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Kered Rose

Records of great achievers who have shaped the face of Avlis.

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Kered Rose

PostAuthor: Hylia » Fri Dec 17, 2004 6:01 pm

Concerning Kered Rose
Lorewarden of the Great Library of Mikona
Sage of the Avlis Tower University
Houseman of the Common Chamber of the M'Chekian Parliament
Leader of the Golden Path

Kered Rose first came to the attention of the public of Mikona with an impassioned speech outside the Joint House building denouncing the T?Nanshi habit of treating all humans, regardless of nationality or military status as hostile when they traveled within the borders of T?Nanshi. Such was the widespread impact of the speech that the sentiment spread through Mikona, M?Chek and then all of Southern Avlis, before the T?Nanshi military itself was forced to reconsider its policy and to target only known combatants and proscribed groups such as the Ebony Order.

Looking back through public records though, it is possible to discover that Kered had already spent some time building a network of contacts in both houses of the M?Chekian government. Starting with delivering messages then more important tasks he had become a trusted aide to two men in particular ? Sanu Meynolt of the Noble House and Toman Fettiams of the Common House. Both of these contacts were to prove useful in his later career, especially Sanu Meynolt, who became a close ally.

At this time Kered was dividing his time between Ferrell and Mikona. When a large force set out to overcome the threat of The Gentleman, Kered found himself in a small group detailed to rid the Ferrell caves of mercenaries serving the fiend. Fate intervened to give Kered the chance to thwart the plans of The Gentleman?s primary lieutenant, Talmut, and prevent him instigating plans that would have seen the destruction of M?Chek as the prelude to a new Great War.

Despite his newfound recognition within Mikona, Kered realised that the path to influence within the city did not lie through being a mere functionary to existing housemen and began to search for ways that he could serve the city and build his own reputation at the same time. Not known for his great intelligence (though by no means a fool), Kered was nevertheless gifted with a wide range of knowledge on numerous subjects. Entering the service of the Great Library of Mikona he wrote a well received book on barbarians, which can be found in the Avlis Tower University and Great Library to this day. In recognition of this work he was granted the status of Honourary Lorewarden and the right to call himself Lorewarden Rose, one of the very few who do not actually follow Vorin to whom this privilege has been granted.

Shortly after this, Astoroth Dyacon began the process of establishing the Magus Tower University of Mikona (Later Avlis Tower University). Kered saw another opportunity and was the first to offer his services to this new institution. A brief period of strife arose when Angora Gend seemingly jumped past Kered in seniority in the University. This bitterness soon ended and for a brief period, rumours of an affair between the two circulated. It was even suggested by some that a book published at the time under the pseudonym authorship of Barabara Wagonrealm, Angora Gend and the Savage Horde of Bloodthirsty Orcs, was in fact written by Kered. The gossip proved unfounded, but a strong friendship grew between the two, a friendship which survived many obstacles, including rumours Ms Gend?s holding a senior position within the mysterious Ravens. Rising to the position of Senior Mage, Kered faithfully served Astoroth and later Ms Gend when she became Master Sage. Later, of course, it became known that Ms Gend and Astoroth were related, perhaps even father and daughter. Lectures on bards and a book on the same subject were well received, and Kered acted as mentor to several students.

Around this time Kered became embroiled in the first of several well publicised incidents that made his reputation. A chance meeting with an inebriated Shaahesk led to the startling revelation that several of the most senior members of the M?Chek military, and most likely members of the government too, were implicated in a plot to supply M?Chekian citizens to Drotid as slaves in return for aid in the war in the form of raids against T?Nanshi. Uncovering this plot led to both his elevation to the Common House as a Junior Houseman and to acquiring the bitterest of his enemies; Lord Fenmare. Kered wrongly implicated Lord Fenmare in the incident, and though Lord Fenmare, with the aid of the Church of Valok, was able to clear his name, he never forgave Kered the slur and the two remained bitter rivals. During this period Kered was obviously under great personal strain. His personal aversion to slavery went beyond the norm and many thought something in his past may have caused this, though if anyone ever learned anything, they never shared it with the world at large.

