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I need some with monks

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I need some with monks

PostAuthor: Baron » Sat Jul 06, 2002 12:39 am

Im new to nwn. Id like to play an evil monk WITHOUT using ANY weapons. Is that stupid? can i do it and still be an effetive assassin? Should I start out differently?

side note I HATE KAMAS!

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PostAuthor: Prime » Sat Jul 06, 2002 2:34 am

Monks are at their best when unarmed. I think a RP Evil Monk would be excellent. In fact, you may want to multiclass the Monkl with a Rogue for some of their benefits (backstab, evade, etc.).

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PostAuthor: Prophet » Sun Jul 07, 2002 1:45 am

I've been thinking about evil monk assassins for quite sometime. I've been meaning to speak with Silk and Orleron about the feasability of a guild of just these in Avlis...

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PostAuthor: Orleron » Sun Jul 07, 2002 3:14 am

Yeah that could be done. If you tell me what you want their ideals and philosophies to be, I can create their basic background and you take it from there.
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PostAuthor: MacLeod » Sun Jul 07, 2002 4:34 am

A monk with a weapon? Nah don't do that man, unarmed is the way to go.

But do make sure you keep some magic monk weapons, or failing that <i>something</i> you're proficient with. You'll need it to hit ghosts if you're class level 9 or lower, and you'll need it for those with damage reduction.

And a guild of monk assassins and spies would be awesome.
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