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PostAuthor: Titanium Dragon » Wed Jun 04, 2003 4:23 am

Well, you see, not only did it make fighting trolls more interesting, it also made vorpal weapons a bit less useful. After all, it doesn't NEED its head to kill you:D

As an aside, I think in third edition they changed it so that regernation doesn't bring you back once you are below -10 HP unless you are a torrasque or a vampire. Of course, because each world is its own...
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...before we understood...

PostAuthor: Galadorn » Thu Jun 05, 2003 6:27 am

...before we understood, Trolls were the most fun of all.

1) We'd chop em' up and spread all the pieces around different dungeon rooms, cause we considered the pieces ALL individually regenerating, thus the arm in room A became a full troll in room A after a while, along with the arm in room B, leg in room C, and leg in room D...etc... Thus: unlimited dungeon fodder for you crazed dungeon owning uncle down the lane...

2) A sadistic mage in the party once saved a troll head, mixed up a weak acid that burned only enough to "even" out the regenerative properties of the troll head, put it in a big glass jug, half submerged and thus carried around the poor troll bastard's ever living head with him on adventures... scared the be-jesus out of the locals of small villages when he'd "UN-VEIL!" the jug and a living "half-submerged-in-weak-acid" troll head would look out of the jar at you and go: "booooga-booga-booga!!" (ick) hahaha...

*siiigh* those were the days.... the EARly days of PnP...

Anyway, i'm sure there were ALOT of people playing around with trolls, but in accordance with the first post, I strongly agree, and will never forget THE biggest and most popular "ooc" element of PnP gaming: (D&D that is):


That's the first thing I think about whenever I see one even now. :)
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