-outs to everyone who gave her things thus bringing massive luck to themselves! Cole (she is going to learn to ride that marble like a circus performer), Lute, Balaim, Pleth (!) and everyone who put sweet things in the giveaway box, which Lulu replaced with random things to balance out the brownie karma. I am sure I am forgetting some people because that is how I roll.

(I bet I leave out a few names that I got to enjoy all weekend but I will blame lack of coffee.)

In other words, thank you for being so much fun people!
"However friendly they may seem, they must be corrupt to the core, and I must never forget that."
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Angel of Death » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:15 pm

Raar misses his Throg Whack Thing Stick...
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Isadora » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:20 pm

*Tries to rip up this thread and eat it*
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Ulu Elexin » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:25 pm

I had a lot of fun conspiring with Gracie and I really have to say I did enjoy the trade fair, as much as I didn't think I would. (I'm not a huge fan with any of my dudes of crowds)

But... if anyone needs taking out for making Gracie cry, she knows who to conspire (further) with... :twisted:

Also, thanks all the other players (including those "greedy offworlders" - you know who you are! :lol: ) and DMs who dropped by with COOKIEs. Nomnomnom.
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Cameron Klym » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:00 pm

Thanks for all the fun..wish i could have been on more, but RL stuff was happening ( you all know about that). Seems Tor cannot go to a fair without having to fight someone. Maybe next one. Nice to see a lot of Pc's even though never had a good chance to talk with them all. Well, looking forward to the next one!!

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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: gelvanus » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:37 pm

was a great time. loved setting around listening to all the "flavors" everyone brings. the areas looked wonderful. tyvm for the time taken to set it all up :D
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Re: Pirate Ferrell Fair

PostAuthor: Squarefox » Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:09 pm


I was feeling quite mentally exhausted all through today, a bit like when one emerges post a few days of Larping and has to remember how real life works all over again – and by that I mean I really got into the fair because there was some real awesome RPs going on, very immersive! And it was great to see so many personalities I haven’t played with in far too long, not to mention meeting some new ones.

So I am going to rave everyone who RP’d with me or was just doing their thing nearby because being a spectator can be just as fun as taking part!

Also, Pirate Captain Luludi was too cute and now I want one for christmas.
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