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Janur da Medican

Records of great achievers who have shaped the face of Avlis.

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Janur da Medican

PostAuthor: Hylia » Mon Nov 29, 2004 5:50 pm

Early in the Summer of 2070, a young bard broke free from his tutor. Janur, runaway third son of the da Medican family, had set out to gain fame and fortune.

Little did he know of adventuring, or how to survive the attacks from bandits or undead. As most hot blooded youths did, Janur got into his fair share of fights. But unlike his peers, Janur didn't grow stronger or more skilled at killing. He actually began to resent it, and it didn't take long for him to swear a solemn oath at the Temple of Mikon: He swore not to take up a weapon again.

Instead he started to earn his (meager) living by tagging along other adventurers, to tell their tales in taverns and at fireplaces. His situation quickly improved though, once he discovered a hidden talent:

Always having done small doodles and sketches, he has now started to pursue painting portraits as a career, which was earning him a decent living. He became sought out by many who wanted their likeness committed to canvas, as a memory to their heroic deeds. This not only kept him clothed and fed, but also introduced him to the important persons of the world.

The young painter quickly found himself to be involved in a lot of things, as people told him of their experiences, and often also asked him for advice. His familiarity with people knew no boundaries: It wasn't unusual for him to do a portrait for the High Priest of Maleki in the morning, only to spend the evening over an ale with the High Paladin of Gorethar in the City Gate Inn. Janur never lost his gentle manners though, which kept him in high regard with most young women. It was a rare day when Janur wasn't flirting with some young lass. His liaisons were never very serious, except one: Lisa Kler, the younger sister of the Gorethar Cleric Hollis Kler.

It should have been a carefree time for the young man, as he didn't have to worry over his future much, nor did he suffered from poverty or illness. But Mikona was a city under constant threat of considerable dark forces: Mysterious vampyres roamed the countryside, and an invasion of over a thousand Sereg'Wethrin was imminent.

Janur knew that he couldn't do much against either of this by himself, but he spent a lot of his time trying to arrange help from the various heroes. He set nearly impossible aims for himself, and despaired at his perceived lack of success. The only place he could find solace seemed to be the bottom of cheap bottles of goblin brew.

The cure for these woes came from an unexpected corner: The Legion of Darkness, a group that flaunted it's dark desire for power sought a public front, someone who would mediate in negotiations. Janur, desperate for feeling useful, was deemed the perfect candidate. Slowly recovering from his drunkenness, Janur became embroiled in games of high intrigue. Few know what really happened to the Legion of Darkness, but most are convinced that it has been disbanded long ago.

Out of this, the former artist emerged as a well-known diplomat, with contacts to most circles in Avlis: The once penniless painter, now married to the High Priestess of Angadar (a coupling many deemed surprising), was a respectable citizen now. He quickly had raised enough gold to erect one of Mikona?s finest taverns: The Canvas.

The lavishly decorated place quickly became popular with those who could afford the exorbitant cost for the required membership. Janur made full use of all the connections he had acquired in his prior life. It has been said that even the mysterious leader of the Ravens, the "Red One" frequented the place, rubbing elbows with the establishment of Mikona.

Finally settled down, Janur pursued his leisure interests: He started to participate in stage plays, joined the South Avlis Trade Federation, dabbled a bit in politics, and generally sticked around. He was renowned as Sage in the Avlis Tower University. His lectures often tended to obscure parts as arts in general or marriage customs.

He even renewed his love to Lisa Kler. To the amazement of many, Janur took Lisa as second wife, so that he was now legally married to Amonien Amana and Lisa Kler. True to his reputation as womanizer, he also has an illegitimate child. He mostly talked about her mother in hints and vague concepts, but acknowledged Elvanshalee as his own and raised her in his house.

It seems Janur has retired from most "adventurous" activities today. Still, those who take an interest know that The Canvas has strange locked doors, and that it never fully ceased to be a place of intrigue and plotting...
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