Timo Karr

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Timo Karr

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Name: Timo Karr
Race: Half-Elf
Nationality: Born in Seven Cities, settled in Mikona

Timo left a life of comfort and privilege as the second born male of house Karrpokella, a noble trade house in the Seven Cities.

After arriving in Mikona he eventually became involved in the quest to destroy the lich, Sorvanok, below the streets of the city. The Order of Gorethar and the City of Mikona put Timo in charge of research within the city’s walls into possible weaknesses of the lich. Timo found little information about Sorvanok but learned a great deal about liches in general.

The City of Mikona also entrusted Timo with gathering intelligence on the “Bandit Queen”, Hugar. This was far more successful, eventually uncovering an alliance between Hugar and a group of mercenaries from Timo’s homeland, the Blades of the Dark Heart. Sending a trusted friend to infiltrate their ranks, Timo gathered a wealth of information on Hugar and her new allies. Victory was again taken from his grasp though when the Blades killed Hugar themselves in an act of betrayal.

Timo was known as a very vocal, and physical, enemy of the Sereg'wethrin. From diligent research to organizing ‘hunting expeditions’, Timo fought the Sereg’wethrin one so many occasions, that he developed an immunity to the disease they carried – The Spite. He was also the only volunteer who survived the testing of the first antidote. This nearly toxic, and highly addictive, cure was, for many years, the only sure means to ridding a person of that horrible disease. Many residents of Mikona remember him handing out cures in the City Gate Inn for weeks once the cure was discovered. He spent several more helping people recover from their addictions.

In the later years of his adventuring life, he married his long-time friend and companion, Kima in a quiet ceremony in the temple of Mikon.

Timo was a busy businessman outside of his adventuring life. He was the owner of Enchanted Exotics, The Second Solace Inn, and Karr Construction. He was a member of the Southern Avlis Trade Federation, a member of the Mikona Art Appreciation Society, and partial owner of the Romini Inn. His many business dealings and travels earned him numerous friends and acquaintances all over Avlis. From Deglos to Mikona, from T'nanshi to Ferrel, people knew him either on sight or by reputation.

Several years ago Kima vanished and it was rumored that the Blades of the Dark Heart were responsible. He went on a crusade after she vanished, striking at every known outpost of the Blades as he gathered information on where they might have taken her. Months after she vanished, he was seen boarding a ship bound for Jechran. Witnesses say his pack was bristling with weapons and he had several friends with him. There are rumors that the two returned months later and are living in quiet retirment somewhere in the wilderness.

There are no monuments bearing his name, no plaques commemorating him, and no tomes listing his deeds. The only thing bearing his name, unofficially, is a boulder outside the city gates of Mikona. Timo spent many hours here with his wife and his friends. This rock has seen its fair share of bloodshed and, on one particular day, it got its unofficial name. Timo and some friends were lounging in the sun when the Sereg’wethrin attacked. The defenders made a stand on that boulder, fighting off dozens of the ‘demon elves’. Timo, Ayren Milen, and Aralee Re'Tanlin held the rock and began joking that they were defending ‘Fort Karr’. The name stuck.


Where in the lands may I find Fort Karr?
Open and friendly to folks from near and a'far
Me die'n Mam did tell me on that fateful day
Ta' find me the place where the heros once play

She say'd if ya need'n directions or school'n
Find ye The Rock and note wha' folks are a'doin
The brave may nae be there amongst the livin'
But their spirit lives fully and hope they're a'givin

Me ole' Mam she told me when I walk me own path
Ta make it me home lace to heal, learn, laugh
Where in the lands may I find Fort Karr?
Open and friendly ta folks from near and a'far

~Fort Karr~ Written by Raen
First performed at The Rock in the year 2116 (06/2004)