At around the same time Kered was aiding several individuals, including the necromancer Isamu (in the days before he became an enemy of M?Chek, and, by extension, an enemy of Kered), in preventing the return of the Chosen One, an orc hero of the god Gruumsh. Working both with his books in the Avlis Tower University library archives and under the Slaver?s Deep with his sword, Kered was central to stopping the return of this threat to the world, further cementing his reputation as a hero of M?Chek.

Kered seized the opportunity of his renown to begin working on his great vision, founding a party to lead the nation of M?Chek to a more prosperous future. He named his party the Golden Path and many flocked to his banner. Several high profile programs were started, including several to deal with the problem of feeding the M?Chek population. Irrigation experts from Deglos and druids from T?Nanshi were all contacted and Kered had several meetings with influential, though admittedly junior, voices within both the T?Nanshi and Elysial hierarchy. A plan was initiated to set up an exchange program between Ferrell and M?Chek farmers and a plan to rebuild the Blandenburg Ferry, which had been destroyed by T?Nanshi terrorists, was also taken to several prominent residents of Mikona.

This period coincided with the coming of a mysterious force known as the Woargshadeaugh. Kered was among those who uncovered the coming of this terrifying entity when he was enlisted by Zacharia Featherfingers to research the demise of his ancestor, Bibleeboop Featherfingers. Kered worked alongside Zacharia and other heroes of Avlis and gave much time and energy to aiding all of Southern Avlis against this menace, even facing the Woargshadeaugh itself when it revealed itself to be the Gentleman returned.

The future looked bright for Kered, but it is at this point his story takes a downward turn. A proposed lecture series on politics and law at the university flopped. Attendances were low and Kered seemed low. Divisions also appeared within his party and at the worst possible moment Kered?s health began to suffer. The loss of Harbesh Lohensun and Grace Dane to other projects left Kered distraught and the party lacking in senior figures. At exactly the time the party needed a strong leader Kered was unable to provide the guidance and stability needed. A pale wreck, Kered was seen occasionally stumbling between the University, Library and his rooms at the Adventurer?s Guildhall. Apart from when relaxing in the shop of his close friend, Jack Night, or The Canvas, the bar of another close friend and fellow Senior Sage, Janur da Medican, Kered seemed a shadow of his former self. Unable to muster the force of personality that had sustained him and his vision for Mikona for so long, his future seemed in doubt.

Rumours that his rivals in the political world sought his end by slowly poisoning him have little evidence to support them, but have been hard to quell. Other rumours that enemies of Mikona feared the possibility of him reviving M?Chekian fortunes and sent their agents to eliminate him seem equally implausible, considering they would have even less need for such a drawn out end to his work, but also seem hard to dispel.

Throughout his career Kered was dogged by suggestions that he was a Valokite, or at least in league with them, though no evidence ever surfaced to support such allegations. A long standing enmity between Kered and Kharak Hammerstar (relating to Kered?s presence in the Seven Heavens when Heavendor was recovered) made it hard for him to work with the Order of Gorethar, though he was able to maintain cordial relations with some of the Order. Kered reserved his main antagonism for Malekites, whom he regarded as untrustworthy and unpredictable. Though he softened his attitudes towards elves in general when he became friends with Angora Gend, he never softened towards the nation of T?Nanshi as a whole. Though he made attempts to deal with them where possible, it was well known that he regarded them as inherently incapable of accepting M?Chek as a nation fit to decide its own destiny and saw the huge gulf in lifespans of humans and elves as an insurmountable barrier to the races working together on anything more than individual or small group level. Indeed, his bad feelings toward T?Nanshi were exceeded only by his hatred of the Shaahesk, which caused great problems for Kered when M?Chek formed an alliance with Drotid.

At the time of writing, Kered has not been seen for some time and there is some mystery surrounding his disappearance. Enquiries by close friends at the Adventurer?s Guild revealed his rent had been paid well in advance, but the innkeeper knew nothing more. Elements within the M?Chekian government still hope for Kered?s return, seeing him still as their best hope for rejuvenating M?Chekian politics and bringing something resembling prosperity to M?Chek, but there is no clue as to when he may return.

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